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ICE – Episode 12

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Carlisa left the house for a walk.


All what mi so said keeps ringing in her head.


“Have never seen mom like that? “.


She said.


“I really made her angry. What it all her fault? “.


She asked.


She felt guilty and angry at the same time. She couldn’t even talk to her bracelet cause of the anger she felt.


She stopped in front of a signboard which says, workers needed.


“Should I apply for the job to help? “.


She asked confused.


She sighed and left.


Her mind was occupied throughout the walk.








Elma rushed out to meet the seer but before she could get to him, he wasn’t there.


“Gosh I missed him again”.


She said and turned but bumped into someone.


She looked at the person and immediately a strong wind blew and stopped.


Elma was amaze at her beauty.


“Hey watch where you are going”.




Elma said calmly.


She bent down to pick what the lady fell.


“Am really sorry I bumped into you”.


“Just give me my purse”.


Elma gave to purse to her.


“Am Elma”.


“Who cares”.


“Oops. Sorry”.


The lady felt sad seeing her expression.


“Am Lisa”.


Carlisa said.


“Wow what a nice name.Are you also new here? ”




Carlisa replied even though she wasn’t happy about the conversation.


“Are you looking for a location? ”


“No, just taking a walk”.


“Can I join you? ”


“No. See young girl just leave me alone, you have asked so much question and


why should we walk together? Do we know each other? Just mind your business


and go your way”.


Carlisa said and left.


“She is grumpy”.


Elma said and smiled.


“But she is beautiful with that short white hair. Wish she was my sister or friend”.


Elma said and went back to the hotel.


She looked at her hand but couldn’t find her bracelet.


“Oh no, where is my bracelet. I was told not to remove it until I am eighteen. This is a disaster. What will happen now? Why did I lost it”. She asked confused.




She then remember her encounter with carlisa.


“I mistakenly fell it on the floor when I bumped into her. Gosh, hope its still there”.


She carried her phone to call Ivy but stop.


“Bad idea, I told mom not to be worried but if i tell her then she will be more




She said.


“How will I know what to do”.


She began to perceive the scent of people passing by even though they are far away.





She said when she perceived a terrible smell, like a fish which is now rotten and a rotten egg combined together.


“What is all this smell and why am i perceiving it? ”


She asked.


“Is it this room? “.


She called a cleaner through the land line.


“Hi ma’am”.


He greeted immediately he entered the room.


“Something smells badly, like rotten egg combined with rotten fish”.


She said squeezing her face.


The cleaner was shocked cause nothing smell badly in the room.


Elma began to perceive a strong smell coming out from his body.


It was like a combination of sweat, perfume, tomatoes and worst of all a cow poo.


“Sorry no offence but you smell a lot, have you taken your bath? “.


She asked.


The cleaner felt embarrassed.


Elma remembered the bracelet.


She ran out of the room.








Imogene went to the palace to met Maren but stopped by the door when she heard them talking about her.


“That useless daughter of yours will fail again if you send her”.


Gab said.


“She is just a powerless cat but she might be useless later”.


Maren said.


“I wish I had a boy instead of her”.


Gab said and imogene felt hurt.


“I just hate that girl”.


Imogene left there angrily.


She went to her room and Nana was seating on her bed.


Nana stood up when she noticed how angry she was.


“Nana pack your bags we are leaving for earth now. You are teleporting us there”.


“Why what happened? “.


“No time for question just pack”.


“Who made you angry? “.


“My dad again”.


Imogene shouted and that made the palace shake.


“My dad always saying he want a boy he always saying am useless hurt a lot. It


makes me angry and am going to show him how useful I can be. I will bring the


chosen one head here”.


She said angrily.


“Imogene calm down dear, sit let’s talk about it”.


“Am not sitting, get ready or you won’t come with me”.


Imogene said and went to open her wardrobe.








Elma ran to where she met carlisa but the bracelet wasn’t there.



“Oh no someone must have carried it”.


She said.


The smell from people was really getting out of hand.


She began to feel thirsty for blood.


“What is all this? “.


She then sighted carlisa coming and immediately, the smell and the thirst stopped.


She then saw the bracelet on her hand.


“My bracelet, its seems like that was why my craving stopped”.


She said and went to meet carlisa.


“You again”.


“Well my bracelet “.


Elma said pointing at the bracelet.


“You mean this? “.


Carlisa asked showing the bracelet.


“Yes that is mine. It fell from my hand”.


“No its not yours. Its mine”.


Carlisa said.


“You re mistaken that is mine”.


“Aish. This girl”.


“it fell when I bumped into you”.


Carlisa touched her other hand and felt a bracelet there.


“What? “.


She said.


She drew her cloth up a bit and saw it.


She then remembered putting it on her left hand instead of her right hand before she left. And she remembered taking the other bracelet on the floor and putting it on her right hand.




She said and removed it.


“Sorry I thought it was mine”.


She said and gave it back to Elma.


“Am so sorry”.


She said and made an attempt to leave.


“I will really like us to become friends”.


Elma said.


Carlisa looked at her and smirked.


“No chance”.


She said and left.


“Too rude for a girl”.


Elma said and went towards a supermarket close by to get something not looking


at where carlisa entered.








“Are you ready Imogene? “.


Nana asked.


“Yes always ready”.


Imogene replied.



Nana closed her eyes and they both appeared on the road in LA but everyone where frozed.


Imogene opened her eyes and was shocked about the number of people she saw.


“Wow they are many’.


She said.


“Really? Then you haven’t seen anything yet.”


Nana said and change their cloth with magic.


Imogene was given a tight blue jean trouser with a blue shirt which was tied above her naval.


“This is awesome”.


She said.


“You look beautiful”.


Nana said.


“What? ”


“I made the scar invisible”.


Imogene touch her face and realise its wasn’t there again.


She smiled widely.


“Wow I love that smile”.


Imogene hugged her.


“Thank you”.


She said.


“Now let’s go”.


Nana said and unfroze everyone.


They both began to walk to a house behind a supermarket.


Elma came out of the supermarket and saw her.


“Wow why am I meeting pretty people today? “.


She asked.


The same breeze blew and stopped immediately.


“What is wrong with this wind”.


She asked and left for the hotel.













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