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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 9

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Chapter 9





Iyna’s p.o.v





I don’t know for how long we drove but finally the car stopped,and Nicholas has already open my door for me I smiled and got out ,he placed his hand on my waist and we both match inside .

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I must say this building looks so amazing and beautiful very big and wonderful. Violin was playing in the room ,we both got in and so many people were there the light was a bit deep but you could still see everyone clear, I must say everyone looks so elegantly dressed , am sure my dress is one of the poorest here .








Nicholas held my waist possessively,and my body couldn’t resist how his hand feel against me, some how I love it that his hand is there .




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Just then a beautiful lady was rushing to us with another one behind her they were





smiling.who are they ?





“Nicholas”the first lady called.





Nicholas smiled .





“Nichol “he called and hugged her .





“Hi Nick “the second one said.





“Althea how you doing? He asked .





“Am here with the way you left me of course”she replied and they chuckled. They looked to me, gosh am suddenly feeling uncomfortable I wonder who they are .





“Umm….Nick…who is she ? The Nichol asked .










Nichol I want you to meet my P.A Iyna …and Iyna meet Nichol my twin sister and





Althea our youngest” he introduced.





Wow ! So his a twin.





“How are you Iyna …you really look gorgeous with this dress “Althea said smiling.





“Thanks”I simply said .





“Nice meeting you Iyna ” Nichol smiled and gave Nicholas a secret look .





“Wow.. Nicholas didn’t tell us he got a very beautiful P.A”Nichol said and they










I blushed.





“Ummm…Nichol where is mom and dad ? Nicholas asked .





“Mom should…….





“Nicholas”a woman called from behind as she hurried towards us ,then Nicholas father too, I can’t believe am meeting his family.





“Mom…”he called and hugged her as she kissed his cheek.





I must say she looks so pretty.





“And who is this Beautiful goddess with you son? The woman asked .





“Mom I want you to meet …….





Before he could complete it Nichol and Althea shouted .










My eyes popped out Nicholas looked shocked and am more shocker, his father chuckled and the mother has a very surprised expression. Oh my gosh”girlfriend? We aint even friends.





Suddenly the woman smiled.








“Wow! This is amazing Nicholas…you didn’t tell us you finally had a girlfriend”she smiled and came to me she held my hand.





“You look so beautiful…am so surprised he finally got a girlfriend….you look





gorgeous my dear “she said hugging me tightly.





The rest chuckle while Nicholas gave them an angry look.





“Thanks Mrs hensmith”I said .





“Oh…don’t call me that dear I feel so old , am still very young just call me mom Vanessa …after all you will soon be part of our family…right Jason? She turned to her husband with her eyes shining with so much love for him. His holding himself from laughing.





“Yes of course”he said and chuckle.





“Am so glad my son…you finally made a good decision by bringing such a beautiful woman” mom Vanessa said smiling cheekily at me, and I put up one of my best fake smile .





“Ummm mom…it’s not ……





“No, son i really like her. ..she’s really good right Nichol.? Mom Vanessa asked.cutting Nicholas off.





“Yes mom..very super”Nichol answered grinning from ear to ear and i caught Nicholas ready to strangle her while she flick her tongue out for him, Althea chuckled.





“Dear please come with me , let me introduce you to the rest of the family” mom Vanessa pulled my hand .





Gosh ! Am dead i looked at Nicholas for help but I think his helpless because his eyes widen .





“No mom..wait ” he try to grab me but his father pulled him back .





“Go on honey … introduce her ” his dad said and chuckled, oh my how can he do this to me ?





“Common love , you need to meet everyone” mom Vanessa pulled me away with Nichol and Althea following us as they chuckled.





Oh my gosh , what have I gotten myself into…am so dead .





We head to some people standing.





“Vanessa dear who is this?” The woman asked .





“Mother it’s Iyna, she’s Nicholas girlfriend” mom Vanessa introduced happily, they looked shocked .





“Nicholas girlfriend?, So he finally decided to have one ?” The old man said and chuckled while the old woman spanked him amd laugh.





“Please my dear am Babianca by name and this silly man here is my husband





Timmy” she introduced I smiled .





“Nice to meet you sir mam” I greeted





“Oh we need a big hug welcome to the family ” she pulled me into a hug and we hugged each other I did thesame for Timmy hensmith, damn they are so beautiful and breathtaking in their family.





“Mom” a lady called from behind,we turned to see a very beautiful lady with a man standing by her side, I wonder who she is.





“Oh maddie love , common meet your nephew’s girlfriend” mom babianca said and the Maddie’s eyes was wild in surprised.





“Oh my hi…am Maddie and this is my husband Paul henchmen” she introduced me to a good looking man around the age of Nicholas father he looks handsome. “Nice meeting you sir” I shook him.





“Am so glad my nephew finally decided to have a girlfriend and a beautiful one at that ” Maddie said happily.





From there they kept me company and I think they like me a lot , but I was so nervous because its not real , we ain’t dating. Nicholas’s p.o.v










Oh my gosh! This Nichol and Althea has ruined everything, mom is gonna tell everyone now ,what do I do?





“Son…you know you should stop thinking about that ….to me , I guess it’s





normal”dad said .





“Dad…she’s not even my girlfriend and mom now thinks she is “I said . “Well…does it matter I see the way you look at her …I don’t think anything is wrong if she’s your girlfriend….now common let me introduce you to Mr Donald Dimitri his already here ” dad said .





And I followed him to meet some couples one after the other then finally I met with Mr Donald we talked about the business merging and how it will profit the interest of my company…he agreed that our company should be Marge since we are both wealthy.





After everything i started looking for Iyna , the place is so crowding am sure she’s with my family.





Then I saw Nichol I met her .





“Nichol ..did you see Iyna ? I asked .





“Yeah she went to the washroom some minutes ago ” she replied.i nodded and started heading to the washroom.





Iyna’s p.o.v





Gosh! I never knew this was going to happen, mom Vanessa introduced me to the whole hensmith, even Nicholas grandparents , I was sweating so badly , cause it wasn’t even true …and they appear to like me alot .





They are actually nice I must say but not as grumpy as the beast himself, I excused myself and went to the washroom to at least calm myself down from all this drama





I finally came out of the washroom and bombed into a hard wall, no it wasn’t a wall it was someone before I could fall I was caught I looked up and meet the most beautiful eyes ever , of course it was the beast who eals,we looked into each other’s eyes for a while and he finally let me stand well.





I smooth my dress and cleared my throat. “Umm.. thanks”I said.





” Are you okay ? He asked I nodded .





He pulled me to him by my waist and we both head back into the party I could feel people’s eyes on us , but I like it that his arm is wrapped around my waist, gosh his being so possessive.





“Nicholas baby”





Someone called and I and Nicholas turned to the direction of the voice and there was a lady coming towards us smiling.





Who is she ,I don’t think she’s one of the hensmith’s cause mom Vanessa had showed me everyone then who is she , I looked up at Nicholas and he looks so Angry , like someone who’s about to punch someone.





He held me tightly by my waist and pulled me more closer to him,as if he wants my body to enter into his , but his eyes still on the lady coming , and he looks so,so angry.





Who is the lady ? Why was he so angry? What is going on?






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