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The Best Guys – Episode 16

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Episode 16


The car drove in TBG’s compound, Hugo came out of the car to open the door for Aiken who was holding Mama Betty’s present, On thier way to inside, Hugo said…. HUGO:Do you want him to know about it?


AIKEN:No not yet, I think Michael will be at the award show right?


HUGO: Definitely!


AIKEN: And also Desha too




AIKEN:Good, you and I will just keep our eyes on them that day, if we find them suspicious, I think I will have to let Ian know


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HUGO:Why don’t you let him know about it now, I mean Micheal is dangerous,


we don’t know what she is passing through because of Micheal, we don’t need


more evidence than this, it’s obvious (Aiken stopped walking, he turned to face


him, he smiled and said)


AIKEN: Hugo!


HUGO:Yes Boss!


AIKEN:Don’t rush it, After all we didn’t know anything before, God wants us to know about it and that was why we saw that today, let’s wait and see more on the award show, Ok?


HUGO: Alright no problem! AIKEN:Good! (They both walked inside)


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Fiona and Chloe sat in thier room discussing together…


FIONA:I want to go home



CHLOE:Why, Have you forgotten that the award show is next week FIONA: So I can’t go home for two days


CHLOE:You can just, tell me what you are going home to do, you think I don’t know


FIONA:Oh! Look at you, do you think I don’t know that you watched some erotic movies yesterday, So you can’t stand it again, you want to visit your boyfriend to ease your struggles right?


CHLOE: What struggle, Is this one ok like this, wait Fiona, seems you are really sick these days


FIONA:I am perfectly ok, you are the one with problems, Go home! Go and do that stuff, do it and give him the best style, go and quickly come back so that I can go home to do mine


CHLOE: Stupid girl! So you also want to do it


FIONA: Honestly I can’t stand it, With all these men in this house, someone need


to cool her body now


CHLOE:Crazy Bitch


FIONA:We are not different


CHLOE:You and who? (She hissed at her and walked out of the room)


In Pearl and Ariel’s room, Ariel sat on the bed while Pearl sat at the front of the mirror brushing her hair, Ariel was busy smilling on her phone, Pearl noticed her and said…


PEARL:Is that Axel? (Ariel was shocked)


ARIEL:H…. How did you know that?


PEARL: I only guess, but I can see am right, so he is the one putting that smile to


your face these days right?


ARIEL: Maybe!


PEARL:Of course it’s him, don’t you notice that no more bad dreams and all that, and you seems to be well focused these days ARIEL: Really?!


PEARL:Yeah! I noticed that




PEARL:You haven’t notice it yet right? Don’t worry you will notice it very soon, So are you guys together or what?


PEARL:Uhmmm, I really can’t say yet, He said he wants to take everything slowly cause this will be his first time, he said he wants to be sure about it PEARL: And what about you, Don’t you like him


ARIEL:I am not sure also, So we both decided to take it slowly


PEARL: That’s nice, Don’t worry you will understand it very soon! (Pearl’s phone was ringing, It was a call from her mum, seeing the name alone is making her tired, She picked up the call)Hello Mum!


MUM: Come home right , someone is waiting for you PEARL:But mum it’s Late already, this is past 9


MUM: Tell your boss your mum needs you at home and you are not coming back tonight until tomorrow


PEARL:Can’t you make the person to wait for me till tomorrow?


MUM: No! Am giving you one hour to be here


PEARL: Mum you can’t t…. (Suddenly her mum hang up the call)


Hello!Mum!Hello!!! She really hung up on me, but who is waiting for me at


home, Ariel?


ARIEL:Yes miss!


PEARL:Will you be able to sleep alone Dear? ARIEL: Sure don’t worry about me, am good ma’am PEARL:Alright dear I have to go, Let me change into my outfit ARIEL: Alright….




Logan, Aiken, Ian and Dion sat in the living room, they are all busy watching a movie, Pearl came out in white shirt, she rolled up the sleeves a little bit, a blue jean trouser, a black high heels and black bag with her, Her necklace and earrings with bracelet on her, her hair in ponytail, Just a little bit of make-up on her, she arrived at the dinning seeing the guys watching a movie, the moment she walked out, Her high heels called for the guys attention, she stopped walking and froze, Aiken scanned her from her head to toe….


LOGAN:Is there a problem, where are you going tonight?


PEARL:Uhmm, M…. My mum needs me at home sir


LOGAN: Hope no problem?


PEARL:Not really, but she told me it’s important to come home tonight


LOGAN:Do you want a driver to drop you at home?


PEARL:I will really love it sir


LOGAN: Alright let me call Hugo to ask one of the guards to drop you off


PEARL: Thank you!


LOGAN:You are welcome! (Logan tried to make a call while the other guys took off thier eyes on her and returned to the Movie, Pearl found Aiken’s eyes on her, the moment Pearl saw him, he quickly looked away)…..



Pearl arrived at home, she entered thier living room and was surprised to see her mum with a young man probably waiting for her, she walked in slowly…


MUM:Oh she is here, welcome my daughter, please sit down PEARL:Mum what’s going on here?


MUM:Have your seat my dear (Pearl sat down on the chair)Pearl meet John, He is my friend’s son who just arrived from the US,I and his mum already talk about you guys, when he saw your picture he told his mom he likes you a lot, so that’s why we planned to let both of you meet Eachother, and now that you are here,I want both of you to talk to eachother, John this is my only daughter, your future wife Pearl (Pearl was extremely disgusted)Pearl meet your husband to be, his name is John


JoHN:Hi Pearl, you are so beautiful, I know yo….


PEARL: Please seal it all


MUM: Pearl!


PEARL: Mum! So you called me here because of him?


MUM:What does that mean?


PEARL: So you asked me to leave my work and risk my life this night just to meet to this guy?


MUM:Is everything ok with you, who is guy, he is your future husband


PEARL: Never! not in this life, not in the next life will he be my husband, mum I can’t believe you called me because of this JoHN: Common pe…


PEARL:Oh please shut your mouth! Was i talking to you, look at me very well, I am not going to date you, do you know me, do I know you, have we been talking before, there is no way this relationship will work, marry who? Oh because you came back from USA you think you own the world, young man you are not my type and mum, don’t call me or tell me about Guy’s issues again, am not searching, for boyfriend and leave me alone, Arrrrgh! (She stood up and walked out of the house angrily)


MUM: Pearl! Pearl!!….


The next morning in Mama Betty’s room, she was still sleeping when they four boys walked in with thier live video, they all walked in singing for her, she was woken up by the song, the boys moved closer to her on the bed hugging her one after the other, Axel was the one with the phone for the live video, after singing for



her, the guys gave her their gifts one after the other, Suddenly Mama Betty bursted into tears, Ian moved closer to her to whipped her tears…


EARL:Mama is so happy right now guys, she is only shedding a tears of joy, Mama Happy birthday to you! I love you!


AIKEN: Happy birthday Mama, wishing the best of it, Thanks for being part of us,we love you!


MAMA BETTY:I love you all(shedding tears)I love you all,I am so happy, honestly am so speechless right now,I never knew that I will be blessed with this good looking sons, after loosing my two sons and husband into a car accident, I met you guys and you make me your mum, you showed me the love, you m….

Yo…. I….I a….


IAN:It’s ok Ma’am, We Know how much you miss them, and am sure they are also Happy in heaven for you are blessed to have us, It’s your day, don’t ruin it please! (He gave her a kiss on her forehead)


AXEL: Guys wish Mama with us please!(Fans comments almost destroyed the phone, series of emojis and unstoppable comments on the video) FANS COMMENTS


Awnnn, I never knew that Mama Betty has no son or husband again, honestly I couldn’t stop crying here


Mama Betty you are blessed with the best sons on Earth, Be happy mama


Happy birthday Ma’am, Have fun ma’am


It’s tears of joy


5)Oh my God! I can’t help it, seeing her like this got me in tears


Happy birthday to you Mama Betty, Thanks for taking care of our boys, we love you ma, you deserve them….

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