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ICE – Episode 7

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Sorry in the last episode I wrote Los Angeles. Its actually,




Imogene walked round the forest looking for a way out.


“What is this place? Why am I here? And who is that guy? He don’t look like one


of us”


She asked.


She looked at her hands.


“I will just have to use my magic powers”.


She said.


She raise her hands up.


“Appear. The portal which leads home appear”.


She said but nothing worked.


She tried it again but still, it did not work.


“What is wrong? ”


She asked.


A portal appeared in her front.


She quickly went in and immediately appeared in front of her mother and father.


The soldiers she went with was there too.


“A simple task Imogene, just a simple task and you failed. How will you survive big tasks? ”


Maren asked angrily.


“Mother they attacked before I knew what was happening”.


She said trying to explain herself.


“Silence. Am disappointed in you. You will have to train yourself harder, warhoy


will be strict on you from now on”.


Maren said.



“Such a disappointment. Wish she was a boy. So weak and shameless. Gosh I hate


you Imogene. Shame”


Gab said.


Imogene looked at him sadly.


She stood up, bowed and left.




Nana called.


She ran after her.


Imogene ran to her room and sat on the floor.


Nana sat beside her.


“Why do dad hate me so much? ”


She asked.


“Dear he don’t hate you, that is his own way of loving you”.


“Lies Nana, lies”.


Imogene said.


Nana hugged her.










Mi so ran home confused.


“What to do now? I need to get her out of there. I need to help her escape and if I


do, then she will have to leave Korea”.


She said confused.


“What crime did she commit”


Grand ma asked.


“eomoni (mother) she helped some drug runners, so she will be jailed for years”.


Mi so said.


Grandma came close to her.


“We can’t allow that. Remember when you told me you where going to return her back when she is eighteen, I think now is the time. Help her escape out of the prison and then two of you should run off to LA”


Mi so looked at her.


“Good idea mother……. But what about you? Doctor said you shouldn’t travel a


long distance”.


“Don’t worry love, I will go back to my province and I will be fine there”.


Grandma said smiling.


Mi so hugged her mom.


“You are the best”.










Imogene opened her eyes to see her self on the bed, she fell asleep and Nana helped her to the bed.


She sat up.


“Father hates me? Am going to show him that he underestimated me. Am going to


show him that I can do more than a thousand boys. Am going to do the impossible,


am going to capture the chosen one”.


She said.










The next day.


Elma ran to Eliza room as early as possible.


“You as here early? ”


“Yes, don’t wanna lose my first training part”.


She said.


Eliza smiled.


“That is good”.


“So my first lesson”.


“Yes. We have to first start with the sword cause am sure the chosen one will be here soon”.


“So how we will find the sword? “.


“you will have to go to the spirit world and search for her”.


“How? ”


“It will take days but, I will connect you to the spirit world and you will have to find the sword cause you will go back to the time the three of you where born”. Eliza said.


“So when are we starting? ”


“The full moon”.


“What? That is tomorrow”.


“Yes, so I will just take you to see round the city, your great grandpa and your


family hospital “.


Eliza replied.


Elma smiled.










Mi so came to the prison with a lunch box, she was led to Carlisa.


“Hi mother”.


Mi so looked round her surrounding to see if anyone was watching, when she was sure no one was there, she gave the lunch box to Carlisa.


“Listen to me carefully……. In that lunch box is a master key, it will get you out of


here. And when it does, you go straight to the airport, I will be waiting for you there”.


“Airport? Why? ”


“To get you out of this country”.


“What? No way”.


“Then get ready to rot in jail for the rest of your life. Don’t you know that if you


don’t escape, you will be sentenced to eight years in prison, and if you escape and


you are caught again, then you will be sentenced to fifteen years cause you


committed a great offence”.


Mi so said.


“Ok fine tell me what to do”.


“You will escape from here tomorrow evening, we will go in the night. When you get out of here, an officer will give you some cloth. She is an old friend of mine so she is helping us. She will help you escape. ”


“So where are we going too? ”


“Los Angeles”.



Carlisa smiled.


“Ok, I will do just as you say”.


Mi so turned and left.


“Los Angeles”.


Carlisa said irritated.










Imogene ran to Nana.


“My darling looks happy today”.


“Yes Nana, ”


“So what are you doing here”.


“I want to learn some spells”.


“Some spells, really?”


“Yes nana”.


“Ok, so which one”.


“I want to learn how to create a portal. I want to learn how to create and destroy things. I want to learn how to create a illusion, so many”.


“Ok I will help you”.


Imogene smiled at her happily.


“I can see you really want to go to earth”.


Nana said.



“What? No”.


“Don’t lie to me, you want to find the chosen one. I can read your thought”.


“Ok fine, yes”.


“Then promise to take me along with you or I won’t teach you”.


“Take you? ”


“Yes, I want to see the beauty of earth”.


“Really, it is only surrounded by grasses and trees”.


“Really? Then am sure you did not really go there, you just stayed in a place”.


Na Na said.


“Ok fine I will take you, just teach me. Hurry”.


Imogene said.






















Mother nature is really calling me.



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