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The One I Want – Episode 8

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#Episode_8    Natalie’s POV    I run and run in a dark scary place and it seems the big moon in the dark sky is making jest of me    I look around and it was a dark lonely place with no living things whatsoever and I look at myself and sees that I’m wearing a long black gown with no hands    A blue flower was in my hands with everywhere so cold and the breeze is so blowing fiercely    I turn around  “Where the hell am I?”I asks and like magic,    My voice echo through the whole forest and it.kinda scary as if it thousands voice echoing    I look back and sees two red eyes looking at me as I gasps looking at it and start running blindly from it but the more I run,the more it get close    I run and run and run until I can’t again and I fall down but as I look round,I sees two graveyard    I move close and sees the name clearly as the moon shone bright ndr bright “What the hell?”I gasps as I read the names   It an upper case letters  “MARK JAKE ND MRS MARK”I read it and laugh    I laugh and laugh as it echo again  “It must be a dream right cos I knew Jake or his mom won’t ever leave me?”I asks sighing   The rose in my hands double itself and it move on it own will then falls on the two grave    I look at it and fall on the graves  “It can’t be”I said lookin round    I take some sand in my hands and gasps as it turn to blood immediately “NO oooo!”I said screaming so loud and then…..wake up on a bed   I look around and sees that on in a white place “Did I really die?”I asks looking round   One nurse with me rush to the telecom and dial a number ☎Hi doc,the patient have woke up    I’m coming right now    She then hangs up☎    I turn to her and try to talk but can’t at all    I try and try but it useless    Within minute,the doctor with my family rush in “NATALIE”they said screaming    The doctor turn angrily to them  “Please no noise”he said    I look at them all and sigh  “Why does it seems that you people are not complete?”I thought as dad rub my hair,mom pecks me whole big sis and bro holds my hands  Read more interesting stories on Topster stories app  I try and try to remember the person but I just couldn’t    Mom turn to me  “You really survived the great fall!”she said    I close my eyes to think about what she said but just couldn’t    The doctor turn to me  “I want you to blink your eyes if I’m correct in anything”he said to me    I blinks    He sigh  “Do you know your name?”he asks and I blinks  “Do you know everyone here?”he asks again and I blinks    My family smiles seeing that  The doctor face me again  “Do you remember anyone apart from those who are here?”he asks and I didn’t blink    He sigh whole I turn to see worry in dad,bro especially sis face but mom looks unshaken    He hiss  “Do you remember the fall?”he asks me    Immediately he said that,I scream in pain and feels my heart ripping apart as my mind/brain    FLASHBACK  I sees myself climbing down a ladder and some people keeps talking to me then before I knows why happen,I’ve fall down    I was rush into the ambulance and drive straight to the hospital where the nurses with doctors surround me immediately,yes I’m minister’s daughter    I was wheel into the ICU and operates on on my head as blood gush out endlessly from my head and back skull    And that’s all I sees last as it    FLASHFORWARD  I sigh looking around again  “Oh gosh,I’m still here!”I thought    The doctor rub my forehead  “Are you okay?”he asks me    I blink and blinks  “Yes I’m”I thought    I hold my head feeling pain    The doctor turn to me  “Feeling pain there?”he asks as I blink    Dad turn to the doctor  “What’s happening?”he asks    The nurse sigh  “It cos of the head she used in hitting the hard floor that’s why she’s feeling pain frequently but I’ll write a drug for you that she’ll be using whenever she feels the pain again”she said    Sis sigh  “But why is she not remembering Jak..?”she said halfway    When mom turn fiecely to her  “SHUT THE HELL UP,Stupid!”she said    Bro hiss  “Do you wanna add to her pain?”he said    I really wanna ask who she’s talking about but just couldn’t find my tongue at all    Tears gather in my eyes and mom cleans it off  “Why do I feel so incomplete even tho you’re all here,I feel my heart ripping apart and whole body on fire?”I asks in my thought    Mom smiles brightly towards me  “Really glad you make it so quick”she said    Dad hiss  “Is this quick huh,it two months already”he said and snarl    Brother smiles and rub my hair  “We just be thankful she made it”he said    Sis looks at me and I could see she really have something to say to me but couldn’t bring herself to talk or couldn’t fing her tongue to say what just like I’m feeling right now    And oh gawd,I’ve so many questions running through me that I wanna asks huh    Oh my gosh,does this mean our dear Nat is dumb or rather forget THE ONE SHE WANT    We’re just like her sometimes cos we’ve so many questions in us too but couldn’t say,ask or finds the tongues to say it    Like  “Why do we go through painful moments?    “Why do we experience sad and agony times?    “Is it a must to go through suffering to be wise?    “Must be die,can’t we live forever?    And more and and more    But we just can’t find the mouth to ask it cos we already knows that in this life,nobody comes out alive anyway    We all own death a big debt even tho we didn’t borrow from him but it a must for us to pay it    Just wish we won’t pay it in early age but we’ll grow and grow and grow still old before we do pay it    It not a curse that we win all pay it but it a must cos death is inevitable    Nelson’s POV    I walk down from the airport’s and stretch “Oh my gosh”I said rubbing my hair   I look round and pocket with my bag on my back then walk out majestically    Immediately I get outside the airport,all eyes turn on me as they look at me as I walk past them  Read more interesting stories on Topster stories app  Yeah yeah yeah  “Nelson is damn hot and Hans”I said and laugh    I put my speck immediately  “What a scorching sun”I said    I walk along the road as the girls drool over me even one almost hit the street pole as I winks at her and she laugh  “Oh boy”she said to me    I turn to the next street and sees a shop and I branch there “Hi sir”I greet the man   He looks out and smile towards me  “Hi my handsome son”he said and laugh    I laugh too  “I wanna buy a bicycle”I said to him    He move out  “Which one dear?”he asks me    I remove one hand from the pocket and remove my speck “I want that one”I point to the white one   He smiles  “So perfect for an handsome guy like you”he said    smile and move to it “How much?”I asks him   He sigh  “€25″he said    I bring my wallet out  “Use card swiping?”I asks him    He nods and I give it to him    He dash inside and soon come out with my card and give it to me then my receipts “Thanks son!”he said  I bow  “Thanks sir ..haaa sir dad”I said and he laugh    I mount the bike and kick it off as I ride it fast on the road    I sees like five fleet of cars driving along the road and others cars stop as it pass    I hiss  “What a world!”I said and hiss    I didn’t stop despite the traffic warden telling me to stop    I hiss and put on my speck then raise my fore finger “Go to hell,man”I said and laugh   I pass the fourth car’s and the car glass is wind down as I sees a girl so beautiful peeping out    I whistle  “Oh gosh!”I said exclaiming and rub my hair    She turn to me as her eyes lighten up in seeing me but she just turn away from me immediately    I hiss  “Pompous girl with bragging”I said and laugh    I move a little and stop then turn to her  “Hey silly”I said to her    She turn to me  “Are you talking to me?”she asks    I laugh and hiss  “Not you but the girl in pink gown”I said    She looks at herself then hiss  “Are you crazy?”she says    I shake my head  “You’re so pompous”I said to her    The car moves and I too start riding after it    She want to wind up the glass but I use my right hand to stop it then tap her head “You’re so spoilt”I said   She gasps  “HEY”she said and turn to a guy that looks like a bodyguard and gesture him to follow me    I laugh and tap her head the second time  “See yaa”I said roughing her hair up bd then ride off speedily    She hiss  “I’ll catch yaa”she said and I raise my middle finger to her    I laugh and rush to a corner and laugh  “Crazy girl”I said and smell my    Right hand  “Hmm smell nice”I said as her hair cream hit my nose    I wanna ride away when my phone rings  Hi mom    Where the hell are you,crazy boy    I don’t know where but I’m very sure I’m far from Sheridan’s city    I’all kill you when…    I quickly hangs up    Wait still I return home ok  “I love you mom and greet dad for me!”I said and laugh   I put my phone in my pocket then put on the headphone and play music’s    I drives fast away and come to the bar beach as everywhere is so dry up    Oh sorry,I think they’re few people there and oh gosh,I sees the girl from the road sitting alone    I laugh  “The teasing continue!”I said and laugh    I quickly hide my bike then jump to her front and shoult “Hey!”I said scaring her   She screams and jump up  “Crazy boy”she said and hit me    She wanna hit me again when she screams holding her head    I touch her  “Are you teasing me?”I asks her    she points to her pocket and I quickly put my hands there and sees a drug bottle    She raise her two hands up and I quickly gives her two from the dose and immeditely she takes it,she faint straight to my arms and she looks so beautiful  TO BE CONTINUED  #THE_ONE_I_WANT

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