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Ice – Episode 23

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Elma left for the hotel again to meet Carlisa. The cab broke down on their way there.


The driver came out of his car and got busy repairing it.


Elma came out of the car enjoying the fresh breeze.


Two guys drove pass her with their scooter but stopped and came back.


The rider of the scooter was an handsome young guy while the other was more handsome but he look like a gangster.


“Do you need help?” They asked the cab driver.


She looked at them watching them work.


The second one looked at her. “Hi.” He said.


“Hi” she said nervously, that is how she is with boys.


“Am Bryan and here is my cousin jay, just came back from Singapore but my cousin have been in towns for years now.”


“Nice meeting you Bryan and Jay”.


Bryan gave her a genuine smile while jay gave her a quick smile.


“All done.” Bryan said.


“Thank you so much for helping, good people still existing in this world”.


The two guys smiled at him.


Bryan looked at elma, “meet you again.” He said and left.








Ivy went to talk to Aaron.


Ivy arrived at Paris. It wasn’t hard locating her brother’s house cause he is a popular model.


Ivy paid the taxi driver. “Merci.” She said to him, he drove off.


She rang the gate bell and in few minutes a man in black opened the door.


“Bonjour (hello)” she said.


“S’il vous plaît, comment puis-je vous aider? (please how may I help you?) ” he asked.


“Je cherche Aaron (am looking for Aaron)” ivy replied. Good thing she paid attention to her french teacher.


“Qui êtes-vous (who are you?)”


“Je suis ivy, sa soeur (I am ivy, his sister)”


He looked at her “laissez-moi l’informer (let me inform him)” he said and left. He came back some minutes later. “Vous pouvez entrer (you can come in)”


Ivy smiled at him and entered. She was directed to the main door.


Ivy was amazed at the beauty of the inside decor. It was really beautiful and expensive.


“Aaron really is living real big.” She said.


“Hello sister” Aaron said coming down the stairs.


Ivy looked at him, “if its not my long lost brother, the prodigal brother”


He smiled at her, “mine is different, am not a prodigal son or brother cause I haven’t come home.” He said standing close to her.


“If I may ask, why haven’t you visited home yet?”


“Cause I love my life here and am not trading it for any power.”


“I see. Do you know we have been scattered? In our family, we have four left. Uncle marcus, michael and Ashton where captured. Gwen, Reena and kelvin disappeared. Richard, gone to the torment world, my dad killed, Nicole and rebecca killed. Grandpa sick and half dead.”


“Wow so much tragedy.” He said with a poker face.


“Are you really emotionless now?”


“How is my mother?”


“She is among those who are still alive.”


“Good. So what can I offer you?”


“I just said something important and you are showing no emotions.”


“What do you want me to do?”


“Wow, are you really asking that to me? If yes then you are the greatest fool have ever seen. I just told you that your family are no more but you don’t care.”


“Yes I don’t, I don’t care at all.”


Ivy looked at him shocked.


“Why? Why don’t you care?”


She asked as tears flow down her eyes.


“Cause am living a normal life without them and am happy. Am making my own money now. I haven’t seen them for more than nineteen years likewise them so why should I be bothered. Have lived this life without any of you”


Ivy wiped her tears “am not here to talk much, cause I can’t stand seeing your face for another minutes. We all lost our powers and we are now like humans. Richard had a girlfriend who he got pregnant and she gave birth to a girl eighteen years back. She happens to be the key. Rebecca and Nicole daughter happens to be the chosen one. We need your help since you are the only vampire alive.” Ivy stopped to look at his reaction with shows no emotion. “But I can see you won’t help cause you love money now more than your family. Even if we all die, its none of your business.” She stood up. “I will take my leave Mr. Aaron, it was nice meeting you after all this years.”


“What been so formal?”


“Cause you are now a stranger to me. Good bye.” She said.


“Wait, you can stay in my house, I have a lot of rooms”.


“No thank you, i don’t sleep at strangers house.” She said and left.


Aaron have really changed, her brother have changed alot.








Carlisa was feeling restless ever since her dreamy about her father. She then decided to go to the mansion without informing mi so.


She left lying to her that she want to go for a walk.


Mi so was getting worried cause carlisa now goes for a walk everyday but nevertheless, she gave her the permission to go.


Carlisa boarded a cab to the mansion which was a 45 minutes drive.


She looked at the big building in shock, it was so big and its looking old.


She slowly walked in and immediately, she did that, the dark realm was alerted. There was an alerting device on the floor and that is to alert them when a Granduwella comes to the mansion.


Carlisa walked in not knowing she have called for danger.


Cobwebs where everywhere, one can hardly move around freely cause of the fallen chairs. The house looked so old and abandoned. During the last war in blood doctors, a lot of things where destroyed in the house.


Carlisa looked at the living room stunned, that was exactly what she do see in her dream. She smiled at the realization.


She walked further and a face appeared in her head but it wasn’t clear. It looks like the face of a woman.


Another face came as a flash like she was remembering something.


She held her head in pain, “have been here before.” She said.


“Follow me,” a voice said in a soft slow and quiet manner more like a whisper.


Carlisa not knowing what was happening followed the voice.


She followed the voice to a room and immediately it disappeared.


“Hey,” carlisa said trying to call it back.


She looked at the door in shock, “this is the same door to my dad’s room in my dream. She opened the door quickly. “Dad,” she called but no one was there. The room was exactly how it was in her dream.


“Am not dreaming but I think my dream was real.” She said and went closer looking at the room.


She sighted an old wooden box and rushed to it.


“What is in here?” She asked no one in particular and opened it.


It contained a book more like a diary.


“A diary? This might contain the information about dad.” She said and opened it.


Only a page contained a written note, the rest where blank.


‘My dear, if you ever find this book then you are the bravest and strongest young girl existing. It means you aren’t far from the truth again. Firstly , am Nicole Granduwella and your mom is here with me, rebecca.’


“Mom? Was mom name Rebecca?” She asked confused but nevertheless, continued.


‘I know you will be very shocked hearing that. Your mom and I have seen it all, we have seen the future through a seer.”


“Seer?” She asked.


“Yes a seer. ” she read. It was as if the book was in her minding reading every details.


‘Your mom isn’t your real mom. Your real. Mother is Rebecca, my wife.’ Carlisa stood up in shock.


“What is he saying? My really mom is rebecca? He is confused, this is not for me. This book is not for me.”



She read on.


“Don’t stop yet, there is more to it.’ The book read

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