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Patricia – Episode 5

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The next morning, Patricia did as Antonio instructed. She went with all the necessary documents required for the job. Antonio feel so proud of her papers. They both discussed the amount details that she would be given, and Patricia accepted. Now she is free to work. First day at work, she is assigned to a unit



where Ronato works as well. “You know what Patricia, assigning you to that unit would be a great help for you and also for doctor Ronato. You’ll both learn quite a lot from each other “said Antonio. “Excuse me sir, who is doctor Ronato? “Patricia asked. “He is the best qualified doctor in all over the units, even the whole hospital. Since you are also brilliant and intelligent just like Ronato, I’m sure you guys would learn a lot from each other “Antonio replied. “Really? Well I’d like that “said Patricia with a smile on her face. “You may go on dear. Do your best “said Antonio. “Alright sir, I will “said Patricia as she left for a change into a blue V-top, a blue trouser, white shirt with a stethoscope around her neck just like every other doctors.



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Ronato P. O. V.


He is seen walking around the reception, holding a patient report in his hand. Then he heard nurse Lucia, Christina, Delia and Laurette gossiping about a new doctor. He leaned over a wall and begin to eavesdrop. “Did you see how extremely gorgeous she really is? Honestly, that doctor is so pretty, smart and as well intelligent “said Delia. “You are absolutely right Delia. From the way I look at it, not even doctor Ronato can deceive someone like her with his charm “said Lucia. “Everyone in this hospital knows quite well that doctor Ronato is a womaniser, but I hope the new doctor won’t fall for his charming ways as well “said Laurette. “I don’t think so. From my own point of view, she must be a strong woman. I’m sure she won’t fall for him that easily “said Christina. Then Ronato turned back, planning on returning to his office. “Who could that new doctor be? I really have to meet her “said Ronato, walking on the path to his office, then he ran into Patricia, as the patient report on Ronato’s hand falls on the floor. The both apologise to one another, bending down to pick the report but Ronato hurriedly took it first. They really got shocked and surprised after seeing each other’s faces. “You? “Patricia said surprisingly. “You again?……. What the hell are you doing here? “Ronato


asked. “Are you asking me? Even from my dressing, you still don’t know who I am? “Patricia responded with a question, and Ronato view her from hair to toe. “Oh I see! Don’t tell me you are the new pretty doctor those nurses were gossiping about? Yolk!…….. It looks like they have made a really false comments about you


because you are as ugly as something I can’t think of “said Ronato, trying to insult her, but Patricia didn’t let any of his words affect her. “Excuse me. I am only here to do my job and not here for any beauty contest or whatsoever, do you hear me?

“Patricia replied furiously. “Okay then doctor, let’s leave that aside……. Well I also



heard that you are a smart and intelligent doctor. I hope you are not planning to compete with me “said Ronato. “Sorry? What did you mean by that? “Patricia asked. “Well I think I’ll have to explain I’ll have to explain to you since it’s my duty to handle such an arrogant doctor like you. In this hospital as ever win against me. No one as ever gotten the award for the best doctor except for me. So if you are planning to take the honour from me, then you certainly preparing to fall because no one has dared to challenge me. Not even my shadow “explained Ronato. “What an arrogant person……….. Just like I said earlier, I am only here to do my work


diligently. So I don’t care of any kind of competition at work nor do I care about any beauty contest “said Patricia, making Ronato understand. Shortly after Patricia statement, Lucia appears. “Are you guys fighting? “Lucia asked. “No Lucia, we are not “Ronato replied in a hurry, preventing Patricia from saying the truth. “Okay……

But it looks like you haven’t introduced yourselves to each other yet……. Well I

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think I should do the introductory part “said Lucia as Patricia folded her arms. At this moment, Ronato has already calmed her face, but Patricia is still furious at the moment. Then Lucia starts “Doctor Ronato, this is doctor Patricia Domingo. And doctor Patricia, this is doctor Ronato Gomez. So I’ll leave you both to talk much better now. See you guys around “said Lucia as she left. Then Ronato stretched his hand forward towards Patricia in order to welcome her, but Patricia walked out on him instead without uttering any word. This infuriates Ronato as he said : “What? What was that? Is she crazy? “said Ronato as he left the spot in fury.





Sabrina P. O. V.


Sabrina, sitting on a chair before the bed. Then Innocencia appears with a cup of


coffee in her hand, handing it over to her mother as she get seated beside her.


“Mother I would like to ask you a question if you don’t mind “said Innocencia.


“Tell me my dear “said Sabrina. “How and where did you know that man called Mr


Antonio? “asked Innocencia, looking curious. “Oh my dear. You are so


naughty…….. Well I’ll tell you since it is cleared to Patricia as well………. Thirty-


one years ago, I met Antonio. Back then and even until now, he is such a handsome man. I couldn’t help myself from falling for him. We started our love story. It was such an auspicious moment. Until one day when he told me his family wants him to finish his education in abroad. I was chattered but I couldn’t do anything since it’s only for the best of every one. Five years later, my mother approached me, telling me to marry someone else because I was already getting older. So then I agreed to her, unknowingly he would still be waiting for my return.



That was when I met your father “Sabrina explained. “Oh how sad. Such a tragic romantic story. If you hadn’t listened to your mother back then, this probably wouldn’t have happened to us. And you probably wouldn’t have met father in the first place. But you know what, after many years of getting separated, fate still found a way of bringing you back together. Now, your love story will surely begin once again, right mother? “said Innocencia. “Don’t be silly. For now, we are just friends. And that is okay with me “said Sabrina. “That is for now. But do you know what is going to happen tomorrow? Who knows, you might even become more than friends “said Innocencia whose words silence Sabrina for that moment.







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