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Living With Him – Episode 8

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Raymond’s POV:




I can’t believe Elizabeth could bring a guy to the house.




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They were even sm00ching and cuddling in my presence.




I don’t know why I got upset immediately and punched him.




I don’t love her and I’m not jealous.




Any guy would do the same.




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The amount of anger that was boiling inside me that moment was much i could have hurt that guy if he didn’t leave.




She was about to yell at me when the door bell rang.




Who knows if it is one of her boyfriend again.




“Rejoice!?” I called shocked.




How on earth did she get her?




I haven’t seen her for over 5 years now.




We use to be bestfriends before that incident happened and I left.




”What are you doing here?” I asked.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




“I came to see you baby” she said cat walking towards me and smiling sheeplessly towards me.




“Stop there!” I said.




“After how many years you left and now you came back… why?” i asked.



”Well i came to make up for the times I left, that’s why i came with my things” she said and dragged her stuff upstairs to my room.




“Who is she and why is she here?” Elizabeth asked like she have not been listening to Rejoice all this while.




“Rejoice used to be ny friend back then. It’s been like over 5 years i saw her last and then she just showed up today.


My family and hers are really close am just wondering why she showed up today after all these years” i said coldly.




The Rejoice I know very well is up to something else she won’t just come here all of a sudden.




I need to be very careful.




I know she just came to increase my problem.




I’m thinking of how to solve my nightmare problems!






Elizabeth’s POV:


I don’t know why I have a bad feeling about this Rejoice of a girl.




Right from when she stepped her foot into this house, even her dressing alone made me dislike her.


She looks too exposed.




But why is she here?




That is my main concern; after all this years that she left Raymond and all of a sudden she arrived today am very sure she has motives. More interesting stories available


Raymond and I have been watching movie since and we haven’t set out our eyes on Rejoice yet.




Raymond had already asked the maid to take food to her upstairs.




It was already night time, Raymond and I went upstairs.




I stepped into my room and found Rejoice lying on the bed like she owns it and have already packed my laugages out.




”What did you do to my things and why are you here?” I asked.




”Well as you can see, Raymond and I sleep on the same — together. So I’m back to take my place” she said and I sighed.




”You must be joking! have you forgotten I’m his girlfriend?” I said proudly.




“His fake girlfriend right? how much did he even pay you” she said and my jaw dropped.



”What!? Are you suprised that I know? C’mon I know Ray more than anyone else” she said.




“…To save you the stress I packed your things for you. Your presence is no longer needed in this house” she added.




We both watch Raymond walked to his closet packed some of his clothes and added it to mine and dragged my things.




He reached were I was standing held my wrist and dragged me out while Rejoice watched in shock.




I was shocked too.




We went to another room.




He opened the door and I followed him in.




“Thank you” I finally muttered while he smiled at me and I almost melted.




Raymond hardly smile but look at him now he is smiling for me.




I turned my face so he won’t see me go red.




“Remember I owe you one” he said and i just chuckled.







Rejoice POV:




I sat on the bed still recovering from the shock.




I can’t believe what just happened.




I was in the US when I saw the news that the famous idol Raymond now has a girlfriend.




I was beyond shocked so I had to comfirm from my main sources and she told me she is a fake girlfriend and Raymond is paying her.




I was happy immediately.




No matter what, Ray is mine and no one can take him away from me.




I know very much that Raymond hate girl’s apart from me because we have been friends right from childhood and I knew he had a crush on me before the incident happened but what he did right now shocked me or does he have feelings for her?




No way!


That can’t happen i know him.




Well, I don’t care I’m here to take back Raymond and don’t care how it happens, besides I was ready for such so i came prepared.





Elizabeth must leave first before I can execute my plans.




To be continue…



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