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Thank You Next – Episode 9

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“But mom!” I said.



“No buts, give me your car keys.” She held out her hand and I reluctantly gave her the keys.


“Under no circumstance will you leave this house.” She said and I rolled my eyes.


“Am I understood Nicolette Belle Blues!” She said sternly.


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“Yes ma’am.” I said nervously with my eyes on the ground then she got out of my room and shut the door noisily.


Now you guys maybe be wondering why my mom’s in a bad mood. It’s all Nathan’s fault! And now I’ve been suspended from school for two whole weeks!!! Gosh I hate him!


Thelma:: Nicole hey what happened?! Your mom told me…



Me:: You know that plan about Nathan I was skeptical about?



Thelma:: Yea?



Me:: I’m soooo in!


I said with a devious smirk on my face.

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Thelma:: it’s about time.


I could literally sense that she had the smirk on her face too.



Thelma:: I’ll be right over.



Me:: Kay sure.


I said and hung up.


“He literally dragged me into the teachers lounge!” I freaked.



“Really?! Who does that?” Thelma scoffed.


“Him!!!” I yelled holding my head.


“Nicole don’t worry. I’ll come up with the perfect payback for the pretty boy.” She said smirking.


“I know you will. That’s why I hired you as my bestie.” I smiled.


Then she playfully punched me on my shoulder. Then we heard a knock. No not from the door, from my window!


“Great. Another idiot to ruin my life.” I rolled my eyes.


“Can you open up please? Nicole?” Nathan said from the window.


“I wish he could just fall and die!” I muttered but not to his hearing.

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“Nicole! Open up and hear him out at least and that’s where our revenge starts.” She smiled.


I looked at her and looked at the cute boy in my window. It was like the moment I saw his face, all the revenge I had been planning just… Went away.


“Thanks.” He smirked after he had made his way into my room and collapsed on my bed.


“What do you want.” I folded my arms and glared at him.


“I’m sorry Nicole.” He pleaded.


“No amount of sorrys can get me out of this mess!” I freaked.


“Yea but I’m in this mess too.”


“You pathetic—” I took a deep breath realising I was about to cuss.



“Why are you here?!” I thundered.


“Chill okay?” He said and walked up to my while Thelma went to lay on my bed with her eyes glued to her phone.


“We could do something together while on the suspension.” He suggested. “Nathan Stark.”


He walked closer again but I didn’t move.


“Say hello to the grounded lady that can’t even move with her car anymore.” I said.


“We could sneak out?” He smiled, trying to convince me.


“I’m not doing yet another trash with you!” I yelled.


“Come on please?” He pleaded with his hands caressing my face in circles. His touches were so romantic I swear I could melt if it was possible.


I glanced over at Thelma and she looked back but didn’t say anything.


“Okay fine.” I agreed and he literally jumped up and down in my bed room.


“Be quiet Nathan!” I tried to hush him down.


“Whenever you’re ready, just call me.” He said happily.


“No… Whenever you’re ready, call me.” I smirked giving him a daring look.


“Do you always have to be so difficult.” He squealed but I just flashed a smile.


“Fine but if you’re not ready when I’m ready?” He asked.


“Then you forget it!” I spelled out looking him straight in the eye with no fear at all.



He smirked and left through my window again but not after stealing another kiss which left Thelma speechless for three minutes.

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“Mess these dates up!” She said with a wide grin.


“You’re just a carbon copy of my thoughts. Only difference is that I don’t say them out loud.” I said.


3 hours of devious plans and girl talks later.


“Nicole!” Mom yelled from downstairs.


“Oh no my mom’s back.” I said and Thelma quickly took her phone and dashed out through my window.


“Be careful!” I shouted after her then my mom opened my door and I acted as natural as possible.


“Hey mom.” I gave her the cutest most unsuspecting look ever.


“Nicole sweety? Who were you talking to?” She asked looking at me suspiciously.


“No– No one mom. Wh- why would you say that?” I stammered.


“Okay…” She stressed.


“Did you hear?” She said.


“Hear what?”


“The Gates family is back in town.” She was excited but I already met him.


“Yay” I said sarcastically.


“Baby? Shawn is also back.” She said a bit worried about how I sounded.


“Okay. So?” I snapped.


“Nicole it’s just a small get together party they’re hosting and we’re invited.” She said.


“But you grounded me.” I said coldly.


“But we’re going to this one. Now go and shower and get pretty because the party is at nine.” She said and left the room.


I buried myself in my bed and let out a loud growl.


_Not another one!_












So what do you think the devious plan is


And what’s gonna happen again at Shawn’s place?



Team Shawn! Let’s hear it

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