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A Night With The CEO – Episode 3

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Episode Three




Chloe’s POV cont.d


‘You’re fired!!!!’..I heard him shout and a middle aged woman ran out crying…


‘Oh sorry Maria,at least you lasted for a week’..the receptionist said consoling the crying woman….


‘i was only a minute late Sophie and he fired me!!’..She cried out and I gulped very hard..


If he could fire a woman old enough to be his mother for just being a minute late then what about me?!!…


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I’m so dead!!….


‘Where the hell is the new intern?!!’…i heard him say..


‘Chloe!!’..he screamed and I ran into his office scratching my head and praying to God silently..


‘Uhhh…g..good..good m..morning sir’…I stammered as he sat on his rolling chair with both arms folded…


‘What is the time Chloe?’..he asked and I gulped hard…


Oh God here goes nothing…




Alexander’s POV


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‘I asked a question Chloe,what is the fu.cking time?!!’…I screamed throwing a mug at the door and she dodged…


Luckily it’s made of unbreakable glass so I can throw anything I want to..


‘Uhhh I..it’s 9:45am sir’..she said fidgeting..



‘And what time did you arrive?’..


‘Uhmmm..Uhh sir my alarm clock misbehaved and uhh’…


‘i asked a question so give me the answer I want,What time did you arrive?!!’…I screamed almost standing up and she sniffled….


‘9:20pm sir’..


‘What time were you told to start?’…


‘8:00am sir’…


I stood up and walked to the staff chart and underlined her name with a red marker and put a TARDY button by the side….


‘So you’re terribly late on the first day of work Miss Chloe and you’re blaming your alarm clock?!!!, give me one reason why I shouldn’t fire you!!!’….i screamed

and she winced….


‘S…sir it won’t happen again I swear’…she said and I smirked…


‘Good now get me a Macho Coffee,light foam,medium size’…I replied and she smiled….


‘T…thank you sir’…


‘You have 60 seconds and your time starts now!!!’…I said and started the timer….


I’m gonna make her cry today..




Skyler’s POV


‘Are you okay?!!’..i screamed at the Light man as he stepped on my shoe….


‘I am so sorry ma’am’..he begged and I slapped him hard across the face…


‘These cost a million dollars and you can’t pay cause you’re just a poor light man so next time when you see SKLYER BENSON coming move about ten meters away get it?!!!!’..I shouted and he whimpered a yes…..


‘Antonio let’s get this shoot over with shall we?’..i said to my photographer and he nodded…


‘By the way Miss Skyler,Uncle William called’..Jane,my personal assistant said and I frowned…


‘Yeah we’re all going for dinner tonight’…i said and she twitched…


‘Yeah that’s the problem ma’..




‘He called to cancel,he said that Master Alexander said he isn’t interested’…she said and backed away slowly to protect herself….


‘What?!!!!!!!!!!!!’…I screamed and everyone on the set walked away one by one….


‘Cancel the shoot Antonio I’m going out!!’..I said and he nodded…


‘Where are we going ma’am?’…


‘We are going to my fiancee’s office!!!’…




Chloe’s POV



‘This..this is your coffee sir!!’..I said panting heavily and he glanced at the timer close to him and frowned….


‘You’re a minute late and it’s pretty cold ,get me a new one!!’..he replied tapping on his computer…



‘b..but sir!!!’…I protested


‘60 seconds Chloe’…he said and I ran out of the office….


What a jerk?!!….



A Minute Later







I got in the office right before the timer stopped and gave. him his coffee..


He took a sip and threw it in the bin close to him….


‘i said light foam Chloe!!!’..he screamed and I almost cried out in frustration… ‘Go again’.he said and set the timer and I ran out to the Cafe on the second floor… ‘Mr Alex right?’..the lady at the counter said and I nodded panting heavily… She smiled and refilled the order i gave her and I ran back to his office..


‘Here’s your coffee sir’.I cried out and he sighed draining the whole cup in the bin again for the third time today…


‘I want tea this time,very hot tea and a plate of croissants’..he said and I controlled myself from almost quitting the stupid job…


I went back again for the fourth time and as I approached the elevator a girl smiled at me..


‘Mr Alexander never changes’.she said..


‘How do you mean?’….I asked as i pressed the elevator button..



‘i went eight times on my first day as his PA and I’m so glad I got promoted, that man is a demon’…she said in a Canadian accent and I smiled…..


‘I’m Chloe’.


‘Nice to meet you I’m Anna’..













I walked in slowly with a tray filled with the condiments he asked for.


Oh God who knew the tray would be so heavy?!!!….


‘Walk faster and don’t keep me waiting!!’…he screamed and I moved with fear cause I don’t want to go twice….


I reached his table and then catastrophe struck!!…


I little bit of coffee was on the floor and it made me trip and I spilled the hot tea all over him…..


‘Oh blood of Lucifer!!!’..he screamed and jumped up from the chair….


Oh Lord have mercy!!!!….






Lord have mercy on Chloe and pity her


Apart from me who else thinks that Alex deserved that hot tea after he made Chloe suffer??!!!….


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