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Love Of My Life – Episode 9

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Episode 9


“Wait,who am I seeing? Is this not Anita my wife? Richard said to himself as he parked his car



what are you doing here standing with a man dress like this? Richard questioned Annie was surprised to see Richard


“Babe,what are you doing here? Annie asked him


that is not the answer to my question ” Richard fired


“Babe. Calm down meet Mr Davis the manager….” She was interrupted


“Meet me at home now” Richard told her as he angrily left.

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“Mr Davis am really sorry about my husband attitude.I guess he had a bad day at work.I have to go now.see you some other time” she said as she quickly entered her car



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Annie arrived home and entered the house immediately.


adamu watched as he shook his head. 20 minutes earlier his oga drove in angrily now his madam drove in like a crazy woman. Wonder shall never end in this family.


Anie came into the bedroom and met Richard pacing round the room.


“Honey,I was about introducing…” Annie was interrupted by a slap in her cheek.she wasn’t expecting the slap.she staggered and fell down.


“How can you be this shameless? How can you stand in the middle of the highway talking and laughing with a man that is not your husband dress like this? Richard yelled


I was just trying to appreciate him for signing me in his company” Annie muttered with tears

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“Dress like this huh? Richard shouted



I was going to your office to see you.I never knew you would be back early ” Annie shouted


“Oh,you are now shouting at me? Anita you are shouting at me? Richard grabbed her as he tore her cloth.


” richy, stop, you are hurting not feeling too well” Annie screamed


“You have been denying me of my right because of that bastard” Richard slap her as he forcefully had his way with her.


“Richy… Please see” Annie cried the more but it fell on deaf ears




Richard got back to his senses and saw anies torn cloth on the floor


“Did he just raped his wife? Oh no,I didn’t mean it” he look at the side of the bed and met anie crying


“Angel I didn’t…..” He tried to touch her


“Don’t touch me” Annie yelled


“He held her to his chest….you can do anything to me…please am sorry.I didn’t know


what came over me” he pleaded


“I said leave me alone” anie hit his chest but Richard refused to free her.she continue sobbing until she fell asleep.




Richard woke up in the evemknv and saw anie cooking in the kitchen.she was beautiful as he first saw her.her curves,her dark skin,her long hair. How could he rape his own wife he must be a beast he thought


He wrapped his hand round her waist and she flinched in shock. “Is it that she wasn’t expecting him or she was scared of him” Richard realizing how his wife reacted was surprise. This isn’t normal



“Babe am sorry I didn’t mean to…


” it okay” anie interrupted him


He tried to kiss her in the lips but anie moved her lips and he kissed her cheek instead (like and follow page at ebun dark stories for more stories) she dished the food and they ate quietly.he tried to start a conversation but anie wasn’t responding.


“Maybe she is tired” he thought


******1 week later


Anie quitted her job.she had it in mind to quit her job since Richard was complaining about her not having time for him. she opened a fashion been going well lately.ever since the rape incident, Annie had distant herself from Richard… They don’t communicate like before.Although she performs her wifely duty but the love and happiness wasn’t like before.


“Babe are you alright? Richard asked one evening


” yes” annie replied dryly


“How is your new business, any stress? He asked


” no” Annie said


“Do you need anything ” Richard asked


“No” she replied


Richard need no one to tell him that something was definitely wrong.the Annie he knew will ask about his work, day ? But she isn’t even giving him attention.


What is wrong with annie?


How do we describe Richard feelings for Annie…love or obsession?




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