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She Belongs To The Kitchen – Episode 8

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Lawrence: kids, its time to sleep , to your room now *(he said to the the kids who were busy watching cartoon on Disney Junior)*


Deborah: Daddy you will have to tell Eva a story before she could sleep.


Lawrence: haa this children, you people cannot kill me before my time oooh.


Where is she now?


Deborah: in our room playing


Lawrence went inside the kids room and saw Eva sitting on the floor, playing .


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He carried her to the bed, lay her and told her to sleep but she started crying.


Lawrence: Stop crying dear, I will tell you a story so listen carefully


“Once upon a time, in the land of the animals”


Lawrence started the story by the time he finished he was expecting his daughter to have slept but unfortunately for him, her eyes were wide open as if sleep was far from her


“This girl what did I do to you? why did you refused to sleep and allow me to rest. now sleep” (he said angrily)


Eva: No daddy, sing for me


Lawrence: sing what! do I look like a musician to you, now sleep before I bath you with cane.


Eva started crying in a very loud voice, rolling on the bed and in the process woke her sleeping siblings”.


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Wally: oooooh! Eva what is it now? can’t someone sleep again?”



Deborah: Daddy please sing for her so that she will allow us to sleep, you know tomorrow is school.


Lawrence: OK, Eva baby come here.


Daddy will sing for you, you know I have a very nice voice so lie down as you listen to the wonderful song I will sing for you.


“Lawrence started singing, his voice woke Wally again” Wally:Daddy did mosquito entered the room?” Lawrence:No.why are you asking?”


Wally: Because, your voice is even worse than Eva’s crying. please I am off to the parlour where I can sleep calmly.


Lawrence looked at his son who was making jest of him and continue singing, before he could finish, Eva has slept off


“Oh thank You Lord, now I can rest”


He said relieved, he quietly covered her with a blanket and headed for the door, when he was almost out of the room, Eva opened her eyes and started crying again and this time, with an extremely loud voice


“Devil is a liar”


Lawrence said before going back to the crying baby to know what was wrong this time”


Lawrence:What is it again Eva? do you want to kill me? its 12:30am already. Deborah: Daddy the only solution now is for you to tie her on your back, if not she will be crying through out the night so the choice is yours”.


Lawrence got one of Bekky’s wrapper and tied Eva on his back, when he tried to sit


down she started crying again so he stood up, after some minutes he went and keep


his head on a table, there he slept off.




Cassandra came back around 5am the next day because she slept at the hospital, immediately, she took her bath and got prepared to leave again.


When she was through, she pecked her husband who was still sleeping. Cassandra: Honey I am off to work, please do take care of yourself and have a wonderful day.


Samuel opened his eyes, stretched himself before looking at the wall clock. “Honey, isn’t it too early to leave? you just got back you know?”


Cassandra: I know dear but I have something important to do so byeee.Amaya will


cook food for you”.


Samuel: alright, I love you”.



Cassandra went inside Amaya’s room and gave her money to buy some foodstuffs and told her what to do while she left for work. *


Amaya:This my sister has started again, always turning me to a maid each time I come .(she hissed and went back to sleep)”.


By 9am Amaya was through with cooking breakfast, she went and took her bath, changed into a very short skirt and sleeveless tight top that exposed a major part of her body, she sprayed perfume on her cloths and make herself up. When she was through, she checked herself out on the mirror.


“oh, I am looking so hot and sexy, its time to take care of my sister’s abandoned project”


(She carried Samuel’s breakfast and started heading to his room to serve him)”. Samuel who was busy reading news paper heard a knock on his door”. Samuel: Come in, the door is opened”


Amaya: Sir, here is your breakfast *(she bent to keep it on the bed exposing her br**st and looking at him seductively.


Samuel was just looking at her flabbergasted as she turned to leave shaking her buttocks.


Samuel:Amaya, what is the meaning of this dress you are wearing? don:t you have something more decent to wear?


Amaya: Uncle, I don’t see anything wrong with what I am wearing so relax and enjoy your meal *(she winked at him and left)* *



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