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ICE – Episode 18

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Carlisa opened her eyes to see her self in Korea.


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“Wow we are back, am back”.


She said.


She closed her eyes to sniff in the air but when she opened it she saw herself in LA. In a completely different house in LA. A very big mansion.




“Where am i? ”


She asked.


“Oh darling you are awake? ”


A woman asked holding a tray of food.


“Who are you? Where am I? ”


“Are you kidding me? You are in your house”.


“My house? This mansion is my house, when did I start leaving a luxurious life? ” She asked confused.


“Just go to your father’s room, your dad is waiting for you”.


“My dad? Who is he? ”


“You are behaving weirdly today, your dad is in his room”.


“My dad? ” carlisa thought.


She ran upstairs. She was shocked that she have a father. She have always wish to have one.


She opened her door to see a man facing his mirror combing his hair, his back was facing her.


“Dad? ”


She called.


“My sweetie, you are awake”.


“Dad is it really you? ”


“Yes darling its me”.


He said and turned to look at her.


She ran and hugged him.


“Where have you been? Have missed you. Have always wanted a father love.


please do not leave, please stay with me so that I can talk to you. Don’t go”.


He smiled.


“I won’t go anywhere, am very close to you”.


He said.


“Dad, mom will be so happy to see you”.


She said.


“Yes I know, I will be happy to see her again”.


“Please stay with me don’t you ever leave”


She said.


He slowly disappeared.


“Dad, dad”.


Carlisa called crying.




She opened her and got up from her bed.




She called in tears.


It was a dream.


“What is it darling? ”


Mi so asked concerned.




Carlisa replied and went back to sleep.








Elma sat on her bed looking at a map on her hand when her phone rang.


She looked at the caller ID.




She said and answered the call.


“Aunt Eliza”.


she called.


“Sweetie how are you? ”


“Am fine, what about you? How are you? And how is mom, grandma and grandaunt? ”


“They are fine. Hope you are doing well there? “.


“Yes aunt”.


“Have you talk to the seer? ”


“Not yet. I haven’t seen him”.


“Ok, but keep trying, you will speak to him soon”.


Eliza said.


“Ok aunt”.


Elma said.


“Take care of your self okay? ”


“Okay aunt, say hi to mom, grandma and grandaunt”


“Ok dear”.


Eliza disconnected the call.


“So what did she say, did she find the chosen one and the sword? ”


Ivy asked.


“She did not say anything that means she haven’t find them. But that light shows


they where together. Or did she find them without knowing they are the chosen one


and the sword? ”


Eliza asked.


“Maybe. I just can’t wait to see how my granddaughter is”.


Freda said smiling.








Imogene and Nana where having breakfast when a portal appeared in their front.


They got up.


Maren appeared.




Imogene called.


“My darling imogene, you came here without informing me”.


“Sorry, I did that”.


“So what are you doing here? ”


“I came to get the head of the chosen one and to prove myself worthy “.


Imogene said bowing.


Maren smiled, “I can’t be less proud. Make me proud. The chosen one is close by”.


She said and left.


“She just have to ruin my breakfast”.


Imogene said.








Carlisa left the hotel thinking about her dream.


She have always wanted a father but mi so told her that he was dead. He died before she was born.


Was that her father she saw in her dream?


He promise never to leave but he left.


He is looking young.


She wish he was still alive.


She looked straight ahead and saw someone familiar.


“That guys looks so familiar”.


She said.


She tried thinking of where they met.


She clicked her finger when she remembered.


“Oh yes at the club. What was his name again? I think its Alex “.


She said and walked to him.


Alex was there for a business. He haven’t seen the granduwellas yet, so he is just roaming about LA trying to get informations about them.




Carlisa called.


He turned.


“Hi…… ”


He said not recognizing her.


“You don’t seem to recognize me. Am carlisa, the girl who you met in that club”.



“Oh yeah, the one who was harassed by some men”.

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Carlisa felt a little bit embarrassed.. “I will appreciate it if you don’t say that”.


She said not looking straight at him.


“Sorry, my bad”.


He said.


“Well I just came to say thank you. If you didn’t called the police then i would have


been beaten up together with my friend”.


She said.


“No problem you don’t have to thank me. Now if you will excuse me”.


He said and left.




Carlisa said.








Elma left for the seer’s house and surprisedly, he was outside waiting for her.


She ran to him.




“Have been waiting for you”.


He said.


“I finally met you, I came to know my future”.


“I know. You don’t worry, everything will happen soon. Every person that have a


connection with your future will appear one by one. But as of now, you will


discover a big secret soon”.


He said and disappeared.


“Just that. He did not say much. Gosh”.


She said and left.


She called Eliza.


“Aunt i met him”.


“Really? So what did he say? “.


She told her what he told her.


“Just it”.




“Well you have gotten your answer so just get back here”.


“What answer? I did not get any answer from him”.


“He knows what he said. So just get back here”.


Eliza said.















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