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ICE – Prologue

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Five years later.


As the prophecy said.


The three ICE will build back the fallen buildings.


They are destined for greatness.


And they are the most powerful creatures.


And that made them to be in a lot of danger.


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They are only allowed to use their powers when they are eighteen, the chosen one and key all followed the rule, but imogene started using her even at a young age. She grew up among the villains and that made her a villain too.


The two girls, carlisa and Elma don’t know their destiny and they don’t know they are supernaturals existing.


The beginning.


Little imogene held a sword which was a lot bigger than her. She was scared to drop it cause of her trainer. She knows she will get a lot of sparking even though she is a princess.


The sword was to heavy for her, she gave up and threw it on the floor.


“Imogene how dare you? “.


Her trainer, warhoy asked.


“Its heavy”.


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Warhoy brought out a chain socked in monkey blood.


Imogene close her eyes prepared for what is going to happen, she is already use to






She heard a voice.


She opened her eyes.


“I will punish her myself”.


Gab said.


“Father? “.


Imogene called in a low voice.


Gab removed his cape and came close to them. He held imogene hair and drag it, she let out a cry.


“You cry?, you are weak, you are powerless. I wanted a boy who is strong, but you came out. You are a stupid fool”.


He said and brought out his sword. He pointed it at her.


“From today hence forth you will never throw your sword away”.


He said and cut her deep on her chin.


Imogene shouted and fell on the floor crying.


“Weaklings don’t cry”.


He said and cut her again on her leg.


Imogene cried again.


He cut her on her second leg.


Imogene closed her eyes preventing herself from crying. She knows what next will happen if she cry.


“Now pick up this sword”.


Gab commanded.


She carried the sword and manage to stand up even with the pain she felt. Blood was gushing out of her body. She kept wondering if Gab was her real father. She held the sword determined not to let it go. “I will never let go of the sword”.


She said angrily.


Her eyes suddenly became purple.


She held the sword tightly and she rose it up killing the guard standing close to her father.


Gab smiled.








“Elma get back here”.


Ivy said running after Elma who was running round the house.


“Come catch me”.


She said in her small tiny voice laughing.


Ivy sat down.


“Oh gosh am tired”.


She said.


“Mom you get tired easy, but am still strong even though i ran more than you”.


Ivy smiled.


“Yes dear, you are way stronger than me”.


“Don’t worry mom, when I become a superhero, I will give you the power to be




Ivy smiled.


“That is my little girl”.


She said.


“Mom where is grandma and grandaunt? “. “They went to hunt”.


“I can’t wait to start hunting with them”.








Carlisa sat on her bed doing her homework.

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Mi so came in with a gla*ss of milk.


“Dear, its time for your milk”.


She said.


“Mom am a big girl now, I don’t need milk but coffee”.


Mi so laughed. “Really? Coffee? Coffee are for adults”.


“Yeah, am an adult”.


Lisa said.


Mi so touch her grey hair. Lisa really look like her mom, Rebecca.


“Mom we where told to write a fiction about supernaturals”.


“Isn’t that too much for a five year old”.


“Yes mom, but thy re too stupid to know. And besides I hate supernaturals”.


Lisa said.


“You don’t fall anyone stupid and besides been a supernatural is fum”.


“Been a supernatural? They don’t exist, and am happy for that cause its lame “.


Lisa said.


“You really don’t like supernaturals? Even their cartoons”.


“I hate it, I only love action cartoons”.


Mi so became worried, Lisa is an hybrid but she hates them. What is going to


happen now.







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