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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 14

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Episode 14


The friendship between David and Omolara kept waxing stronger everyday. For the past two weeks they couldn’t do a day without seeing each other. David was well aware of the fact that Omolara works at night but she never let him have an idea of the type of work she does.


David came back home after outing with his friend to meet his father who had travelled a week ago at the sitting room.


“Hello Dad, welcome. When did you come back? ” He greeted.


“Where are you coming from? ” His father asked.


“I went to see a friend. ” He replied.


“So this is what you have been doing the whole period I was away? Instead of preparing for the theological school, you were busy visiting friends? ” Pastor Charles said.


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“Dad I thought I already told you am not interested in attending such school. ” “Your irresponsibility has reached its peak, I will no longer tolerate it. You must attend it either you like it or not. ” His father blurted.



“Am no longer that fourteen years old boy. Am a grown up man and I have my own decisions to make. I will live my life as I deem fit. ” David said angrily. These words stirred Pastor Charles anger to the extent that he couldn’t control himself until he slapped his son.


David placed his hand on the cheek where the slap landed. He looked angrily at his father before heading into his room. He came back minutes later with a bag. “Where do you think you are going? ” His father asked as he saw him heading for the door with the bag. David didn’t act as if he heard his father. He proceeded to the door and left.


“Come back here David. ” Pastor Charles called but he was long gone.


David woke up to the incessant ringing of his phone. He checked the caller ID and when he discovered it was his father, he ignored it and switched off his phone. Sitting upright, he yawned and looked at the wall clock. It was twenty minutes after six.


After he left home yesterday evening, he went to lodge in an hotel so he could think on what his next course of action will be. Immediately he got a suite, he sat down trying to think but he felt helpless. Feeling the need to talk to someone he dialed Lara’s number. Although Lara couldn’t come immediately because of her work, she promised to get in touch with him first thing the next morning.


Some minutes later, a knock sounded on the door and he invited the fellow in. The


door opened and Omolara who stepped.

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“Oh Lara good morning.” He greeted.


“What happened David? You sounded agitated on phone.” She asked.


“Take a seat first.” He suggested.


Lara sat down waiting for David’s explanation.


“Am sorry to have disturbed you, an issue just came up and I desperately need someone to talk to. ” He said.


“What is it? Tell me. ” She said anxious to know the problem.


“Dad and I had a fight yesterday. He wanted me to attend a theological school so I would be a Pastor like him and fill his vacuum when he retires.” He explained. “But I don’t think there is something bad in it. He wants you to live on his legacy. ” Omolara interrupted.


“I don’t want to be a Pastor. I have my personal dream. My parents have been the one deciding for me all these years, am I not old enough to take a decision of my own? ”


“Why don’t you talk to him about it? ” She said.



“I tried but he just won’t listen. I already packed out of the house, I will be travelling back to the states in the next four days.”


“You can’t do that. How will you abandon your family?” Omolara said.


“I don’t have a choice, I need to be on my own. ” He said frankly.



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