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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 25

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Episode 25




We started talking to mum,asking her of possibilities of getting Chine out of the house. She was surprised about our sudden interest in her. We had to tell her what happened that Thursday,then she said something that I never thought of.


Mum: If the police can get that criminal to confess to the crime and name whoever sent him which is madam Okoye, it will be a lot easier. She would be arrested and you’ll get all your properties back. That way,you can take care of your sister without her having to leave the house.


Kamsi: Mum you’re a genius. Let’s go to the station immediately.


Mum: But wait. Why will a woman treat her child that way? I’ve never heard of that.


Me: I’m surprised myself.


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Mum: Anyways,let’s just go immediately. That woman doesn’t deserve to be with a child.


We called Ted,Ken and Gospel who were all at work and they decided to join us at the station.



We got there an hour later and mum informed the police on duty of our mission which was to see the criminal. He willingly brought him in and I saw him. He was the boss,the one who had molested me most.


He saw me and looked away immediately.


Me: Why?


He looked at me and bent his head.


Me: I’m I not young enough to be your


sister? What did I ever do to you?

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Guy1: You don’t know anything .


Me: Then why? Why did you do that to me?


Every girl always cherishes her first time. But look at what you did to me. You made me regret being a woman,you made me wish for death. Why?


Guy1: Sister. Ask your mother. My mind never settle since we did that operation. I’ve not talked but now i beg please forgive me. She paid us good money for that job. I’m not supposed to say this one.


She paid us to kill your father.


Kamsi and I shouted in surprise. Mummy looked away and shook her head.


Police: Inspector,take him back to the cell. Get three boys from the counter. We’re going to arrest someone.


Inspector: Yes sir.


He led the rapist back to the cell and in the next minute,we were all riding to the Okoye’s house. It was when we were driving out of the station that Ted, Ken and Gospel were also driving in. We all got down again and tipped them all that happened.


We all drove in a convoy and soon enough,we were at the house. We got down and I led the way into the house. Mrs Okoye was watching a movie. She saw the entourage and sat up.


Mrs Okoye: Amanda,you’re here. What’s happening?



That moment, Chine came downstairs. She came and hugged Kamsi and I,then greeted everyone else in the room.


Policeman: You’re Mrs Okoye right?


Mrs Okoye: Of course.


Policeman: You’re under arrest,for masterminding the rape of Miss Amanda Okoye and the death of Mr Alex Okoye.


Chine: What? Daddy?


nodded Chine: Jesus.


Mrs Okoye said nothing. She just stood up and went to the police officer. Mrs Okoye: Can I call my lawyer?.


Mrs Kalu: Imagine. What will he defend? Its crystal clear that you’re guilty.


Chine was sobbing now and I was holding her affectionately.


Policeman: Thanks for not resisting arrest. You all will also follow us to the station to write down your statements.


Mrs Okoye was arrested and while they led her away,I slumped on a couch to cry while Chine went upstairs to change into something better.


I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up. I looked up. It was Ken.


I stood up and we hugged each other affectionately.


Ken: It’s okay. Stop crying.


Me: She killed daddy. She killed the father that I know. Why is she this wicked?


Because he said he was going to take me out of the house?


He hugged me again and this time,he didn’t let go.


Ken: We’re here for you now. I promise you’ll never feel pain,hurt or heartbreak anymore. We won’t leave you,I promise.


He let go and pecked my forehead.


Ken: Come,we’ll ride in my car.



He left while I waited for Chine to come down.





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