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ICE – Episode 20

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“What are you doing here? ”


Carlisa asked.


“So you are the chosen one?”


“What chosen one? Who is that?”


“My greatest enemy, the one who made me come to earth.”


Imigene said and tried dragging carlisa by her hair but could not, the bracket was holding her back.


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She raised her other hand and dragged carlisa hair with it.. Carlisa struggled to get out of the grip but the more she try, the more imogen hold her hair tight.


“Let go of me you idiot,” carlisa said.


“After all this years? I can’t sweetie.” Imogene said and pushed her to the floor.


Carlisa angrily stood up and gave her a slap.


“How dare you? ” she asked.


Imogene smiled and gave her a slap using her hand without the bracelet although it sting.


They both engage in a physical battle, but with the skills imogene has, she was able to defect carlisa.


“What is going on here? ” mi so asked coming out of the room.








Elma sat close to Eliza trying to study a map.


“So Elma, tell me more about carlisa.”


Elma dropped the map. “Well she is pretty, very pretty. She has grey short hair.”


“Like mother, but her mom’s hair is very long.”


“She actually cut her hair.”


“Then it would have been long.”Eliza said. “Yes, so true. She dresses so beautifully, ” “Wow”


“But she is rude, so rude and arrogant”




“Yes but behind that rudeness, there is a kindness there but she hate showing it out and her aunt mi so is so nice.”


“Well I think she took after her father. Way before her dad met her mother, he was rude, arrogant, rogue and a brat. But he was kind on the inside. He change when his powers showed. But he change completely when her mom came.”


“I hope she changes too.”


“But did she know about her powers yet?”


“No. According to aunt mi so, she hate supernaturals even though she thinks they


don’t exist. She hate hearing about it or even watching any movie that has to do


with supernaturals.”




“Yes. I don’t know how she will feel when she finds out that she has powers.”


“Ok, this is not as easy as I thought it will be.”


“Yes it won’t be easy. But am happy that we know who the chosen one is, but I don’t know who the sword is yet.”


“Don’t worry, you will find her soon too.”


“Yes cause our birthday is in two weeks, I just hope we find her quick enough”


“You will darling.”


“I just can’t wait to start using my powers, how amazing it will be”


“Yes sweetie.”


“Let me go to mom, I need to get her something”


Elma said and left.


Eliza stood up worried, way before Elma met the seer, she met him and he gave her his prophecy. He was the one who told her to tell Elma to come and meet him and now she knows why he said so, he knows they will meet, the chosen one, sword and Elma.


She also know who the sword is, imogene, but her birth mother is their enemy and that makes her worried. Her own destiny in the life of ICE is to try and make them meet. But what worries her the most is the great war which is coming. The greatest war the supernaturals have ever seen and it has to do with families and enemies.


The seer told her alot. He also told her that the girls will suffer a great deal and that


add to her worries. She is not meant to do anything only to bring them together and


bringing them together will first bring disaster cause the girls will be enemies to


each other.








Mi so quickly called the police and they arrested Imogene, some men in black cage to carry him.


imogene was confused cause she don’t know who the men in black is and where they are taking her too.


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“what are you guys and where are you taking be to?”


they ignored her and took her to the police station.


she tries communicating with nana but could not cause of the bracket which will not allow them do so. it was making her weak cause it was on her when she fought with carlisa who was innocent and that was why it made her weak.


mi so looked at carlisa who was so shock.


“we should go to the hospital, ”


“mom she was able to beat me so easily, what is happening to me? Why am I not able to protect myself again. Why did it happen to me?”


“Maybe she has a black belt in karate. ”


“Mom its not time for joke, ”


“Sorry. Come in let me apply some ointnet on the sounds before they get infected.” Carlisa is confuse cause she couldn’t fight.


“What is happening to me? What am I getting weak? ”


She asked.








Imogene sat down on the floor in the cell. She still isn’t use to it. “So this is how the earth dungeon look like?”she kept asking herself.


“Hey you, come out now, you have a visitor” the rude police woman said and opened the cell.


Imogene came out and was handcuffed. She was led to the visitors room.


The policewoman left.


Jay turned and look at her.


“What are you doing here?”


“Are you suppose to ask me that? I came to punish you of course, you fought with an innocent person.”


“Innocent? Who told you that?”


“The bracelet did, it signalled me. I told you not to harm anyone in my world but you refuse to listen. My dad is mad at me for letting you go, and I don’t want him to get involve cause he will kill you. His a strict man you know. What did that innocent person did to you?”


“She is not innocent, she is the evil person i told you about.”


“Stop lying to me. The bracelet is more powerful than you think. If she was evil then it wouldn’t have alerted me, in fact it would have given you more powers to fight her.”


“She is a cunny witch.”


“No you are, and for that, am draining all your powers.”


“You will do no such thing.”


Jay smiled, “then wait and see “. He said and left.


“Gosh why do I always have to keep up with him? ”


Imogene asked.


The policewoman took her back to the cell.











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