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Hope For Tomorrow – Episode 6

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Episode 6




Few weeks later, The day, sofia introduced Fred to her mother as the man she wants to marry, her mother looked Fred straight in the eyes and said no, she won’t allow that to happen. Sofia was surprised but she tried her best to find out from her mother why she objected.



“How can you stoop so low to marry a man who is not in this same social class as you, have you ever wondered why he wants to marry you?” Sofia’s mother entered




Sofia’s mother had no legitimate reasons apart from the fact that her daughter was more wealthier than Fred and that Fred was just her employee, She didn’t like the fact that her daughter was about to marry a man from a poor and unpopular family. “Fred didn’t look like a man who could take good care of you” Sofia’s mother added.



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When it got to Fred’s turn to introduce Sofia to his mother, Fred’s mother screamed; “Over my dead body would I allow you to marry a woman, who is older than you.”




Admist the opposition,


Fred and Sofia got married in the church on the 14th April the next year, thier mothers didn’t attend the wedding .They had to do it without them because they were bent on separating them.


The first Twelve months of thier marriage were pure and total bliss. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App. They had a peaceful home and barely had anything to disagree on.




Until Two years passed bye and thier marriage was still childless, Sofia had consulted the best gynecologist and endocrinologist both home and abroad but still no pregnancy, talk much of a child.



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Fred had thought that when Sofia conceived, it will cause his mother and his mother in law to finally accept thier union and give them thier blessings, he became desperate, when Sofia couldn’t conceive after three years of marriage, he became frustrated and bitter. He changed.



Fred started being very distant around Sofia his wife and he would have horrible mood swings. He resigned from Sofia’s company, Sofia did not understand what was happening because everything seemed okay with them and he never complained about anything at work.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Fred would sit alone for hours just staring into nowhere, He would always seem very deep in thought but when Sofia asked him what was happening he would say, “nothing”.


This carried on for months and he seemed to be getting worse instead of better, he would always come home late and drunk. He became very quiet around Sofia and if sofia tried to strike up a conversation he would calmly ask her to leave him alone.




Sofia felt lonely and defeated because she knew he was frustrated and angry about her inability to bear children, she did not know what to do or how to get Fred to be happy again because he was shutting her out completely. A distance was created between them, Before they knew it, they could not recognize each other. It felt like they were two strangers, sharing a house together as they barely spoke to each other.




Sofia decided to transfer all her wealth to her husband just to make him happy,


Sofia was actually miserable but she could not talk about it with Fred and she could not complain either because what would she be complaining about? When she knew what was wrong in thier marriage- childlessness.






To Be Continued



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