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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 23

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Chapter 23
is what you bring to me
when you love me in the dark
When the lights go out
and the music fades
its when I need your love,
its when I need your love
Cos everyone around me
telling me what I need
but all I need is you
So love me in the dark
Love me in the dark
and they won’t tear us apart
Love me in the dark
Love me in the dark
and they won’t tear us apart
I just dropped Alexa at her school.
On my way to college suddenly my phone rang.
I didn’t check the ID.
*Hey man.* I was caught off guard.
I feel guilty when I heard his.
I was lost in thoughts when I heard his voice again.
“What’s up?.” I tried to relax.
*I’m fine, I wanted to check on you, I tried to call Xandra but her phone was off.*
I swallowed hard.
“Okay, I will ask her about it.”
“Ethan.” I called seriously.
“Please man forgive me, I have done something that might be wrong in your eyes, It’s not like I didn’t try to suppress and it’s my fault, whatever I did it’s genuine.”
I take a breath and continue.
“I don’t know how to say these, I’m so fu.cked up right now and I can feel myself changing. It’s weird but it feels right.
I just don’t want you to hear things from people, I want to you myself, you have been good to as a friend and a brother, no matter what I do. I would not want us to break.”
The other end of the line was quiet.
“Ethan, I can’t say anything about what I’m feeling or It seems so foreign, I’m not certain if this ride will take us anywhere but one thing I’m sure of is that I’m willing to take this risk.
But I can’t ride this journey without you.
I’m dating your sister.” I said and breathed out.
On the other it was dead silence.
I waited for him to say something.
Will this break our friendship.
He’s been there for me he is like a real family to me.
*I know.* He said.
Those two words ‘I know’
What the! He knows.
Wait how, who told him.
*I know that you’re surprised as to how do I know this.”
He laughed.
*Zac, Alexa is my sister and she never hides anything from me. Even if she takes time to tell me at the end of the day she will tell me.
And what do you think, you did many things for Alexa but then you didn’t realize it, at first I thought that you saw her as your sister, but as days go and I saw it coming.
I trusted you Alexandra because I know, you care for her and you won’t hurt her.
And if you do, Zac I will hurt you in many ways that you will never imagined.
I won’t get between you and her, Just take good care of her. She’s my life and this is the birthday gift I could give to her.
I want you guys to be happy and listen she’s young to be intimate, as I said I won’t interfere in your relationship she’s 18 she has a right to decides, I want her to experience life but that doesn’t mean I won’t be watching from far away.* He breathed out.
I exhale, I didn’t know that I was not breathing.
“I promise to give my best, and I won’t hurt her Internationally.”
*Take care and I’ll be back in a few days.*
He laughed then he hung up the call.
Did Alexa tell him.
Who does she think she is to talk dirty about my sister?
She called me and told me that Zac was messing with Alex but the true Zac will tell me the truth no matter what.
He’s to truthful even if he took his time, I know that he would tell me.
I just wanted to confirm it. And protect them.
A psycho like Justin and a drug addict like Ria they can’t be trusted.
“Mark, assign some bodyguards to keep eye on them 24/7 nothing should happen to them.”
“Yes sir!.”
I was in deep thoughts that I didn’t care about eating.
Who told my brother that Zac and I we are an item.
He must be mad at me, I wanted to tell him myself.
When Zac asked me if I did, I had to tell the truth. We are both confused. As for Ricky it can’t be him, I know him very well.
I’m so tired,
as we close our eyes,
block out the sunlight
Cos Every now and then
it gets hard to pretend
that I don’t need your love
cos I need your love
And they just want to see us fall
They want to bring us down
But they can’t break our love
they don’t know about
So love me in the dark
Love me in the dark
and they won’t tear us apart
Love me in the dark
Love me in the dark
and they won’t tear us apart
Don’t give up on us
No it won’t be long
Till we’re strong enough
To face it all

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