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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 19

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Chapter nineteen


Lucas pov



“It’s been two days since we have been looking for him, don’t u think we should just give up now” Ken said.


“Never, I won’t give up” I said.


“Just accept the reality, he might be dead and we promise to protect the woman he loves but, we are here looking for someone we don’t know is alive or not and his lady is getting married in three days time” Ken said.


“U can go protect her, I will stay and keep looking for him and don’t u dare say he is dead bcoz he is not” I said.



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“Do u think am also not hurt, cap will sacrifice himself to make sure we get home safe, but I couldn’t even protect him” Ken said.


“We just have to keep searching, since the tracker went off in dis area” I said.


“He is probably here” I said.


“We are in middle of nowhere, this area is just filled with trees” he said.


“Ken pls, we can find him stop doubting and if u are tired u can go wait in the van” I said and kept on walking.


“Lucas wait” Ken said.


“What?” I asked frustrated by his actions.


“Cap’s tracker is moving” he said looking at the tablet in his hands.


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“What?” I asked and went to him.


“It is really moving” I said.


“Wait, we are in the same location” he said.


“I knew it” I said.


“Let’s go” he said and we followed the tracker.


“Here” Ken said pointing to the two armed man. They were about to throw a man off the cliff.


“No dat is cap” I said.


I brought out my guns and moved closer to get a clear shot and fired at the two men.


We rushed to where cap was.



“He has been shot,” Ken said.


I felt his pulse and he was still alive.


“We need to get to the hospital” I said and piggy backed cap.


Just stay alive for us, for her.




A day after Ryan’s rescue



Vivian pov


It’s been two days since Ryan got missing, I can’t hold dis anymore.


I need to know where he is and most importantly if he is alive.


I went to my dad’s room.


I entered without knocking.


“How is my beautiful daughter?” he asked.


“Where is Ryan?” I asked.


“What do u mean” he said.


“I know u are the one hiding Ryan” I said.


“I know nothing about it, and u should be preparing for ur marriage” he said “U are getting married in two days time” he said.


“Let me tell u dis if I can’t find Ryan or if anything happens to Ryan expect the worse” I said and left.



This is really frustrating, I have not seen him for days.


Am really scared what if something happens to him, I don’t think I can’t live without him, I really love him.


“Miss, is everything alright?” the new bodyguard got for me by my dad to keep an eye on me said.


“Yes” I said.


“Am going to see a friend of mine, get the car ready” I said.


Am going to James to ask about how the investigation is going.


I went to my room, change my dress and head out.


I was on my way to the car park when I suddenly got attacked and knocked out. Bodyguard pov

I have been waiting for miss Vivian for almost two hours.


I hope it is not what am thinking.


I head for her room and she was not in.


Perhaps? did she escape?


I picked my phone and called the general.


“Sir, miss Vivian is missing” I said.


“Which miss Vivian” I heard a voice.


I looked back and it was miss Vivian.


“Sir, I will call u back” I said.


“Where did u go?” I asked with a frown.


“I was in my room, nothing else” she said.


“But I just went into the room” I said.


“I came out before u went in” she said.


“OK, let’s get going” I said.


“No need, am not going” she said.


“Really?” I asked.


“Yes” she said.


“Ok” I said and left her room.


She seems suscipious.


The wedding day:



Vivian pov



(in the dressing room, she was putting on her white dress, with a light makeup. She was all dressed for her wedding)


I looked at the mirror and smirked.


Linda entered.


‘What is she doing here’ I thought.


“U really look pretty” she said and I turned to her.


“What do u want?” I asked.


“Today is a happy day for many people but probably not for you. U aren’t getting married to the man u love so much, is dat not sad” she said.


“Am sure u aren’t here to pity me” I said.


“No, am here to mock u” she said.


“Seeing u sad, makes me fu.cking happy” she and laughed


“You won’t be happy for long” I said.


“It is not going to last” I said.


“Don’t tell me u are excepting him to come and save u from dis wedding, believe me it is not going to happen so don’t keep ur hopes high” she said and left.


“We shall see” I said.


The wedding hall:


I entered the wedding and everyone stared at me probably not bcoz am the bride but bcoz am not putting on my wedding dress.


The police also entered with me.


“Vivian why are u not in ur wedding dress?” Vincent’s mom asked while I smiled at her.


“Mrs Johnson u are under arrested for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Mr Ryan” one of the police officers said.


“What?” both Vincent and his mom.



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