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The Best Guys – Episode 22

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Episode 22

Aiken was walking round the Spa, he kept on checking the stuffs that was on the table one after the other, suddenly Hugo came in with Pearl and Ariel… AIKEN: But I told you I want her alone


HUGO:Sorry Boss!


AIKEN:No it’s ok, you can Escuze us


HUGO:Yes Boss! (Hugo went out of the room while the two ladies stared at him, He made a smirk and sat down at the front of the mirror, Pearl moved a little bit closer to him while Ariel stood where she was)


PEARL:A face treatment? (Aiken was surprised, He realized that Hugo told her everything, He ignored her while he rested on the chair, Ariel quickly moved closer to them to assist Pearl, Suddenly Aiken said…


AIKEN:You and Axel are dating right? (They both got shocked, Words couldn’t come out of Ariel’s mouth, Pearl stopped what she was doing, Aiken raised up his head smiling at Ariel, He said)It’s just a question, but I guess I got my answer



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already, You guys are dating,It’s obvious in Axel and also in you, just let me tell you this,(He Paused for awhile) Take care of him!


ARIEL:I…. I….I should t…take care of him


AIKEN:Yeah you have to take care of him, or do you want me to tell him to take care of you? Of course I will also do that too, you both have to take care of eachother, but you have to take care of him most, this is his first time please, Miss can you please get to work! (He rested his head back to the bed while Pearl and Ariel looked at eachother, there was a smile on Aiken’s face)…


Late at night,Nora walked in the kitchen, she got herself a small bowl, milk, spoon, chocolate milk, sugar, cornflakes and a cold water in the fridge, She wanted to make herself cornflakes, Suddenly Logan walked in to the kitchen, they were both surprised, Logan walked up to the fridge to got himself a cup of water, after drinking his water, he moved closer to her and said…


LOGAN:Let me help you with that, Please! (She gave him the spoon while Logan prepared the cornflakes for her, she watched him doing this, after he was done, he told her he will helped her with it to her room which she agreed with him, when they got to her room, he gave her the cornflakes and said)


LOGAN: Goodnight!(Nora just closed the door, He Smiled and went away)…


Logan, Mike and Jason sat in the living room discussing about Aiken and Axel’s Music Video…


LOGAN:Boss told me the director and his staffs are coming to the location next week, we have to wrap up the music video before Aiken’s birthday, The costumes are set,Both of you will be the one to handle the whole thing, because I am going to Canada a day before the shooting, I need to see the owner of the show for the boys Performance in Canada, which is in the next two months, I need to see them first, am leaving the boys in your hands, both You, Hugo and Ivor have to take care of them please, As soon as the director is coming, he will contact one of you, He will contact you two days before his arrival, so I think that’s all MIKE: Alright sir


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JASON:Mr Dion said he is coming there with us LOGAN:Sure he have to JASON: Alright Sir


MIKE:Sir am going to the company to make a collection of all the gifts that was


submitted for Aiken


LOGAN:Ok the gifts are there?


MIKE:Yes sir!


LOGAN: Why can’t we keep it there till the birthday will be over, there will still be more gifts


MIKE:That was exactly what I told boss, but he told me that it is getting too much in the store


LOGAN:No problem, go and get it, and make sure Hugo and Ivor inspect each gift


very well


MIKE:Yes sir!


LOGAN:You can just drop it all in one of the empty rooms JASON:Aiken said he wants his gifts in his room


LOGAN:But that is not possible, there won’t be space for him, Don’t worry I will talk to him


JASON:Yes sir!


Axel came to visit Aiken in his room, they both sat down on the couch discussing…


AXEL: Happy birthday in advance


AIKEN:I was expecting that all these while


AXEL:(smile)Am sorry it’s coming late


AIKEN:It’s ok, I heard our music video is next week


AXEL:Yeah Mr Logan told me


AIKEN:Why are you not saying anything?


AXEL:On what?


AIKEN:Common you know what am talking about, I know you saw the diary that day


AXEL:Yeah I do, I was…. I was just speechless, I mean it means a lot that it was


from you, I know you don’t know how to express your feelings but I saw it all in that diary


AIKEN:So are we good now?


AXEL:Of course we are always good, This is what you don’t know Bro, I have


seen this world from your eyes and it has been phenomenal. I have no other desire


except following the same trend all through my life, I have always love you, no


matter how much you react to me, either in good or bad way, you will always be


my best bro(Both smiled at eachother, there was a knock at the door, Logan


walked in and said)


LOGAN:You are here


AXEL:Do you want to give me something?


LOGAN:Give you a kiss


AXEL:No thanks, Am taking that from Ariel(Aiken smiled)


LOGAN:Ohhh! Our boy is in love, a deep one Actually, So tell us, when are you telling your fans this


AXEL: Honestly I don’t know yet, I love Ariel and I don’t want a situation whereby my girlfriend will be hurt by my fans most especially the female fans, if they realize that she is my girlfriend, they will actually look into her background and this may hurt her so much cause we have a lot of fans in her school,cause she will be leaving here very soon, I Know they will be aware of it very soon, but now I just want to keep it, I know they won’t handle it in a soft way for me most especially her, they will be like from all the girls why her, but she is the one I want, I don’t want them to know about it yet, but I truly love Ariel


LOGAN:I think I just learnt from you right now, but I still can’t believe that you are the one saying all these


AXEL:(smirking)What do you think of me, Bad guy! Oh common she changed me LOGAN:Sounds cool, I came here to see Aiken, look your gifts can’t stay in this room please


AIKEN:Why? (Speaking in a soft way)Is everything ok, I just want my gifts in my


room, is there a problem


LOGAN:You need space Aiken


AIKEN:I don’t need space, it’s not like am moving up and down in my room, am not Earl, you know I stay in one place


LOGAN:Ok fine let’s do this, everything will be dropped to that room when it arrives, you just have to go to the room and pick our what you want, what about that?


AIKEN:Ok no problem!


LOGAN: Thanks! (He went out of the room immediately)


AXEL: I think it’s high time we get him a girlfriend, seems sis Nora is not into him again


AIKEN:(smilling)You don’t need to get him that, Am sure those two will still


patch things up very soon, I know sis Nora still love me, Don’t get him any girl, He


will handle his situation by himself


AXEL: it’s been a year Bro


AIKEN: Love dosen’t Care! (He stood up and went to play a music title “Mushroom chocolate by quin ft 6lack” Axel just sat down flowing with the music while Aiken sat down to press his phone)….


At night, Logan came to see Nora in her room…



LOGAN: Nora am traveling, I know I hurt you, I really do, I shouldn’t have asked you to aborted the pregnancy then, am deeply sorry about it, but Nora I love you, I really do, please! I know you still love me, I know you do, but I want you to know that, I have always think about you, You are always part of my thoughts Nora, please! (Nora bursted into tears) I know it hurts, I later realized it, please just forgive me, I promise not to hurt you anymore, just please, Please Nora! (Logan moved closer to her and hugged her, She tried to push him away but Logan wasn’t ready to let her go, after awhile, she gave up to him, Logan hugged her more closely,after awhile she stopped crying while Logan released her from the hug, He whipped her tears, staring into her eyes, suddenly he gave her a deep kiss)…


Aiken was busy writting on his diary, suddenly there was a knock on his door, He stood up to checked who was at the door,it was the last person he was expecting, His Mum…..


(Listen to Moon by Jin)


The Best Guys

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