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Wild Obsession – Episode 8

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“Alright,” the inspector said when he finally found his voice. “What do you want us to do for you now?”


“I transfered money into your account but you chose to betray me. Anyways, just take me to the hospital, I need to get my wounds treated,” Chief said and lay back on the floor of the van, holding his numb hand that was shot. The inspector was more than surprise when the car engine functioned again. He gave few orders and soon, they were heading to the hospital Ken took Gina to cos that was the only one closer.




On getting to the hospital, Chief was admitted and the doctor commenced treatment immediately. Inspector Lukas asked the nurse on duty and she directed him to the ward Gina was. Inside the ward, Richie and the policeman that drove Ken to the hospital stood beside the bed Gina lay on while Ken sat, holding her right hand in his. He was singing, hoping she could hear him but Gina looked lifeless despite the fact that she was placed on oxygen.


“What’s the situation now?” the inspector asked


“The doctor said she might not survive but I know he’s lying cos she will survive,” Ken replied confidently while caressing Gina’s soft palm. She still looked beautiful even on a sick bed. He wished he could just kiss her lips, then she’d open her eyes and smile at him.


The inspector sighed deeply and sat on the edge of the bed, “Chief, your father is here too. Ken, your father is strange and I’m…” he paused


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“And you’re?” Ken wanted to know. He didn’t seem bothered about the fact that his father was there too


“Never mind. I should call Mrs. Albert to tell her we’re fine, lest she dies of worry.”


Ken stared at him as he stood up and walked towards a window. He looked worried and Ken was sure something’s wrong but too bad he couldn’t place a



finger on it. Curious, he placed Gina’s hand on her stomach, then stood up and went to meet him at the window.


“What about my dad?” he inquired


“Strange powers,” inspector Lukas whispered. “He can never die except…” he paused again


“Except what?”


“We don’t know what can kill him and taking him to court, we might loose. It’s tough, really tough.”

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Mrs. Albert kept glancing at the wall clock. It was extremely late but yet, no sign of anyone and no call and to make matters worse, no number went through. Fortunately, while pacing round the room, Inspector Lukas’ call came through and she hurriedly answered.


He sounded calm over the phone when he told her everything is alright and that they’ll be back in the morning and that Gina is safe and in good health. She heaved a huge sigh if relieve and as the call ended, she began to sing songs of praise to God as she climbed the stairs to her room…




“So, what’s our stand now?” Ken asked


“I don’t have an idea for now,” Inspector Lukas replied, tapped his foot for a while, then added, “Lemme talk to the D.P.O outside. I’ll be back,” he said and walked out of the ward.

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As he reached the reception, he saw two men at the counter, talking to the nurse. Out of curiosity, he walked to counter but they left immediately he approached them.


“Who are those?” he asked the nurse


“Oh, they’re here to see chief,” the nurse smiled.


“Chief!” he was shocked. “What for? How did they find him and how…,” he paused when he realized who he was questioning, then mumbled an apology before going after the men.


He walked quietly towards the ward chief was admitted in and when he got to the door, stopped and listened.


“Ah Chief! Sorry, it was difficult locating you. You know we had to wait for you people to go far before following behind and we almost missed our way,” a voice was saying


“Yes, we even had to drop the power bike we came with, then trekked to this place,” another voice added


“You both are smart by following us. Now I’m sure of my safety,” Chief’s voice came on


“But chief! I think we shot the wrong person. We targeted the inspector but we failed and I think we either shot your son or the girl,” the first voice said, sounding apologetic


“What!” Chief raised his voice but quickly lowered it again as he felt pain on the place the he was stabbed. “How could you be so careless? You know your guns contained the most powerful and deadliest bullets, what if she dies, then I’ll loose my position as the next governor and if my son dies, then I loose a son?” he scolded calmly but in anger. He wanted so much to shout on them but the pains he felt restricted him


“We’re sorry sir. It was a mistake.”


Chief hissed, “Bloody mistake. Gosh! You both just pissed me off. I regret going with you to check on those boys. How? Just how? Who even asked you to shoot anybody?,” he hissed again and wanted scratching his head but remembered the



drip connected to his left hand and his right hand was bandaged, so he gestured at one of the men, “Scratch my head now! Idiot. Plan destroyers, fools…”


To Inspector Lukas, being shocked was an understatement. How did all these happen? He remembered searching the entire building but no one was in sight apart from the dead bodies and chief. Where did those men hide and how did they escape? Chief is indeed worse than the devil himself.


Lost in thoughts, he forgot where he stood and a tap from one of the nurses brought him back from his reverie. Like a confused and crazily angry father who was late for work and couldn’t find one leg of his shoe, he walked out of the long corridor briskly…


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