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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 46

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Chapter 46
Today’s task seems to be very interesting.
Cherry blossom explained everything to me and on how I do things it’s up to me.
Immediately after chatting with Cherry, I started to prepare myself.
I have been feeling somehow not. Tom scares me and I have never had from him since yesterday.
Thinking about him creeps me out.
As for Sierra will leave him with Ariana.
On my way home I dropped Sierra in Ariana’s place.
When I arrived in my small villa, I took another shower after, I was done I wore a red off the shoulder, long length. And fixed my hair in a messy bun. I wore red lipstick and a light make up.
I took a cab to the Royal Glow ball. All businessmen and women will be there, Actors, Actress and more people from the higher class families.
Sure today I will get the scoop that I need and more than that.
I arrived at the venue and it is already full and you can smell wealth. Money is calling.
Thank goodness that they gave me the invitation card. The security guards are very strict. And the security is extremely tight.
I showed them my invitation card and walked in.
This villa is very big. Today they celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jewelry Diamond Cooperation.
It’s a grand celebration.
I have to handle myself very well or if I get caught then everything will be ruined.
Superstars almost everyone was there wearing fake smiles just to get connections.
I snoop around quietly.
Everything was going smoothly until I saw Zac Blaze greeting some wealthy men and women. Chatting laughing.
My heart leaped at his sight.
I walked where food was placed I’m so hungry.
I should stay away from him.
I took a few bites of sweets.
And stroll around and found myself in the deserted balcony when I heard moans.
And hush voices.
“Mize we can’t do it here please.” I girl voice shaking.
“Jacky, this is not what we agreed on, I want it now so gave me it to me.”
A man around his 40s growled.
“Please director Jin.” Jacky cried.
His lips bumped into hers.
The video record was on already.
“Okay can we not do it here?.” Jacky pleaded.
“No, I can’t wait for any longer.” He began to undress her.
Gosh these celebrities do dirty stuff.
The entertainment industry is dirty.
My purse fell unexpectedly.
With a crash. Our eyes locked.
Gosh I’m caught I tried to make my out when they began to chase after me.
I’m dead.
“Hey stop! You’re a journalist.”
“Stop!.” I saw a man rushing to the male washroom.
I tore my dress to a kneel length.
And untie my hair as it fell on my back.
I stepped inside the male washroom.
I could feel their footsteps.
What should I do? I began to panic.
I grabbed the man by the collar and kissed him.
“Please help,” I said between the kiss.
I wrapped my arms around him.
The washroom door suddenly opened.
“Did you see a journalist?.”
The man asked.
He broke the kiss.
“No.” The man said.
“Okay sorry continue.” He walked out.
“Thank you…” As I was saying.
But stopped half way and stare at each other as time freezes.
I feel like it was 5 years back. When I was charmed by those eyes and I feel too deep and the same thing is happening now.
When he blinked I fell for him again, his long lashes like wings.
I’m so hopeless.
I wasn’t looking
No, love never crossed my mind
You came along
Talking all sweet, and slow, and kind
And look what you’ve done
You’ve changed the game
Just that look in your eyes
And the way you say my name
Oh, you’ve got that way
You’ve got a way of making everything alright Oh, you’ve got that way
You’ve got a way of waltzing in and changing my whole life Can’t you see you’ve changed my life? ‘Cause you’ve got that way

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