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Wild Obsession – Episode 12

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Richie smiled when Gina ran back to the house, then gave Ken a friendly pat on the shoulder.


“At least, you’ll now have a tough time trying to convince her to love you,” he said before walking out


“Shit!” Ken cursed under his breath. “I’ll never forgive you Richie,” he shouted before running to the house as well.


Mom was surprised with the way Gina ran into the house, then minutes later, Ken followed suit. Out of curiosity, she went after them.


Upstairs, she saw Ken on the floor in front of Gina’s door which was locked. She could hear even hear her sobs as she stood and listened


“What’s going on here?” she inquired


“C’mon,” Gina shouted from inside her room. “Tell her how you lied to me. Tell her how you’ve been sleeping with the same sex.”


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“Uh!” Mom covered her mouth in amazement. “You’re a gay?”


“I’m sorry mom, I’m so sorry,” Ken cried like a baby. “Please, I never meant to hurt her. I love her…”


Mom was moved to tears. She perfectly understood and wasn’t gonna blame him for anything. So she pulled him up and led him to her room



“Just relax, okay. She’ll come around. Try and sleep,” she said calmly when they got to her room, then made him lie on her bed while she sat and patted his back slowly…




The next day, Ken went back to pleading Gina never opened the door the hear him out and it continued like that for three days. Since he still felt very scared that she was yet to fully recover, he decided against Mom’s advice to leave and so, on the eve of the third day, he was back to his house


When Gina heard Ken was gone, she finally came out of her room with swollen eyes


“I don’t like this face I’m seeing o, ah! Ah! What is it,” mom scolded as she walked to the kitchen. “Did he kill someone? Biko, brighten up and eat something,” She said and went to sit on the couch

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Gina sat on the kitchen stool and stared into the space. She couldn’t understand why she cried so much for Ken. She asked herself if she loves him and when her heart screamed “Yes!” she felt fresh tears drop again from her eyes. She didn’t know exactly what she cried for, for Ken being a gay and she standing no chance with him or that he lied to her… she just wasn’t sure but she told herself she’ll never set her eyes on him again.




Meanwhile, Richie had come to apologize to Ken and he had no choice than to forgive him. Since he was bored and had nothing doing, he visited the D.P.O, signed the papers and collected the documents that contained his father’s properties and Bank details. However, out of generosity and as a token of appreciation, he handed over half of the wealth to the D.P.O and inspector Lukas despite the fact that they had both been promoted. He also sold the house chief lived in before his death and used the money to set up a new business for Richie whose business had crumbled.

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A new governor emerged and peace returned to the state. He started living life again but one thing was missing, LOVE. He missed mom and Gina so much but he couldn’t visit because Gina warned him never to step foot there anymore and so, he lived as a lonely bachelor, going out alone on occasions to drink…




It’s been three weeks since Ken left and Gina acted like she’d moved on but deep down her heart, she missed him so much. She gave up her earlier plan of resuming work and decided to give herself more time to heal


While sitting on the couch, remembering the beautiful memories they shared, mom tapped her, making her startle.


“I’m going out. You know, it’s almost a month now since you returned from the hospital and I’ve not had time to visit a few persons to say thank you,” mom said and adjusted her handbag so it could balance well on her arm


“Oh! That’s good. Go well, I’ll be going out later to make my hair, it’s really rough,” she said


“Alright, I’ll transfer some money into your account so you could buy few stuff as well.”


“Thanks,” Gina smiled, then stood up to give her a good bye hug and kiss. “I love you, mom!”


Mom smiled, “I love you too, my angel. Eat well and take care,” with that, she left


An hour after mom left, Gina got really bored. She had no friends and too, lost interest in the movie she was seeing. She stood up and decided to get a nap but heard a knock at the door


On opening the door, Ken stood with a flower. She made to shut the door but he blocked it with his leg



“Just hear me out, please,” he pleaded. She stared at him for a few second, then hissed and walked inside. “I brought you this,” he said, handing her the flower


“Drop it there,” she folded her arms and gestured on the couch


He obeyed and moved closer to her but she shifted back. “I’m sorry Gina, truly. I love you and I never meant to hurt you.”


“You lied to me. How dare you?” she blamed, her voice becoming sober and her eyes teary


“I’m sorry. Please give us a chance,” he pleaded and stretched out to circle his hand around her waist. “I want us to work. I love you. I’ve never loved anyone like you.”


He was close to tears now and the right words seem to escape his memory.


Gina tried but couldn’t hold it back any longer. The tears flowed freely now while Ken wiped them as they dropped. Soon, the passion between them got intense and heated up. Neither of them could control themselves anymore.


Their heads moved in motion towards the other and in a jiffy, their lips locked in a wild, passionate kiss. Though none of them had kissed the opposite sex before but it was the best kiss they’d ever had.


When the kiss almost stripped them na.ked, Ken carried her up the stairs and immediately they entered the room, he dropped her on the bed. While they kissed, they began to get rid of each other’s cloth with their eyes fixed on each other as well. One could see the burning desire in their eyes.


As soon as Gina’s top was gotten rid of, Ken cupped her boobs in his palm and sucked them at intervals. Gina had never felt that way before and she was really surprised at the way soft pleasurable moans escaped her lips


She felt it real then, the hot fluid drip in between her thighs and she shuddered in excitement, then grabbed Ken’s arm.(Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com .Since she had watched an



erotic movie before and saw how the girl grabbed the guy’s dick, she did same and that made Ken jerk and suck her boobs deeper


When he felt he’d had enough of her boobs, he went down her honey pot and tickled her clitoris with his tongue. He felt very fulfilled seeing that she was wet.


“Please make me feel like a real woman,” Gina whispered amidst moans.


Happily, he held his hard cock. Gently, so it won’t really hurt, he pushed in slowly till it was fully buried inside. Then, like the gentleman he was, he rode her to cloud 9, making sure she enjoyed every bit of him pretending not to see the tiny blood that dripped due to to her broken hymen


Minutes into the pleasure, their muscles contrasted and he felt the hot fluid build up. He pushed deeper and rode a bit faster. Just when he was about releasing, he bent forward and covered her lips with his while the hot fluids travelled fast, directly into her womb


Exhausted and panting heavily, he lay on his back, pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead, then cuddled her, trying to catch his breath

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“I’ve never felt this way before,” Gina smiled as she caressed his hairy chest. “Thank you.”


Ken smiled too. He felt honored and fulfilled to be the first man ever to make Gina feel like a real woman.


“Do I have your permission to sell my house so I can always be by your side?” he asked


“Of cos, darling. I don’t want to loose sight of you ever again.”


Ken sat up and raised her head making her look into his eyes, “Then let’s get married, Gina Albert.”


“I could never have asked for a better husband than you, Ken Dapo. I love you.”


“I love you more.”


They kissed and enveloped each other in a warm embrace…


Love isn’t just a beautiful game that is meant to win a heart but a light that shines from above and overshadows the persons in love, thus making them happy and fulfilled. Gina was obsessed about finding her self as a woman and in her Prime, she took a drastic turn which unfolded hidden mysteries, reunited families, wiped out evil people and helped her find true love.


Gina and Ken’s love story remained the best ever.











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