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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 12

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Episode 12


David kept expecting Lara’s call until he stumbled down the depth of slumber. When he woke up the following morning without seeing any miss call, he became worried and made up his mind to pay her a visit. Immediately after he had breakfast, he drove himself all the way to Omolara’s residence.


When he got there he was humbly welcomed by Lara’s mother. Unfortunately he was told Lara was sleeping but was well entertained. He had wanted to take his leave before she emerged from her room. David face brightened up with a smile as he saw her beautiful face but he could not but notice a black spot on her left eye. “Good morning sister Lara. ” He greeted.


Lara was surprised to see David so early in the morning. She still couldn’t fathom what his business was in their house at such an early hour.


“Morning Mr David. ” She greeted casually before going back to her room. David waited for her to come back and when she eventually did, she sat opposite him busy with her IPad.


“How are you feeling now sister Lara?” He asked.


“Fine” She replied without shifting his attention from the IPad.


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David was feeling a little bit uneasy with the response he was getting but he tried talking to her again.


“What happened to your eyes? Did you hurt yourself again? ” He asked but got no response.


“She had an encounter with some hoodlums on her way to work yesterday evening.


” Her mom replied.


“Oh sorry but what work do you at night when you are supposed to be resting?” He asked out of concern but the question got on Omolara’s nerve.


“First, my name is Lara not sister Lara and what gave you the right to ask anything about me or my work? Besides, what are you doing here this early morning when your mates are somewhere working their ass off?” She stood up to leave.


“Lest I forget, I don’t appreciate being disturb with call at an ungodly hour of the night so please don’t let it repeat itself again.” She added before walking to her room.


Those missiles landed heavily on him, it was far from what he had expected and he had no experience dealing with such an insult.

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“Am really sorry about that Mr David, she must have had a rough night at work. ” Her mom pleaded.


“No problem, I will have to take my leave now. I will visit you some other time. ” He said before leaving the house.


Immediately he left, Lara’s mom went in to talk to her daughter. When she got to her room, she found her reading a novel.


“Omolara, how could you say such a nasty thing to that man? ”


“Mom he was trying to poke nose into my affairs and I had to put him in his place.


” She replied her mom.


“He was only asking after your well being .” Her mom said.


“I don’t need anyone looking after me, am not a kid. ”


“Obvious you do, Lara you are getting old you need a man in your life. ”


“Mom, we are not having this conversation again. ”


“Yes we are, you need to remember that you are a woman who must get married and have a happy family.” her mom insisted.


“I have heard enough of this, I need to get some fresh air. ” With that, she left the room.


David got home feeling so angry with himself, he should have been wise enough to know that the outcome of his visit to Lara’s house won’t be good. How foolish of him not to have thought that she intentionally ignore his calls. He was still in rage when he entered his room and found a strange envelope on the table. He opened it



and read the letter inside. It was an acceptance letter from a renowned theological school in the country with his name boldly written on it. TO BE CONTINUED

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