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ICE – Episode 10

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The plane landed in LA the next day.


Mi so boarded a taxi to an hotel which she booked.


Carlisa maintained a grumpy face throughout the journey even when they got to LA, she was still unhappy.


Mi so did not a say a word cause she thought is because of what jihee did to her.


“Good morning”.


Mi so greeted the receptionist.


“Good morning ma’am, how may I help you”


“We booked a room online yesterday. Room 105”.


The receptionist looked through his file.


“Are you Miss Mi So Geum”.


“Yes, and Carlisa Geum”.


Mi so said.


“Ok, here is your key”.


She said giving the key to Mi so.


“Thank you”.


Mi so said and came to meet carlisa.


“Let’s go”.


Carlisa carried her luggage and left leaving Mi so behind.


“She did not even bother to help with mine”.


Mi so said and followed her.


Carlisa stood close to Mi so while she opened the door.


Carlisa walked inside and drop the luggage in the wardrobe, she then sat on the sofa.


“My phone”.


“Your phone? You are not using that phone, they might track you with it”.


Mi so said.


“Then get me a new phone”.


“That you will have to earn yourself”.


“Earn? “.


Carlisa asked coldly.


“Carlisa why are you talking to me like that? Am I Jihee? “.




Carlisa said and close her eyes.


Mi so sighed.








Imogene couldn’t stop thinking about Michael.


“What is wrong with me? ”


She asked.


“So what is wrong with you? What is in your mind? ”


“Nothing Nana”


“Nothing? You love that word. Is there a boy in your life now? ”




She said shyly.


“Oh my God. Imogene”


“What? ”


“You are shy. This is the first time you are shy”.


“No am not”.


She said and shyly entered her room.








Elma sat on her bed quietly listening to Eliza who was instructing her on what to do.


“So who is this man I will meet? ”


“He is a seer but he stays in a street close to the airport. He is always not at home, so you will have to stay in the hotel close by to monitor him. ” Eliza said showing Elma a map.


“This is his house”.


“Ok Eliza, I will go there today”.


Elma said smiling.








Imogene sat on her bed confused.


“Why do I want to see that man. Gosh what has he done to me? “.


She asked.


She stood up from her bed.


“I will have to see him for just a minute if not I won’t get a sleep today”.


She said and left her room.


She left the palace to the dungeon.


“Gosh guards”.


She said looking at the guards there.


She raise her hands.


She cast a spell on them and they slept up.






“I wonder how my wife is? I wonder how my grandchild is? Are they still alive?


Are they managing well? “.


Marcus said.


“I miss them so much”.


Ashton said.


“Its all because of Maren. I really wish she will die and never wake up again”.


Michael said.




Ashton called when he saw her in their front.


“What are you doing here? “.


Marcus asked.


“The answer is easy, she came to see whether we are still alive. Her mother must


have sent her here”


Michael said.


Imogene became sad.


“Nobody sent me, I just came to see how you guys are”.


Imogene said surprised at herself.


March, Ashton and Michael where surprise that she cares.


“I never meant any of those”.


She said and turned to go but was stopped.


“Why don’t we get to now each other”.


Marcus said.


“No, there is no need for that. We already know ourselves”.


She said and left.


“Gosh I need to stop thinking about that Michael. He is older than me”.


She said when she got to her room.


She lied down on her bed.








“So Elma, you’re leaving? For how many days? ”


Vanessa asked.


“Don’t know grandma, until I talk to the seer”.


She replied folding her clothes into her bag.


“My baby is leaving, I will miss you”.

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Ivy said.


“Don’t worry mom, I will be back before you know it”.


“Baby, please be careful. I lived here so I know how this world is. Just find and talk to the seer and nothing more, ok”.


“Mom you get worried easily”.


“Why shouldn’t I? ”


Ivy asked.


Elma hugged her.


“You don’t have to be. I am strong and of age now. I can manage “.


“I am really worried”.


“Don’t be ivy, Elma is a big girl how, she can take good are o herself”.


Freda said entering the room.


“You see mom. I can take good care of myself”.


Elma said.


“Ok fine. Just be careful”.


“Don’t worry mom”.


Elma said and hugged her mother.








Jay sat on his bed together with his friend.


“So you mean, you haven’t gotten over that beast”.


“She is so beautiful. But she has a scar on her face, wonder what cause it”.


Jay said smiling.


“You really need to see a doctor”.


His friend, kelvin said.


“Yes before my heart explode”.


Jay said.


“I heard your cousin is coming to town”.


“Yes, that big head”.


“Big head? You hate him so much, why? ”


“He always steals the spotlight”.


“Why wouldn’t he? He is hot and cute, but you? ”


He said and look at jay from head to toe.


“You are the first son of a chimpanzee “.


Jay threw a pillow at him.


“Get out of my house”.


“Am your best friend so you can’t drive me out”.


Kelvin said and lied close to Jay. “Idiot”.


Jay said.




“Swan boyfriend”.


“Monkey banana”.


Jay hit him on the head.




Kelvin said touching the place he was hit.








It tool Elma 45 minutes before she get to the hotel. She paid the taxi driver and went in.




She said to the receptionist.




Elma quickly put an earpiece in her ear, what she will say next is recorded. She don’t know how to address people well.



“What can I do for you? “.


The receptionist asked.


“I booked a room”.


Elma said repeating after the recorded voice.


“Ok what room? “.


“Room 105”.




The receptionist asked and went through her file.


“Oh no, it was double booked. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will just have to change a room for you. Room 106 is available”.




The receptionist gave her the key to the room.


Elma went to the room looking at the key.


“How will I open this door with this rectangle shape that look like a card”.


She asked confused.


“Is this even a key? What type of key is this? “.


She asked.


She saw a cleaner coming out of a room.




Elma said.


He turned and looked at her.


“Please, keys”.


She said.



“Don’t understand ma’am”.


“Open the door please”.


She gave him the key.


“This is how you open it”.


He said and show her how the door is been opened using the master key.















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