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Dragon Girl – Episode 14

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EPISODE 1 ⃣4 ⃣


Possessed by love and Dragon




Some came inside through the walls


Prince Arien:I know you’re % full blooded dragon.


Judith:(scared)prince Arien?


Prince Arien:you’re too clumsy and careless to be a dragon


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Judith:now that you found me…are you gonna expose me?


Prince Arien:of course that’s my duty as a prince…but as..never mind anyway I’m not telling on you.Show me you deserve the possession and I’ll leave you alone


Judith:what’s good about the possession that I’ll be happy over?I won’t be able to grow hold I won’t be able to get married nothing will be okay


Prince Arien: I’ll marry you


Judith:(waking up from her gibberish she was saying)pardon?…your highness


Prince Arien:now you’re blushing…calling me your highness in this situation sound seductive (he said in a deep hungry voice)you’re beautiful and your dragon form is hot and demanding


Judith:(she arch her eyebrows in confusion)


Prince Arien:you don’t know what the possession meant right?…Dragonilla didn’t tell you because she doesn’t want to feel greedy


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Judith:how did you know Dragonilla?


Prince Arien:listen will you?



If you get hurt with Dragonilla…he will be trapped in you forever but her spirit will be free .you will only get her dragon form you will be able to switch whenever you wish to half dragon half human..not a full dragon the fire element will be in you.During possession your whole body will emit fire and you can even summon an inferno from your hands..the cool features in it is that you can summon weapons if you stretch your hands forward.


Judith:how come Dragonilla didn’t tell me all these?and who are you?where will Dragonilla go?


Prince Arien: Dragonilla will be free she will finally return back home


Judith:where is her home if not Fillory?


Prince Arien:She is a mystical creature she will return back to spirit world.


Judith:now I understand..she really cares for me she didn’t tell me because she’s not selfish


Prince Arien: I’ll help you with discovering your new abilities well like she requested


Judith:who are you?


Prince Arien: Dragonilla left already no one will tell you.figure it out yourself who I am!(he lean over and use his index finger to poke Judith’s forehead and two swords appear from her hands)…just like that


Judith was surprised and she dropped the sword Prince Arien went out and Judith sat down hugging her knees she feel lonely but a*ssured at the same time because someone very dangerous but trustworthy knows her secret.


The next morning,sound of drums was heard it was so loud and deafening as if it’s made of iron


Guest pavilion


Maid:wake up sleepy heads time for your worst nightmare


Dorothy:(yawning) what’s this …..it’s too loud(painfully)


Dash:what the ****.You’re ruining my life

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Prince Fredrick:wake up teenagers today is your first day the welcome party is over


Juliet:When I was going to school I never get up at 4:00


Prince Arien:That will stop now I guess


Katherine:good morning Prince Fredrick (smiling broadly )


Prince Fredrick:arh . morning beauty how are you(keeping his smile to avoid upsetting her silly action)


Sandra:you’re head over heels for the prince.


Dennis:Let go already.


Dorothy:where is Judith?


Prince Arien:she woke up before you guys.. and why are you all sleeping here together?


Dash:Juliet told us a ghost story and we slept off in her room


Prince Arien:(he wink at Juliet)thanks baby(he whisper)


Dash caught them and he started making up thoughts.


When Judith woke up she’s already in her human form she went to join the rest at the East part of the palace.


Juliet:uhm what are we doing here?don’t tell me we are taking our bath together and in front of you?


Prince Arien:well yes… hi I’ll be in charge of your test in exposing the possessed


Judith:(silently_keeping my secrets and firing me)


Prince Fredrick:This river is an enchanted river.a witch who died in Fillory was buried here and it became a river so even with this water we can expose the invisible


Dash:wow…cool I thought history remains in movies


Dennis: so I’m gonna bath in that?


Sandra:eeww the witch must have rotten already… disgusting


Prince Fredrick:You only need to go inside and stay underwater for 5 minutes


Juliet:I can’t even last for 5 seconds underwater while swimming.


Prince Arien:this is not an ordinary river…if you’re clean you will survive but if you’re the dragon the witch will trap you inside.


Katherine:the witch (breathing heavily and her)


Dennis:this weird girl should go first.


Sandra: we’re going together


They entered the river and they continued going deeper till the water covered them all.


During this process,A white creature came out of the river and she sweep all of them out with her powers.Prince Fredrick and prince Arien we’re not surprised who it is but we’re surprised that she’s back and alive.


Nimueh:Hello husband it’s been a while


Prince Fredrick:NIMUEH?

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Nimueh is a white Satyress (one of the mystical being that went berserk to help king Topaz and he promised her marriage with his son Fredrick but somehow separated when they were young.







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