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The Best Guys – Episode 30

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Some months later, At Ariel’s brothers workshop, They are both busy working with a car, some of their boys stood behind them watching them as they are repairing a damaged car, Suddenly two black cars drove in the garage, They all stopped what



they are doing to see who was in the car, Suddenly Mike and some guards came out of the car, Carrick couldn’t help but to close his mouth with surprise…


CARRICK:Oh my God! That’s TBG’s manager (Mike walked up to them while the guards followed him, He smiled at them trying to give them an handshake but they are too shy to give him thier dirty hands with black oil, Mike smiled and said…


MIKE: Good afternoon! We are very sorry to disturb you MARCELLO:No No No No! I…. It’s ok, It’s ok Sir


MIKE: Please don’t use the word Sir, Am Mike MARCELLO:O…. Ok sir! I mean Ok(Mike smiled and said)


MIKE:Uhmmm, I know you already know me, I will like to ask you for something please

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MARCELLO: Anything Anything is ok, Ask for anything please


MIKE:I want you to follow me to somewhere right now


CARRICK:Sir! We are ready to go anywhere with you right now


MIKE:Good! Shall we?….


They all arrived at a very big garage, A very big garage,there are twenty brand new cars at a side, At a side was a car wash, at a side was where they sell all necessary things for the cars,Buses and motorcycles, and also there are all kinds of tyres loaded in a shop in this same garage, A big place where the cars are repair was also available, Marcello and Carrick couldn’t help but to scanned everywhere, They were both lost in thought admiring the cars, the brand new tools, the new tyres and other things, Every single thing in the garage are all brand new, Mike said…


MIKE:I know you are wondering like why are we here, Actually This place is for





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CARRICK:No no no! This can’t be, am dreaming right, Is this a dream?


MIKE:Of course it’s not a dream, it’s reality, This place is for you, This is coming


from Axel to both of you




MIKE:Yeah Axel, I will deliver is message to you just the way he told me to say it,He asked me to say this to you “I am sorry for getting back at you so late, I really appreciate the help you rendered to me that night, after repairing my car, you also gave me a house to sleep, Ever since I left your place that day, I have never for once forget about you, i know you will be wondering that when did I planned all this, I started planning this for you ever since I left your house that day, That was why I said that am sorry for getting back at you so late, I know this is a small gift from me to you both, because what you guys gave to me is more than all of these, I



appreciate you for raising Ariel very well, I appreciate the fact that you stood with her and you turned her into a beautiful lady, If not for you there is no way I will meet her and there is no way my life will be Meaningful this way, because if you have abandoned her, I will never meet her, So I have to show my appreciation this way, I know it doesn’t worth the gift you gave me, but believe me, I really wish to express myself more than this, My manager will give you a card, Use it to visit us anytime, Thank you very much””That’s Axel’s message to you! (The two guys couldn’t help but to get lost in thier thought,They both thought it’s a Dream)….


Ian was on a video call with Desha…


DESHA:So Mr Logan and miss Nora travelled again?


IAN:Yeah they went for another vacation after the proposal


DESHA: Honestly I can’t wait for thier wedding


IAN:Yeah me too! I miss you


DESHA:Hmm! You saw me two days ago


IAN:So? What if I decided to always see you everyday


DESHA:(laughing)I was only Joking, I also miss you, Infact I planned to spend a week with you


IAN:And when are you planning for that?


DESHA:Next month!


IAN: Desha!


DESHA: What?! (Smiling)


IAN:Next month, I thought you are going to say tomorrow


DESHA:Oh Common are you joking with me, I still have a lot of things to do, don’t worry next month babe


IAN:No I can’t take that and am not going to take it, How can you tell me next month?


DESHA: Cause that’s when I will be free IAN:It’s either me, or your work, Pick one!


DESHA:You must be kidding me right, How can you expect me to pick,both are


important to me


IAN: Really? Ok!


DESHA:Don’t make me feel bad Ian


IAN:Of course am not


DESHA:Of course you are(sad)


IAN:Ok am sorry babe, I only missed you and I wish to see you DESHA:I also wish to see you



IAN:It’s ok dear! Don’t worry we will see when you are less busy, I don’t want you to feel bad please


DESHA:Then you have to apologize


IAN:Am sorry your Highness!


DESHA: Whatever!


IAN:I said am sorry! I love you (No reply) Really?You are not going to reply me DESHA:Say sorry once again


IAN:You must be kidding me! (Both bursted into laughter)


DESHA:I love you!


IAN:I love you more….


Earl’s room, He was quite busy on his desk, on his bed was Claire sleeping, She turned to the other side of the bed which was Earl’s side, He looked at her and Smiled, Suddenly she smiled between her sleep, Earl stood up and moved closer to her, He bent down beside her, He removed her hair which was blocking her face, He gave her a peck while he covered her very well, He grabbed his phone from the table and went out of the room….


Aiken’s room,He was busy talking to Pearl on the phone…


AIKEN:When are you going home?


PEARL:We close by Six


AIKEN: Six, Is that not too late?


PEARL:Of course No, That was even too early, Honestly I really don’t want to go home


AIKEN:(smilling) Don’t tell me it’s your mum again


PEARL:Who else, She has been frustrating my life to see you, Ever since she is aware about us, My mum has no discussion than to allow her to meet you, Am so done with her


AIKEN:I really wish to meet her also, I wish to come to your place PEARL:Come to where? Don’t even try it, you have tons of fans in my street, I personally always try to hide from them, They always frustrate me to please allow them to take a selfie with them, You turned me into a star in my street, Cause they don’t know me before,I always do my things alone,But now I can’t do that again, I am already planning to move out of here, I need a quiet place


AIKEN: Then come to our place,You can start living here PEARL:You haven’t pay my bride price yet


AIKEN:Is that what you want me to do, Are you ready for that?(smiling)



PEARL:To be candid am not yet ready, I still want us to enjoy ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend for now


AIKEN:Your wish is my command, and I want you to visit me next week, with


your mum, i really want to meet her, i should have been the one to come to her and


Not her, but with the situation like this, am afraid I can’t,But when it comes to your


bride Price I am coming to see her for that, I need to take you from her fully


PEARL:Always a joker, Don’t worry I will bring her to visit TBG’s Mansion as


one of her biggest dream


AIKEN: Really?


PEARL:Yeah!She has always wish to visit TBG’s Mansion, Everyone wants to visit TBG’s Mansion, my mum is also part of them AIKEN:But you don’t tell me that before


PEARL: Because I don’t want you to think she is wired


AIKEN:Of course she is not, That’s my in-law (Pearl couldn’t help but to bursted into laughter)


PEARL: Seriously you are so funny! I have to go, someone is here


AIKEN:A guy or a lady


PEARL:A Guy (teasing him)


AIKEN:You must not touch him then


PEARL:It’s my work


AIKEN:It’s high time we transferred guards to your place


PEARL:You must be Joking, Common I have to go, I love you!


AIKEN:I love you too….


TBG’s Mansion, Carrick and Marcello came for a visit, They both sat in the living room waiting for Axel to come out to them, suddenly Earl came out, He was surprised to see them..


EARL:You must be Ariel’s brothers


MARCELLO:Yes we are!


CARRICK:Oh my God! I can’t believe am seeing you right now!


MARCELLO:We are so glad to meet you in person


EARL:Oh common it’s just me, Am more glad to meet you, It’s really good to meet you! (Shaking each other’s hands, Axel came out while he gave them hugs and handshakes, Earl decided to sat with them so that they can all discussed together, Carrick find it difficult to look them in their faces,while Earl encouraged him to be free with them)….



Ariel’s hostel, She was packing her stuffs in the bag, the school is having an holiday, She grabbed her phone while she make a phone call, She was calling Axel, Afer the first ring, he picked up the call… AXEL:Babe where are you


ARIEL:Am still in school parking my stuffs AXEL:But why do you sound somehow?


ARIEL: Because am having a lot of stuffs and I don’t know how to arrange them! (Axel couldn’t help but to smile)


AXEL:Try to get some, you don’t need to get all, I thought some of your stuffs are in my room, I saw some of your night wears and clothes in the wardrobe, So why are you bringing a lot of things again


ARIEL:Cause I want to, I really want to bring them along


AXEL:You know what, Just sit down and take a deep breath, After few seconds resume back to it, Don’t stress yourself please


ARIEL:It’s ok! Thanks dear, I heard my brothers visited you yesterday


AXEL:Yeah they did, it was so nice to see them, we all discussed yesterday, I,


Your Brothers and my brothers, We all discussed yesterday, But your brother


Marcello was so pleased to see Aiken Yesterday, You didn’t tell me that your


brother is a big fan of Him


ARIEL:Yeah he is!


AXEL:They really discussed yesterday


ARIEL:Oh you all enjoyed yourself and I was here sleeping alone, I miss my beds AXEL:Your beds!


ARIEL: Yes my beds! I miss my bed at home and I miss your bed


AXEL:Oh that’s why you called it beds, Funny you! Let me call you back so that you can finish what you are doing and call the driver to come and pick you ARIEL:I will


AXEL:I wonder when you are going to learn the driving!


ARIEL: Whatever! (She hanged up the call, rolling her eyes)Silly boy! (She stood up and resumed back to her packing)….


TBG’s Mansion, As it was discussed, Pearl’s Mum came for a visit, Pearl told her to wait for her to call Aiken out for her, She couldn’t stop admiring the house, Hugo walked out suddenly, He was surprised to see her, He greeted her… MUM:How are you my son!


HUGO:(surprised)H…. Hi ma’am



MUM:Oh! Good boy! (Hugo was still wondering what was going on when Aiken came out with Pearl while Hugo walked out)


MUM:My son-in-law! Is this you? (Shouting)I can’t believe it that this is you, The real Aiken!


PEARL:Mum Stop shouting!


AIKEN:Can you just leave her alone?


MUM:Don’t mind her she is very naughty


AIKEN:I am so happy to meet you ma


MUM:I am more glad to meet you my son-in-law, So when are we doing the wedding please?


PEARL: MUM! (She shouted)


AIKEN:Eh! Why are you shouting? Can you just leave I and her alone? PEARL:Just do whatever you want with her! (She walked in to Aiken’s room) MUM:Who cares, Bye Bye! My son in law, please let’s do the wedding on time, Or what are you waiting for?


AIKEN: Actually ma’am, I am waiting for her, S….She s…. said she is not ready




MUM:(screaming)Ha! This girl have killed me, Not ready for what, Why?


AIKEN:I really don’t know, but I think I will take some time with her


Mum:Don’t take anytime with her, She is a naughty girl, Am her mother, and we


must do it by fire by force


AIKEN:Ma! (Shocked)


MUM:Yes! Fire by force, We must do this wedding, A whole Aiken, AIKEN! Or is this not you?


AIKEN:(confused)Ye… Yes it’s me Ma’am


MUM:And she has the gut to deny a proposal, She must be out of her character, Just don’t mind her, Do the proposal and let’s get into real business so th…. (Suddenly Pearl came)


PEARL: Mum time to go home


MUM:Which home?


PEARL:Your Home!


AIKEN:Pearl can you please stop it


PEARL:Can’t you see the way she is doing, I know you are tired of her,don’t deny it


AIKEN:Well am not!


PEARL: What?


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AIKEN: I love her, I must admit it, I love everything about her, Mum please come to the dinning let’s eat together please (Aiken moved closer to Pearl’s Mum, He held her to the dinning slowly, Her mum couldn’t stop smilling while Pearl on the other side was so done with both her mum and Aiken, She had no choice but to went in back to Aiken’s room)…..


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