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ICE – Episode 6

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“Don’t move…….. ”


Jay said pointing the gun at Imogene.


She was the reason his dictator blinked.


Imogene ignore him looking round her.


“Where am I? ”


“Somewhere you shouldn’t be”


He said.


“Who are you? ”


“I should ask you same question. Who are you? ”



Imogene hate been questioned and most especially by a guy.


She charge towards him but Jay was quick enough to throw a electrified bracket and that made her glued to her spot.


“Not so fast sweetie, you can’t move now”


He said coming to her.


“Why are you covering your face?”


He said attempting to remove the scarf.


“Don’t you dare”.


Imogene said trying to move but could not.


Jay removed the scarf and stood glued to his spot.


Imogene angrily remove the bracket with her magic power.


She raise Jay and threw him making him to land on the floor far away from her.


Imogene put back the scarf and left even though she don’t know where she is going










Elma knock at Eliza door.


“Yes, come in”


Eliza said.


Elma slowly entered the room and walked to where Eliza stood.




Eliza called smiling.


“I want to talk to you aunt, hope you aren’t busy? ”


“No am not”. “Come and sit”. Eliza said pointing at her bed.



Elma smiled and went to seat down.


“So was is bothering you? ”


“My life? My family? My future? My destiny everything about myself” Elma said.


“So where do you want me to start from? ”


“Why was I destined for this battle? What happened to my family? Everything about it”


“Well your family are……………………….. ”


Eliza told Elma everything she need to know.


“So my mom is from Italy? ”




“I wonder how she look like”


“She was very beautiful like you. You look more like your mom, her nose, her lips, her ear. But your eyes are that of your dad”


Elma smiled.


“I also wonder how he look like”


Eliza sighed and search through her drawer, she brought out a picture.


“Here is your dad”


She said pointing at Richard in the picture.


“Wow, he is handsome”


Elma said. “What about mother? ”


“Well, we don’t have a picture of your mom. It was already late when we found out


about her”


Eliza said.


Elma sighed sadly.


“I wish to see them”


“Once you defect Maren, you will be able to see them”.


“So what about uncle Nicole and aunt Rebecca, with my cousin, Carlisa? ”


“Rebecca and Nicole are one of a kind. I don’t know how Carlisa is or where she is right now, she was still a lad when she left” Eliza said.




“Then I will have to find her and set things right”


“That is sweet my dear”


Elma smiled.


“Good night aunt Eliza”


Elma said and left.










Carlisa drove at a high speed trying to get away from the police van but they where faster than her.


In no time, they caught up with her.


“Shit, what kind of a driver are you? You drive like a tortoise”


One of the guy at the back said.


“Shut up, is it now my fault? Why weren’t any of you doing anything? You left the


driving to me”


She said.



“All this Korean girls are so dumb”


The second guy said.


Carlisa looked at them angrily.


“Nom(dick) you are the dumb once here”.


She said.


The police officer knocked at her door.


“Come out now from this car”


Carlisa obeyed and she was searched, they where all searched and some drugs where found. The police officers handcuffed them and took them to the station. .




Mi so ran to the police station immediately she heard about Carlisa arreat.


She was directed to Carlisa’s detention cell.


“Omma (mom) ”


Carlisa called.


Mi so glared at her.


“What shame have you brought”.


She asked.


“Omma it wasn’t my fault”


Mi so felt the urge of slapping Carlisa but couldn’t.


“Do you know how many years you will be sentence to prison? They caught you with drugs so they won’t be easy on you. Am so disappointed in you”


Carlisa looked at her mom, although she knew she have hurt the woman but now isn’t the time for emotions or any thing. Now is the time to think of how to get her out of here.


“Mom I can’t rot in jail, find a way to get me out of here”


Carlisa said.


“And you think its gonna be easy? Chat or Please, kindly download our mobile app to enjoy more stories IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE SO…just search for ‘TOPSTER STORIES APP’ on google and then, click on the first link???? You committed a serious crime and we are not the well to do family, so how we will bail you out or hire a good lawyer”.


“Then look for something else, I can’t rot in here forever, have plan on doing nice things next month on my birthday. I can’t celebrate it here”.


“oh my God, one month to her birthday? I almost forgot. I need to get her out of here ”


She thought.


She look at her daughter.


“Am going to do all I possibly can to get you out of here. But just know, am really mad at you and I will not forgive you as easy as you think like always” Mi so said and left.










Jay slowly opened his eyes.


He came back to his senses when he realise he was on the floor in the forest.


“What happened? ”


He asked.


He stood up.


“Ouch my body hurts”.


He then remembered all what happened.


He smiled remembering the face he saw.



“Even though she have a scar on her face, she is so beautiful”.


He said.


He smiled remembering Imogene.


“So beautiful and out of this world. Gosh I want to see that face again” He said smiling.


He carried his bag and left grinning widely.



















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