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Multi Billionaire – Episode 1

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“Grrrrrrrrrrh!! Grrrrrrrrrrh!!!” The alarm sounded on my ear like an undertaker. I hissed loudly. I was just fed up with this life. Ever since my dad’s death, I’ve been the one taking care of my mom. It’s not a big deal though, but it’s really stressful. I hissed loudly and stood up from bed. I had to get dressed in other to escape the wrath of my manager.

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I sluggishly walked out of bed into the bathroom. I had a quick and light shower as Soon as possible and also got dressed. It was already seven am and I knew I had to get there before seven thirty.


When I got to the kitchen, mom was already there preparing food. Actually, that was the remaining food at home. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.


“You don’t have to do this mom. You’ve had enough stress already”. I said.


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“It’s nothing daughter. This is the only thing I can help you with”. She smiled faintly.


She set the table quickly and I urgently had breakfast. She kissed me goodbye after she had given me her advise; that’s never to loose my temper no matter what. My mom knew me too well. Though I was a quiet girl, never do anything that will make me loose my mind because you would regret it.



I got to work few minutes later. Lisa(my assistant) had already arrived and was talking to the manager. I knew I was in deep trouble. I will not be able to run now.


“Good morning, sir”. I said shakily to him, holding my hand bag tightly.


He turned to me and hissed loudly.


“Young lady what do you think the time is? Do you think that your useless character will be tolerated in this hotel?. Just a cleaner job and you came late to work. What if you were to be my assistant?” He asked almost loosing his mind.


it was then Lisa interfered.


“Sir you and I Know it’s not her fault. She’s been an early comer, so it’s your right to Know that something is wrong somewhere. Why are you always getting on her nerves?” Lisa asked almost yelling.

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Mr Ben continued looking at her without a single expression on his face. He hissed loudly and walked out with a file in his hand.




Lisa smiled and I smiled too. She came out of the counter, we both hugged.


“I don’t really know what I did to Mr Ben, he just can’t let me have a peace of mind “. I said tiredly at Lisa.


“That’s how baggy he is. Don’t worry you’ll get used to him”.


I nodded my head. Maybe.


“Hurry up. We have twelve rooms to Clean up. Don’t just Sit there doing nothing”.


I followed her.


“There’s ten vacant rooms to Clean this morning so I advise we starts early”. Lisa said warningly into my ears.


I laughed hard. “You know that’s not a problem to me. Besides, it not a big deal”.


“Ok so hurry up”. She answered arranging the files the manager assigned to her.




Minutes later




“There you are. I was looking out everywhere for you”. Lisa said startling me.


I cleaned the beads of sweat that had gathered round my head due to the stress I had been in since morning.


“You startled me”. I answered.


“I know and that’s why I did it.”


I turned to see her face and I was shocked to the brim.


“Where are you going to? Don’t tell me you are going out again and”.


“Shhhh! That’s what I wanted to tell you. Please cover up for me so the manager won’t know about my


absence. I promise to be back soon. Please “. She pleaded.


“Ok I will but first tell me where you are going to. You know that the manager and I are not in good terms”.


She grabbed her hand bag from the chair.


“Do worry I will be here in a jiffy. I promise to tell you everything when I get back, ok?”.


“Sure but please be fast “.


She left. I had been happy that it was remaining two rooms to clean and now, it is now five due to the three I promised her.


I sighed deeply. Well, that was life for you. The second class citizens will always be the lacking ones.






Work finally closed for the day. Lisa didn’t come early so I had to go. Though I had some shopping to do that day. I had just received my salary from my heartless manager. There was no food stuffs at home and I had to do what was needed of me.


As I climbed down from the cab, I made to cross when I saw the traffic light turn green which meant ‘go’.


As I turned to cross a yellow Ferrari car came running towards my direction not obeying the traffic rule. I quickly flew back angry . Who could that be? As I turned to look at the car, it stopped and started reversing back. I was glad, at last someone was coming to say sorry after almost jumping on me.


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The glass wonded after the car had came face to face with me. I was really Angry. The supposed person came out charging angrily at me.


“What the hell is wrong with you? Can’t you observe well before crossing? You almost made me a murderer.” He yelled.


I was intense, what was happening right before my eyes? I tried calming myself down but I could not.



People started gathering with had to defend myself.


cameras but the guy wouldn’t stop, he kept ranting insults on me. I




“Can you please listen to yourself, you filthy coward. You almost ran into me without obeying the traffic rule and you are here ranting nonsense.” The guy was shocked to his bone marrow. More people gathered and they also wailed when I said that.


“Did you just call me a filthy coward?” He asked half yelling.


“And I will repeat it again if you don’t apologise this minute!”. Everyone screamed. I was confused. Why were they shouting as if he was a president.


“Wow”. He laughed and curved his lips. “hmm a brave young girl. I can see you are not afraid”. He said stylishly.


I hissed loudly and brushed past him but he held my hand. I turned to look at him with burning eyes.


It seems he was waiting for my next reaction.


“Let me go this minute, else….”


“Else what? What can you do”. He smirked and twisted my hand.


“Owwchh let me go”. My head was aching badly. It seems everyone was afraid of him. I had to save myself before this guy breaks my hand. I forcefully released his hand from mine and gave him a hard slap across his face. He held his face .


“Next time when you see me, always run”. I answered and brushed passed the crowd.


I hate nonsense!. Nobody dares me and go Scot free.




I did my shopping and went home though it was already late then. Mom was not feeling well so I had to stay with her all through the night without getting enough sleep.






I hugged her. “See you later mom. I will be right back”.


she hugged me tightly getting me scared.


“Always be the good girl that you are. Promise me you’ll never leave me alone”.


“I promise mom. I will not”.


I had to take a fast running cab in quest to get to work quickly. New York was a very busy city so you have to rise early in other to get to your destination.


When I arrived at the hotel, the manager was’nt around and I thanked my stars. Lisa was already waiting for me, grinning from ear to ear.


“Hi girl. You’re early today”.



“I have to, since the manager wouldn’t let me rest. So, why didn’t you return as promised yesterday?.” I queried lisa.


“Oh that! I had an urgent work to do that was why I didn’t bother coming back.


I smiled and held her chin playfully.


“So, what other work could make you possibly leave the job you and I know that you can’t leave without?”


“I will tell you about that later but first of all, let me compensate you first”.


“Compensate me for what?”.


She emptied her hand into her bag and came out with a bunch of money.


“These are for you for covering up for me yesterday”. She smiled broadly.


“All these for me? Come on Lisa, don’t joke with me. You know I hate jokes so spare me that”. I returned the money to her.


“Don’t worry, they are yours. You can keep them, I mean it”. I wowed at the money, though my mouth refused to close up.


“I mean, where did you get this Kind of money from. Don’t tell me you stole from someone”. I sounded warningly to her.


“Chill baby. Am covered. You don’t have to be scared. Yo know me too well, I can’t stoop too low to stealing”. She hugged me.


“I Know Lisa and I believe you. You are one in a million there”. I hugged her.


“Please be fast, we have more rooms to clean up today”.Lisa said


“That’s not a problem as far as I have what I was in dire need of.






It was already remaining two rooms for me to clean that day when I got a call from home. It was from my neighbor, Mrs. Brown . I quickly picked it up and was shocked with the way she spoke.


” Isabel please be here in a jiffy. Your mom was just arrested by the police”. I was shocked


“My mom?” Tears was trickling down my eyes.


“Please come right away, there’s no room for questions”.


“Ok I will be right there ma’am. Thanks for letting me know”. I finally dropped the phone on the table heavily. I was in a state of shock. Who could have arrested her. No! This was not the time for questions. I have to go home right away even if it means Daring the manager.



I dressed up immediately and left the hotel. I didn’t see Lisa anywhere, so I had to go without telling her.




I finally arrived home. My mom was nowhere to be found but Mrs Brown insisted on taking me to the station. It was as if the world was crashing down my feet. I got to the police station to meet my mom crying and shedding tears.


“What happened mom? Why are you here?” I asked half yelling.


“Isabel please promise never to hate me if I tell you”.


“I promise mom. I will never ever hate you”.


“Yeah when your dad was sick, I releived to borrowing money in other to pay his hospital bills. In one of my quest to do that, I came in contact with Mr. Antonio. He was a rich business man and I borrowed from money from in other to pay for the bills. He also gave me five months to pay the money else I will rot in jail. No one will be around to bail me”.


Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn’t believe my mom had gone through these all because of my dad.


I was confused.




“So mom, how much did you borrow from him? I can as well pay back”.


She shoke her head negatively and tears Lewed out.


“You can’t Isabel. You can’t pay, the morning is big”.


“Please mom. Tell me”. I pleaded.


“If you insist. I borrowed $500 US dollar from him”.


“What? 500 what? How could you mom? Why did you borrow a kind of money like that?” I knew shouting wouldn’t solve anything.


“Isabel your dad was dying. I had to do something to save him”. She cried the more.


I stood up and cleaned my eyes. I had heard enough. I had to go. I turned back not thinking twice, my mom kept calling me but I wasn’t listening. I was tired of this filthy life!.




To be continued TBC



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