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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 17

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Episode 17




Worst case scenario, Kamsi and Ted were preparing for their engagement night so they had travelled to the city for goodness knows whatever,leaving me all alone. Mum herself was now always busy as her clothing line had been registered and opened. I prayed unendingly for the vacation to be over.




One Thursday, I was so bored so I called Rose.

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Rose: Hello girlfriend


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Me: Hi dear. How’re you?





Rose: I’m good and you?




Me: I’m fine, just bored to the bones. You mind taking me out?




Rose: Awww. I’ll really love to but I’m currently two hours and some minutes far from your location.

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Me: Eh? Did you travel too?


She laughed.




Rose: Yes beb. I’ll be back tomorrow though, we will do it tomorrow.




Me: Okay. I’ll wait then. Better get something for me while coming back.




Rose: I will my dear. Take care.




Me: You too.




Now, what am I going to do? Everyone is just busy with one or two things. Ken? I can’t even go to him, since that incident, I’ve not seen him and its best that way. Gospel? Sweet Jesus, who would go to a devil? Then I’m left with Hillary. We’ve not spoken that morning and I’m not going to call him. I’ll just surprise him, spend the day in his house and then come back late. Yes, that’s what I’m going to do. I went into my wardrobe and started fishing for the best outfit to wear to my boyfriend’s house. I went for a jean short, a black top and a black long packet shirt. This shirt belonged to Ken but I had shaped it in a very sexy way. One thing i liked about this shirt was that it was long and it stopped just an inch above the jean short i had picked. Ehen, I completed it with a jean snicker and smiled at my sense of fashion. I got into the bathroom and spent enough time washing and scrubbing myself. I was over excited. I had being to his house once but didn’t stay long. I’m sure he was going to be happy to see me.




The next hour got me in a cab and I was riding to road. The cab man stopped me in front of the gate,I paid him and went in. Surprisingly, the gate was open so I just walked in. I opened the door to the sitting room and I met no one. He must still be in bed. I climbed the stairs, trying to remember the door to the room he had shown me to be his.




The house was a five bedroom mansion, three rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs. He lived in it alone. I got to the door and opened it gently, with a loving smile plastered on my face.




What did I see? Was that Rose? They both looked in my direction and sat up. Rose was well dressed, either she was just coming in or about going out. She was kissing Hillary who was lying down and shirtless.




I walked further into the room and dropped my handbag on a table.




History was repeating itself but now, its different because I won’t go without a fight.




Hillary: Baby, please its not what you think.


I looked at him but no,I’m not coming for you, not yet. And like a ball of fire, I attacked Rose,slaps first, and once she fell on the bed, I climbed her and started raining blows on her face. Hillary tried to separate us but I wouldn’t let go. Rose just remained under me, crying for help.





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