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Farida was in class when she was asked to visit the admissions office immediately. As she entered the office, she saw Sam standing by the window in his usual poise. Farida was very unhappy. Why did he come at this time? She was so pissed off that she walked out. Sam followed her as she left. He grabbed her by her hand which she snatched away. Then he said to her,


“Farida, please let us find somewhere to talk. We really need to talk”


“I have a class now. I will be through with my classes by 3pm. Come back then”


“Where are you staying now? I went to the place you rented before but I was told you took a refund”


“Why are you interested in where I am staying? You want to talk me? There is a café around the corner. We can meet there by 3:05pm. Excuse me, I have to get back to class”


Sam couldn’t believe it was his own Farida. She had changed. She had added some weight. She wore baggy clothes which was never her style and she seemed sluggish. Was money her problem? Or was the school stressful? He was here now and would take care of her.

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Farida called Monica to inform her about Sam’s visit. Monica wasn’t happy about it too. They didn’t want him to know about her condition yet until Farida was ready. She asked Farida if she would want her to be there with her but she declined saying she could handle it herself.



Sam was at the café at 3pm. Farida had to walk down from class. It was chilly so she had on her coat. She saw him seated and joined him.


“Welcome. You got here in good time. It is good to see you again after you ran off. How are you doing?”


“I am good. And you?”


“I am fine. You just abandoned me. I feel very bad about it. But seeing you now, I forgive you”


Farida’s eyes opened widely in surprise. “You forgive me for what please?”


“For leaving without my permission”

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Farida found what he said funny but she decided to play it very cool. She asked him, “What can I do for you now?”


“I came to see you. You are my wife. I came to visit you”


“Which part of it is over if I don’t get my documents you stole in 24 hours didn’t you understand? I thought you brought divorce papers so you can finally be with your baby mama I didn’t know you came here to talk trash. Please if you don’t have anything better to say let me leave; I have studying to do”


“What are you talking about?”


“Idara and her two children fathered by you and harboured by your mother. I know about it. I knew on the 29th of December when you rushed her and the children into the car and drove off. I saw you with my two eyes. No need to lie. I know everything. I asked for a little compensation. I allowed you to use my body even though I knew you didn’t deserve it. You still wanted to keep me in bondage; you refused me travelling for my Master’s. You are a selfish being. But it is not a problem. I am divorcing you. I am divorcing you for bigamy. We were legally married; you didn’t divorce me before marrying your concubine. You married her traditionally. I can let you go without raising dust or we can have a very messy divorce. You choose but I am not getting back together with you”



Sam sat down with his hands dropping by his side. He was quiet. He could see the look on Farida’s face showed she was damn serious. He never guessed she knew. She knew and said nothing? She played him. He didn’t come with a game for this revelation. He was confused on what to do or say. He couldn’t look her in the face.


“I have to leave now as it is getting late. I will appreciate it if you don’t come to the school in search of me again. It is over between us” she stood up and left.


Sam was still confused on what to do as she walked away. She couldn’t leave him just like that. He loved her. He needed to explain to her. He went after her. When he caught up with her, he tried to grab her hand but she moved it swiftly and his hand felt her abdomen. He stood in disbelief. She continued walking but he stopped her and deliberately touched her abdomen. It was unusually larger. He looked at her. She looked bigger but it was actually her abdomen that was bigger. She was hiding it. No wonder she wore baggy clothes. He looked at her as she took off again. He ran after her and stopped her.


“Are you pregnant?”


“What does that have to do with you?”


“Answer me Farida, are you pregnant?”


“Yes, I am”


“Who is the father? You have only been here four months so who is responsible for this pregnancy?”


“Why are you interested in the father? I lived with you for seven years and I never got pregnant. So, why are you asking?”


“Did you have sex with another man?”


“What kind of stupid question is that?”



“If you don’t answer me, I will kill you and kill myself. Did you sleep with another man? Did another man eat my food? Farida answer me or we will both go to heaven or hell today”


The deadly look in his eyes scared Farida so much that to his greatest surprise she began to scream and shout saying, “He is threatening to kill me and himself. Help me please. He wants to kill me”


People came to her rescue. The police arrived at the scene and took both of them to the station. Farida called Monica to come to the station.


At the station, Sam was interrogated. He explained she was his wife and was pregnant by another man.


In Farida’s statement she told them they were separated because he illegally married another woman who had children for him. She wanted to get away from the problems at home so she got admission to LSE. He stole her documents and refused to release them. After several months he hadn’t heard from her, he came looking for her and found out she was pregnant. She refused to say who the father was as she believed she owed nobody any explanation. She repeated his threat asked for restraining order against him and if possible, a ban from coming to the UK.


The police advised Sam to return to Nigeria as Farida was not under any obligation to reveal the paternity of the baby she was carrying to him without a legal instruction. Sam was furious. He was more furious when he saw Monica. Monica jeered at him. She had a good laugh seeing her brother confused and broken.

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“This is just the beginning. The Farida you knew before is not the same person. You betrayed her. Because she didn’t have a child you secretly went to have children. Shame on you. You pride yourself as a big boy, why do you want Farida back? Is Idara not good enough for you? O, that’s true, I know the problem. Idara cannot work it like Farida so she must come back. You turned my friend to a sex machine while you had children with another. I am living with her here. Come anywhere close to her and watch what happens. People videoed you on the street when you were threatening to kill your ex-wife and yourself. I will show it to the whole world if you try me. Come near us again. Fool!”



Farida felt pity for Sam. He looked like a lost dog. Monica dragged her away. When they got to the apartment Monica told Farida,


“Do not fall for his antics. Do not pity him at all. I could see you getting weak. You have hit him where he didn’t expect it. Damn him. He will run to father with this. Tell father same. It will drive them nuts. Father knew about Idara; they planned this together. Father wants you to remain his daughter-in-law because he genuinely likes you and thinks you are smart and intelligent. Sam wants you to warm his bed. He shared your sexual escapades with me when we were close. He doesn’t want to give you up firstly because of that and then because of his political ambition. Be wise. Be smart. Always wear your thinking cap. Don’t allow emotions cloud your judgement”


“I’m thinking straight. I agree with you. I am just wondering how I will tell Wale what happened today”


“Forget about Wale for now. You have two tasks ahead. One, have a safe delivery of our adorables and two kick this Master’s ass. I know you are putting in the works now but don’t lose focus. Be the best because you are the best. Every other thing can wait”


“I need to tell maami about the visit”


“She should tell Sam she is not aware of the pregnancy and you have refused to say who the father is”


“I will tell her that. Thanks Monica. Thanks for being here for me”


“You were there for me in my own time. You helped in more ways that I can ever repay. We will fight this until the end”


Farida told her mother who had to prepare herself for Sam’s visit. She knew he would definitely come.


Sam arrived Nigeria a devastated man. How could Farida do this to him? How could she have laid with another man? It was not enough, she got pregnant for him.



He could have sworn on his life Farida could never do that. Women are the same. Who is the man? Who can he be? He pondered on this from London until he arrived Nigeria. As predicted by Monica, he went to his father.


Sam narrated his experience to his father. He was close to tears when he told him Farida was pregnant and refused to tell him who was responsible. His father shook his head and said,


“I thought you were a man but your behaviour has shown you are not. How can you be crying a woman like this? What kind of stupid love is this? You threatened to kill her and kill yourself because another man climbed her. Do you know how many climbed her before marriage? Why would a woman’s toto be making you misbehave? Why is it doing you like drug? Now she knows and she is using it against you. I told you not to go looking for her but as usual you defied me. Leave Farida alone and face your problems here. You have turned Idara to a mental case. She is bringing all sorts home for your deliverance. If only she knew you went looking for Farida and she rejected you; she will be calm. The woman that wants you, you don’t want her. The one that is fed up with you, you want to kill yourself over. Sam, I have given up on you. If you do anything stupid and end up in jail, you will be on your own. I have advised you as my son. If you like heed to my words, if you like don’t”


Sam told his mother what happened in London.


“Divorce her; she is an adulterous woman. Who knows how long she has been in the relationship with the guy? No wonder she refused to get pregnant for you all this while. Thank God for Idara. She will have an heir for you. That girl that looks so innocent can do this? Don’t wait for her to come back, file for a divorce immediately. She is not worth you. Look at the girl you picked from the slum is now misbehaving. That was why she was rushing to London. She is not worth your energy”


Sam sat back as his mother spoke. He had a feeling there was more to the pregnancy. He couldn’t pinpoint what it was but he was convinced something wasn’t as it seemed. Going back to Idara was a nightmare, truly she had turned paranoid and it annoyed him. He couldn’t bring himself to have sex with her anymore. She didn’t arouse him in anyway. In her condition she was forever



fasting and praying. What was she praying for? He had a new babe he just recruited. She was from a south south state and knew how to handle a man. He had only been with her once and he enjoyed himself. He flew her down to Lagos so he would be distracted from the betrayal of Farida and the madness of Idara. He deserved some peace and sweet pleasure.












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