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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 13

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He ran like his life depended on it. Of course it did, otherwise the governor will have him locked up. But that wasn’t his main purpose of running, the life of his mother was also at stake. Therefore the velocity in which he ran down from the control room, catapulted him more than Sam that led the race. Ben’s body typology couldn’t let him run.


Nelson and Sam arrived to their car before Ben, breathing hastily. Their eyes roamed around the vicinity in search of Jane but she was nowhere to be found.


“Where could she be?” Sam placed his hands on his knees to lower the rate of his heartbeat and to regain loss energy. “Dial her line” he suggested.


Meanwhile, Nelson had done that already only to discover her phone ringing inside the car. He opened the door to see the phone on a paper.


“You can’t be kidding me! She left her phone inside the car?” Sam shrieked.


Nelson picked the paper slowly to see the content. Before he knew it, Sam flung it from him swiftly in a way that shows: YOU’RE TOO DULL! Then he began to read the content aloud in a funny tone: “I wish all this never happened. I’m gone and gone for good. Don’t even try to look for me coz you’ll never get what you want. Your father is the cause of all this not me. Any ways, I love you” Sam folded the paper then glared at Nelson saying, “You see the type of person you left Charlie to? She’s not even a person, she’s a thing. A common thing your father used, and you want to stupidly make the same mistake he did.”


Nelson fired back. “Point of correction, my father didn’t make a mistake. He knew exactly what he was doing. By the way, stop blaming me! How would I have known she’s an alien?”



“You see? The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. Charlie loves you more than this thing!”

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“Hello” Ben interfered. “Are we suppose to be talking about love here?”


“Don’t mind him” Nelson entered into the driver’s seat of the car, followed by others. He dialed Canny’s number on the phone saying, “Can you trace the location of the alien for us?”


“Mile2, inside Brewill abandoned plastic factory” Canny replied.


“Thank you” Nelson set the car in motion.






The abandoned factory had no roof. Inside of it were many large rooms and abandoned tables too. One could see broken plastic at every angle. A single drop of pin on the ground can break the silence that overshadowed the vicinity and echoed in addition. Therefore Nelson and co became conscious of their footsteps immediately they entered there with guns in their hands. Only Ben wasn’t with one.

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“Hello, Jane, come out let’s get this problem solved and nobody will be harmed” Nelson’s voice echoed thrice. “I promise you that” he added.


“I have a hotdog for you!” Sam added too, while Nelson disdained him. “What? I just discovered that she likes hotdogs. Maybe she..” Jane’s appearance before them interrupted Sam. “See? She likes hotdogs!” he concluded as he pointed his gun at her in a serious expression saying, “So you’re the wolf in a sheep clothing”


Jane stood fearlessly like soldier at ease. She wore a jean trouser and a white longsleeve top, looking bold and beautiful. One could see the shape of her bra through the white elastic longsleeve shirt. Her breast seemed up and standing even without the bra. On her feet were white canvas that just fitted her type of personality. Looking at her, Ben wondered the atom that formed her body and the type of cell that build up her life span. Therefore he adjusted his eyeglasses from behind.


Nelson gestured at Sam to lower his gun. “Listen, Jane..”



“My name is Pakyle” Jane interrupted him.


“Pa-what?” Sam twisted his face.


Nelson breathed in as an afterthought. “Whatever your name is, I know you as Jane. Your secret is safe with us. Nobody gonna harm you. Just take me to your planet and everything gonna be fine. I need to save my mother and fulfil my promise to Kate. The world needs to be free from the bondage of immorality which you and my father brought upon us”


“You don’t seem to understand, do you?” Jane took few steps forward. “I can’t go back to my planet otherwise I’ll be killed.”


“Are you saying we are doomed with V2?” Sam asked. “You seriously have to do something!”


“There’s nothing I can do”


Nelson pointed his gun at her. “Jane, don’t make me do this. Seems like we will do it in a hard way. Take me to your planet to free my people or you die” he was serious. She could see it in his eyes. Nevertheless, she boldly walked up to him, placed her head on the barrel of the gun and said, “What different does it make? I return to my planet, I die. I stay back here, I die. So do it. Go ahead and shoot me!” Both glared thereby returned the silence that overshadowed the arena.


“But why can’t you go back to your home?” Ben’s voice broke it. It sounded more like a frightened one.


Jane turned from Nelson. “Kryptonites may look like humans but they are not. They don’t have emotions. When they set to kill you nothing stops them, not even your relatives. I began to learn human emotions when i accidentally found myself to the third planet from the sun” She turned to them as she continued. “The name of my planet is Krypton. I became wanted to be executed when I murdered Alkyl” :







Krypton naturally has a dark firmament due to the far distance between it and the sun. Though they see the sunlight but once in a blue moon. Therefore they deviced a way of maintaining constant light like invention of electricity and fire. Just as the weather constantly maintained its temperature, Jane was set to be executed in public by roasting her the way a bush animal is roasted on a stick. Her hands and legs had been tied on the large horizontal wood, remaining to set fire under it.

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“Papa! Help me!” Jane cried.


“You have to die, Pakyle. No mercy on a murderer” the father replied.


Suddenly, Derod, the leader, stood up. He was looking as young as others but has lived centuries. “A murderer must also be murdered. That’s our law. Pakyle broke the law and must face the recompense. Set the fire!” he commanded.


Before the fire could be set, a natural yellowing light shown below Jane. Seeing that, all the kryptonites fled to a distant. Even Jane looked scared at the sight of the strange light. Sooner did everything around the light began to vibrate thereby falling Jane into the yellow light and never to be seen again. Everybody looked astonished, wondering where the young girl disappeared to. Even the light went off at the moment.


Jane reappeared in the very research sanctum of Anthony Clifford who also fled to a distance after seeing her. The rope in that was used to tie her hands and legs had cut. She stood up from the ground, staring at the place. “Where am I?” she asked, looking at Anthony who was in a lab coat. He was in his late thirties.


“And who are you?” he threw back the question.


“I’m Pakyle from Krypton”


“Oh my God!” Anthony exclaimed. “It worked!” he rushed the Tunalin, carried it up and stared around it. While Jane kept wondering where she was. “My dear” Anthony began. “You’re in the third planet from the sun.”


“Earth?” She repeated.






“I was actually testing this teleporting device, and boom, it teleported you here all the way from Krypton, the twelfth planet” Anthony replied excitedly.


“What’s going on here?” Delgado entered…..

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