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Heavenly Fight – Episode 11

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Episode 11





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( Contd )Lisa’s pov


Am sorry but, I can’t follow your will, I don’t know what happened in the heavenly realms that made you betray me or deny me” I started


You were supposed to be a mother who stood together with her child, who will always put her child first before herself but instead you let me go because of your greed” I said to my so called mother

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I have a mother and am proud that she is my mother, I don’t know you and I forever cut the ties we have together ” I continued


And for you Liam, I won’t follow your will either ” I said


I don’t want to you to follow my will, I just want you to make the right choice, and I trust you for that” Liam said


Go and extract the love potion binding Archie and I, and I will only have a fair fight with Ashley.


I won’t do anything stupid but I will only try my best to bring them together and let Archie follow his heart and for you again woman don’t ever appear in front of me or Ashley and Archie will take care of you them self” I said as I walked out


I know I made the right choice and I won’t regret it

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Liam’s pov


This is the first time I admired a girl apart from Ashley


Seems like earth made her to mature so much, the goddess of nemesis I know will get what ever she wants and behaves too childish


Am so proud of her


Now is time to make Ashley shed some tears for the first time


I got into the party hall as meribella came to flirt with me but too bad I have only Ashley in my mind right now


Hello handsome ” she said


Sorry dear I got something to take care of ” I said as I left her and went to were Ashley was


Pretty did you miss me ” I asked her


Were have you been ” she asked


I had to dress well for my princess ” I said as I sneaked my hand around her waist waiting for her madness but she didn’t say anything



Well don’t mistake me, Ashley was my best friend in the heavenly realms so the bound is still strong


I stayed there with her while Lisa was with Archie as discussed and laughed


I think those two are good together ” Ashley said


Well I don’t think so” I told her


But Lisa is very pretty and I think Archie already loves her” Ashley said


Well, you are more pretty, as I pecked her cheek” when I noticed Archie was looking at us, thanks to Lisa who the sign I gave her as she turned Archie’s attention to us


And I love those lips of yours ” I said as I bent to kiss her when Archie pushed me away




Archie’s pov


I watched as liam flirted with Ashley, although I hate Ashley but I can’t let her fall into the hands of liam, that boy is too much of a player


But why do I even care


Those two look good together ” Lisa said as she pointed towards Ashley as Liam’s


hand was around her waist as he kissed her cheek and……


I pushed him out, I couldn’t watch him kiss her. She is my enemy, why would he try to kiss her


I punched him continuously but he didn’t fight back as everyone gathered around us


Immediately Ashley jerked me up as she slapped me twice


You bastard, who do you think you are Huh???? she said angrily as I dragged her out


How could you stay there and let him kiss you” I yelled at her


If he kissed me what is your fu.cking business ” she fired back


Is that how you give your body to men” I asked


What!! ” she said as she stared at me


Now I know, you let have what they want, don’t you have self respect ” o said


Shut up Archie ” she said


Don’t tell me shut up you slut” I yelled at her




Yes, you are a slut and since he tried to kiss you, I can also have you on my bed, you will look good in bed ” I said as I came closer as she kept going back until she was trapped


Archie let me go” she said as she struggled to go but I held her as i kissed her for a brief moment but she pushed me off and gave two resounding slap


Hey, you bastard how dare you




Liam’s pov


I and Lisa watched as everything happened between them


Am sorry Ashley but I need your tears I just hope you cry


Immediately she slapped him as the first drop of tears fell from her eyes as I used my powers to it in the bottle love gave me and gave it to the Phoenix to take to her




Ashley’s pov


The first time I ever cried was because of this bastard


How dare you steal my first kiss ” I yelled at him


My tears fell continuously as it started raining


I left without Lisa, as I got home immediately


Without even removing my clothes or makeup, I lay down as I cried, I don’t know why but everything he said hurts even though it isn’t true








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