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The Best Guys – Episode 12

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Episode 12

Ian walked to the bed, he laid down on it slowly while Aiken just stared at him, After awhile Aiken stood up and went out of the room, the moment he came out of the room, the guards and Soldiers quickly selected themselves to follow him because Aiken didn’t wait for them, he just walked away and none of them have the guts to ask him anything,they ran after him….

Late at night Axel sat in the stadium among the crowd seats, guards and Soldiers hanged around where he sat, Suddenly he saw Ariel receiving a call outside, He asked one of the guards to call her for him, She dropped the call while the guard led her to where Axel sat, The guard excused them…

AXEL:Am sorry about that, I should have been the one to come to you and not you, just that am a little bit tired from the reharsal today

ARIEL:D…. Do y…. Do you want me to give you some massage?

AXEL:(Interested)Oh really?

ARIEL: yeah I think that will help out a bit AXEL:So shall we?

ARIEL: Yeah!….

(On thier way to the room, Ariel who was walking behind Axel was trying to moved away from him while Axel kept on pestering her, He wanted to hold her hand close to him, but she was too shy to allow him cause the guards and soldiers were at thier back, Axel looked at her and Smiled while Ariel stared at the floor till they walked into Logan and Dion’s room, they met them sitting down discussing…) DION:Oh! Is there a problem (Axel walked straight to the bed laying down on it and said)

AXEL:I want her to give me some massage, but she won’t be able to do that in our room cause the boys are noisy, most especially Earl and I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable

LOGAN:S… So you are doing that here?

AXEL:Do you need to ask that again? Bro common! (He Knelt down on the bed and removed his shirt revealing his abs plus Tattoos, Ariel’s eyes almost popped out, Axel ignored them and laid down back to the bed) DION:Y… You want her to massage you this way?

AXEL:It’s her Job!

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DION:Like this?

AXEL:W… Why, Am I going to put on my cloth to get a massage, I wasn’t na.ked after all, oh please stop making the whole situation a big deal, let her do he job please

LOGAN:Ok Ok! we are going out, but Axel yo….

AXEL: Arrrrgh! Ain’t gonna do anything I only need a massage why are you all looking me like am a pervert (He sat down angrily) LOGAN:Ok fine, Sorry! We are going now!

DION:Ax! (Winked at him)

AXEL:Whatever! (They all went out leaving both Axel and Ariel alone)Are you going to stand there?

ARIEL:N… I…. Wh….

AXEL:What is A… E…. HH… What’s that?

ARIEL: Sorry! (He laid down slowly on the bed while Ariel moved closer to him, She sat next to him placing her hand on his back,Axel almost moaned because of her soft hands)

AXEL:I can’t believe your hands are these cool(She ignored him while she continued with the massage)Why don’t you come on me and make it very well (Her eyes almost popped out, He looked at her and made a smirk)Why are you acting like a novice?

ARIEL:I… I don’t understand you (She Continued with the massage, suddenly Axel grabbed her at once, He turned her back to the bed and laid down on her using his hand to hold him a little high above her, Ariel was shocked that her heart began to beat so fast, she couldn’t believe it that he did that in a few seconds, Axel looked at the camera which was at his angle and smiled, he stared back at Ariel whose eyes was shut and said)

AXEL:Am trying to be a bad boy for you but you are dulling the whole situation (Ariel opened her eyes slowly while Axel winked at her, Suddenly Ariel kicked him on his crotch, Axel fell back to the bed while Ariel quickly stood up from the bed, Suddenly Logan, Mike, Dion and Hugo ran in) LOGAN:Axel are you Ok!

AXEL:No am not! She hit me in my area…

LOGAN:Why are you doing that to her also?

AXEL:Is that supposed to be the question?

LOGAN:(smilling at Ariel)B… But you shouldn’t have hit him so hard, if anything happens to him, we are all dead

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ARIEL:A… Am sorry sir, I… I was just trying to save myself

AXEL:Cause am a killer right?!! (Ariel felt like punching his cute face again but

she won’t dare do that again)

LOGAN: You can go!

AXEL: What? She can’t! (Before Axel could know what’s going on, Ariel disappeared immediately)Wow! And you allow her to run out of this room?! DION: Common we know it doesn’t hurt you that way

AXEL: Oh really, Is it obvious? (They all smiled at him, He stood up from the bed and said)Ok! Let me get ready for the concert it’s tomorrow, Bye guys! (He went out of the room while Mike and Hugo followed him) LOGAN:Ax won’t change

DION:(smilling)I know, I know what he tried to do, He wanted to use his charm on her like other ladies, But she doesn’t fall into his trap

LOGAN:Axel won’t change!

DION:I guess our Axel got rejected for the first time (They both smiled)


Good evening to everyone in the house, Tonight at Abuja national stadium is presently full with thousands of TBG’s fans,Right now Abuja is presently controlled by TBG as fans couldn’t stop screaming out of joy, many fans can’t wait for the concert which is about to start in an hour, A live video for the whole concert will surely begin in the next thirty minutes, The company are making a live Video for the whole concert because of other fans who are unable to watch this show, presently TBG’s fans can’t wait to see their boys on stage…..

The stadium is crowded already, some fans are holding a big cardboard with Aiken’s pictures, some are holding Ian’s pictures, Some are holding Earl’s pictures, while some are holding Axel’s pictures, Some are holding thier group photos, the guards and soldiers are everywhere, both outside and inside the stage is well guarded,The stage where the boys will be performing is surrounded by the guards and soldiers to avoid the boys getting down to the fans.

Inside the dressing room, The boys were set to come out, They were only trying to adjust thier Make-ups and clothes, Ariel happened to be the one to retouched Axel’s make-up, at first she doesn’t want to do it, but other girls were busy, She moved closer to him to checked his hair, face and cloth, Axel never stopped staring at her and this made her to feel so uncomfortable, Suddenly she poked him on stomach with her finger, Axel gasped out, She gave him a dead look which made him to stand very well while she checked his make-up, No one saw them except

for Aiken, After the whole dressing, The boys were called out while they stepped out of the room, on Axel’s way to outside, he winked at Ariel which made her to roll her eyes out of frustration…..

On the stage, One of TBG’s songs was played as an intro for them to make their iconic appearance, The moment they stepped out one after the other, The fans began to scream out so happily, Some fans were shedding tears of joy, some fainted, seeing them alone on stage healed many fans problems, They began to screamed out of joy, Seeing the crowd screaming out, Ian jumped down from the stage and walked up to the fans, the guards and soldiers quickly ran after him to protect him, He began to touch thier fans, before the guards and Soldiers could know what’s going on, Axel had jumped down from the stage to the other side also, while another set of securities ran after him, Hugo and Ivor ran out, Hugo went after Axel while Ivor ran after Ian, The fans began to scream out Earl and Aiken’s name to come down from the stage, but they won’t dare do that unless they want to kill the guards cause Earl is having the most fans among those crowd while Many fans has always wanted to see Aiken so closely but they never got the chance yet, If Aiken and Earl jump down from the stage, Everything is going to turn into a mess, Axel was helped back to stage, Ivor moved closer to Ian trying to take him away from the them, but Ian wasn’t ready to leave, he was extremely happy to see the fans, Suddenly a female fans dragged Ian closer and kissed him, everyone was shocked by the kiss which lasted for twenty seconds, With full force Ivor was able to drag Ian away from the crowd, The lady who kissed Ian fainted immediately which she was rushed out of the crowd, Ian couldn’t stop smilling as he walked back to the stage, The boys gathered back to the stage while they started performing…..

Back to TBG’s Mansion, The whole concert was successful, But the fans won’t stop talking about the lady who had stole a kiss from Ian, the boys do receive lot of stolen kisses from fans during visits abroad , but that will be the first time the boys would received a kiss from a Nigerian fan, Many fans got jealous over this, many fans vowed to kiss the boys on thier next concert, Some vowed to attack them at the airport to steal a kiss from the boys….

In the studio, Aiken was done with thier new song, each guy was given his own line to sing, Dion, Ian, Aiken and Axel with Mike were the only one in the studio, After Ian had finished his own record, It was Axel’s turn to get inside the studio, He checked the song and suddenly he said…

AXEL:Am not Rapping to this

DION:W… Why? Is everything ok?

AXEL: Everything is not ok cause I don’t want to rap this line

DION: What?

AXEL:Am not going to do this

IAN: Common Axel is everything ok, do you want some break?

AXEL:I don’t want any break don’t you get it that I don’t want to rap to his lyrics

DION:Can you tell me what’s going on?

AIKEN:Axel are you sure you are Ok?

AXEL: Why are you asking me that damn question? when you know that am not ok, like am tired of Rapping to your lyrics, I will prefer someone else to do this lyrics, believe me am tired of it!The fact that you are acting like you don’t know what am talking about is getting me so crazy MIKE:Eh! Ax calm down please

AIKEN:(Stood up slowly and went to him and said)Have I done anything wrong to you?

AXEL:Stop asking me that question, You know how much have always love you wholeheartedly but you just choose to ignore me, I made you my role model, I choose you as a brother, Sometimes I feel like coming to you, to talk to you, to play with you,To laugh with you, But you just choose to ignore it, of course this is you but why can’t you for once look at my side, I took everything after you, the Rappings, the mode of dressings, I love everything about you from the first day I saw you, but you just don’t care about me, you don’t care about us, We called ourselves brothers but you treated us otherwise, I love you as a brother but you don’t love me back because you let your feelings overcome you,(Tears began to dropped on his face) and this hurts me a lot, am not going to rap to it, like am tired, I can’t keep it anymore, I hate the way you treat us, I hate it, and I can’t take it again! (He threw his headsets to the floor angrily and went out of the studio immediately)

MIKE:Ax! AXEL! (He ran after him, Aiken stood there, probably lost in thought,

suddenly Earl ran in)

EARL: What’s going on?

IAN: Nothing!

EARL: Nothing?

IAN:It’s nothing stop disturbing yourself

EARL:But why won’t I disturb myself, I have to know, I want to know! IAN:I said don’t worry

EARL:I said I want to know! Why are you guys like this, what is wrong with all of you, why are you guys ignoring my feelings (Tears Suddenly dropped on his face)Yes you are ignoring my feelings,he is an introvert, and you are suffering from heartbreak,he is heartbroken because the one he cherished dosen’t love him back, but have you guys ever think about me also, The fact that I smile everyday dosen’t mean that I don’t have what I battle alone, Of course we all have our problems but whenever I try to care about you guys, you just ignore me like I don’t have to know since I have no problems, whereas I have a bigger problems that I am trying to solve alone, we keep on burying it alone, why can’t we just work it out together! I hate this! It hurts me that I can’t just take it again! (Earl went out angrily while Dion ran after him, Ian looked up at Aiken, He was already in tears)

In the compound, Axel was in the car at the front of the gate, He wanted to go out but the guards are blocking him to drive out , Hugo and Ivor ran out from the house, They caught up with Axel’s car…

IVOR:Ax you are not allowed to do this please, You can just stay in your room, you can’t go out alone, it’s late!

AXEL:Tell your guys to open that gate for me, I am giving them ten seconds to open that gate for me, anything after that seconds I will run them over with this car, and I promise to hurt myself also, Am giving you ten seconds to open that gate for me, And you can try me and see what will happen after that ten seconds Your time starts now…..

The Best Guys

out with Pearl, Chloe, Fiona, Ariel, Nora and her girls in a different black tinted buses, Everyone all stepped in one after the other, They arrived at the stadium so late at night. Mama Betty and her girls with the assistance of Pearl and her girls including Nora and her girls all cooked for the boys, including the guards, Soldiers, Logan, Mike, Ivor, Jason, Dion and Hugo, all of them were fed by Mama Betty and the ladies, there was two cooking gas for them, pots, plates and all necessary things for cooking, For the first time the boys will be sharing the same room together, the room was exactly the same size as Both Earl and Axel’s room (Combined) , It was an huge room with four beds in it,Not because there wasn’t rooms, but to monitor the boys in one place, Four soldiers with four guards was



assigned to stand at the front of the boys room, every corner of the room had a CCTV, Tons of soldiers and guards are walking round the whole stadium, they were divided by Ivor and Hugo, They gave each guard and soldier where to supervise while Hugo and Ivor sat in the control room with two guards monitoring everywhere with the computers conected to the cameras, Mike and Jason shared a room, Logan and Dion shared a room together,The boys were told to start reharsal tomorrow cause they were so tired from the travelling, after the boys were done eating, Aiken was the first to climb on his bed, followed by Earl and then Axel, each guys grabbed thier phones to press, Ian stood up from the couch, he opened the door to go out while Earl called him back and said.. EARL:Where are you going?

IAN:Just wanna move around


EARL:Ok! (Ian went out and shut the door, he saw the soldiers and guards at the front of thier room)


SOLDIER:Do you want anything Sir?


IAN:Just wanna move around!(Immediately Ivor arrived with two guards) IVOR:Is there a problem


IAN: I just want to see outside, I need some fresh air


IVOR:Ok I will go with you (Ivor selected two Soldiers with the two guards that came with him to follow Ian)


IAN: Common you don’t need to asked them to follow me,I will just move round


the house besides there are cameras


IVOR:Am afraid we won’t do that


IAN:Ok fine you alone Should follow me


IVOR:Am sorry no


IAN:Arrrrgh! Whatever! (He walked away while they quickly followed him)


In the boy’s room, Aiken stood up to a table in thier room, there are four laptops on


the table, Axel took his own, As he was going back to bed he saw Axel staring at


him, Aiken stopped walking and said…


AIKEN:Why are you staring at me?


AXEL:I wasn’t


AIKEN:Well you are


AXEL:I wasn’t


AIKEN: This won’t be your first time, have always noticed that in you, I just decided to ignore it before, you are really staring me AXEL:(Getting fed up)I said I wasn’t



EARL:Ok ok ok,can we please stop it, please! (Aiken went to his bed while Axel laid down on his bed and slept off immediately)


After one hour, Ian came back to the room and found both Aiken and Axel sleeping except for Earl who was still busy on his laptop… EARL:You are back?


IAN:Yeah! They are already sleeping?


EARL:Yeah but they almost fought before sleeping


IAN:What? W…. Why? What happened?


EARL: I just don’t understand, Bro was like Axel do stare at him a lot, and Axel was like I don’t, Bro was like you do, they almost turn it into an argument, I had to quickly stop them


IAN:They shouldn’t start with this, our concert is in two days


EARL:To be candid I think that will be thier longest conversation together, but it was an argument, They hardly talk


IAN:Stop disturbing your brain, Go to bed, we are having reharsals tomorrow morning


EARL: Goodnight!


IAN: Goodnight!….


The next morning, the boys were in thier pyjamas standing on the stage, each guy was holding thier personal Mic, The songs were played for them while the guys began to rap and sing, after one hour of rehearsing, they were told to have their breakfast, Aiken went to the bathroom to have his shower while the other three guys sat down to eat…


EARL:Axel pass me the tissue please (Axel passed him the tissue, they all ate in silence, suddenly one of Desha’s dance video was displayed on the TV, Axel was the first to notice it)


AXEL:Oh it’s Desha! (The other two guys looked at the TV seeing her swaying her hips in a very sexy way, she was rolling on the floor so smoothly, her dancing steps are always smooth, sharp and breathtaking)


EARL:Wow! (Lost in his thoughts, Aiken came out of the bathroom he sat down on the couch to press his phone, he saw Desha on the TV while he dropped his phone to watch her, after awhile the dance video was ended, Ian stood up from the dinning, He went to the bathroom, he stood at the front of the mirror staring at himself, His memories with Desha flashed back to him)




Ian and Desha were in Ian’s room,He was laying down on the bed while Desha laid down on him Kissing him, after a couple of cute kiss, she laid down beside him while Ian said..


IAN:You can’t leave tomorrow babe


DESHA: Babe I have rehearsal


IAN:Can’t you cancel for me?


DESHA: Of course I will do anything for you, but my girls are the one who need me, this is not my personal reharsal, and I have been here for two days


IAN:I don’t know why, I am only scared that you will leave me for the second time DESHA:Of course I won’t do that to you love, I love you


IAN:I love you too, but I don’t know why you are making me to keep this relationship from Fans


DESHA: Babe believe me I don’t know why am also hiding it from your fans and


my fans, but what I believe its becausebI want us to be stronger , please not now!


(She kissed him again)




Ian washed his face in the bathroom, his face looked so swelled up from tears, he washed his face over and over again, He closed the tap and came out of the bathroom, Axel and Earl were busy playing video games to notice him but the moment he stepped out Aiken noticed his face, He stared at Ian’s face and realized that he has been crying In the bathroom, Suddenly Aiken remembered something)




Aiken came to the living room, he wanted to watched the TV, he grabbed the remote on the table, suddenly Ian’s phone which was beside the remote lights up and pops up a message, without taking the phone Aiken just checked the message which was from Desha “Babe I love you, I really do, but am sorry,I can’t continue this relationship again, I know this will be the second time to hurt you this way, but believe me babe, i have a good reason for all these, I just don’t know how to explain to you, I love you so much, but I can’t handle the situation alone, please let’s break up”…. Aiken read the message on Ian’s phone, He left the living room


immediately when he noticed someone was coming, he stood at a corner in the living room, Ian came out to took his phone, he was shocked to see Desha’s message, Ian was too weak to do anything, he sat down on the chair dropping the



phone on the table, he held his head with his hands while he sobbed so hard, Aiken stood there for awhile before he walked away silently) FLASHBACK ENDED

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