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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 1

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Chapter one



Everyone do experience joy and happiness at a certain point in their life, I started experiencing mine when I met this girl. She was d love of my life and also d end.




( in the soldiers camp )


Ryan pov


Captain Ryan, the major ask for u sergeant luke said. OK, I said and head for the major office.


I knocked on the door, come in he said.

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Captain Ryan reporting sir, I said saluting him. At ease, he said.


I was told you want to see me sir, I said.


Yes I have a mission for u, he said and smirked.


What is it about sir? I asked.


First why did u not attend the party for senior and mid level officers, he asked.


I don’t think I was needed in such party, I said.


OK dis was what happened: I was in a party with General Wilfred, he said.


I overheard him talking about his need for a man, he continued.

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He needs a suitable man, who can fight who is d best in what he does. The best in this field, he said.


So? I interrupted. “Stop all dis drama and go straight to the point”, I said.


Ok, as I was saying I overheard them talking about how he needs a man for an important assignment so I went to him and proudly told him about a perfect man for d job, he said smiling at me.


Wait, why are u looking at me? I asked suspicious.



Don’t tell me, am I d person u recommended? I asked.


As always you are very smart, he said and move close to me.


Ryan he called holding my hand if u can carry out dis assignment dat means we become d General’s men, he said shaking my hand.


No, I said and jerk my hand off him.


Ryan, can’t u do ur uncle a favor? He asked.


The fact dat u are my uncle is reason I won’t do it, I said.


What? He said.


Am not interested, I said firmly.


Am not asking as ur uncle but as ur boss, he said.


Captain Ryan dis is a order from ur boss, he said with a stern face.


Seriously? I asked.


Shit I said and sighs.


Ok what is my mission? I asked.


Now u are talking, he said.


Captain Ryan you are assigned to guard the general’s daughter Vivian tomorrow, u protect her with ur life for a day, he ordered.


Yes sir, I said with serious and thick voice saluting him.


This is all u need to know about her, he said and gave me an envelope.


I know I can always count on u, he said patting my shoulder.


Dis will be the first and the last, I said and left his office.


( In my room )


”So u are going to guard general Wilfred daughter for a day”?sergeant Ken one of my unit member and also a close pal said.


Yes, I said.


Wow u are going to guard the general daughter who knows u might get lucky and end up becoming his son in law especially with those looks, tom said while I glared at him.


Am sorry, he said and focused on his sausage.


What do u know about her? James asked.


Her face, when and where i’ll met her, and I have to protect her for a day till she gets to her family home, I said.


So u don’t know what she likes, maybe she is nice or not if anyone hates her. Who she is dating?, age? James asked.


Yes, I answered sincerely.


Dat is not good, you must know what u are going to be protecting her from, he said.


Let find out, he said.


How? I asked.


Watch, he said and brought out his phone.


Vivian right? He asked.


Got u, here it goes Age 25, u are four years older, he said.


Other name beauty Queen, bitch, he said.


What? I asked.


Dat is what is written on the comment, he said.


Bitch, jerk, rude brat, witch, arrogant queen, spoilt brat, he read.


Why will they call her dat? Is she bad? I asked.


Well I don’t know but I guess u will find out tomorrow, Lucas said mocking me.


I smiled back at him. Go outside and complete ur 100 pushups, I said while the others kept quiet.


Captain, he said smiling. Pls, he plead.


No, I answered.


Why are u so mean? U and dat girl fit each other perfectly, he covered his mouth after realizing what he has done.


You are right am wicked. 150 pushups, I said.


Captain, he shouted.


Am sorry, he said making a cute face.


200, I added.


What? He asked.


250, I said.


I hate u, he said and ran out.


300, I shout.


So do any of u have anything to say? I asked glaring at them.


No, they all said.


Good, I reply.


Captain, James called.


Yes, I answered.


When are u leaving? He asked.


Early tomorrow morning, I said and left.


Vivian I just have a strange feeling about u, I thought.



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