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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 6

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Episode 6


It was early Sunday morning, David stood opposite the mirror dressing himself up in a pair of suit. He adjusted his bow tie before putting on the jacket. The door to his room opened and his Dad came in fully dressed in a beautiful ash colour suit . “Here is your diary. The text was good but I had to make a few corrections. Just take the time to go through it ” Pastor said dropping the diary on bed.


“Ok sir, thanks. ” David replied.


“I need to get to the church right now, the elders called me for an emergency. I think you are ready for church, maybe you should come along with me ” His father suggested.


“I would like to take a few minutes to go through the text sir. ” He replied.


“In that case let me be on my way.” He left the room banging the door behind him.



“What sort of man is this? Why couldn’t he have brought the diary last night as he had promised.” David thought while reading the text.

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David’s heart throbbed as he waited for the choir’s ministration to end. He had been feeling quite uneasy since he stepped into the church that morning. Only his body was in the service, his mind had been wandering up and down. Although he had read the text over and over again, he could even recite it all without missing a word but he still was feeling nervous.


“Happy Sunday pastor David.” He suddenly heard behind him. He turned around and saw Folake : one of the elder’s daughter smiling at him.


“I wish you the same sister Folake. ” He replied feigning a smile.


“Hope everything is alright? You don’t look too good. ” She asked after seeing through his false smile.


“Am fine, thanks. ” He said driving his attention away from her so she won’t ask any other silly question.


David’s heart almost jump out when the special numbers ended and the announcing pastor took the mic.


“Praise the lord! ” the announcing Pastor screamed and the church chorused “Hallelujah “.


“I know we have all been blessed by the choir’s ministration. Now is the time to listen to the word of God from our dear pastor David Amandi ” he announced and the church roared with joy.

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David almost bolted when he heard his name being called but he summoned the little courage he could find and proceeded all the way to the altar with his diary. He mounted the platform and gazed at the congregation. The moment he saw thousands of eyes all trained at him, his courage melted. He stood there for seconds robbed of words to say. All the rehearsal he had done amounted to nothing. His eyes eventually met that of his mother’s and she signaled for him to proceed. He tried opening his mouth to say something but words just won’t come out.


When Pastor Charles realized his son had disappointed him, he swiftly rose up and went to relief him of the burden. Immediately he saw his father beside him on the platform, he stepped aside and rushed to the engine room. *


Omolara dropped out of a taxi which had stopped opposite a hotel, on Sunday evening. Her heart beats faster as she walked into the hotel. Carlos had sent her to senator Okafor again as a punishment for her absence on Saturday. Even though she knew this man would give her hell, she dare not refuse Carlos. She proceeded to the Senator’s suit and the man beamed up a smile as soon as he saw her.



“I see Carlos send me a sweet cheery again. ” The senator said. Omolara hissed as she walked.


“So my dear Cheery, where do we start?” He said after he had undressed himself. Omolara watched the pot bellied man who was responsible for the scar on her breast with disdain. She knew what he wanted so she positioned herself offering him his favourite spot. Senator Okafor came like a bull and rammed himself into her. Omolara’s eyes flooded as she felt painful invasion into her behind. TO BE CONTINUED


what will be the reaction of David and his parents at home….

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