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His New Secretary – Episode 20

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Episode 20




Ella’s POV


I don’t know why I ran away but I think it’s the best for now . I mean all this is too much for me to take in .


I took the nearest cab and headed home that’s where my today work ends. I don’t think it will be easy to continue working there . It won’t be easy at all.


I entered into the house to meet mum and dad discussing about what I don’t know but form the look on mum’s face , I can tell it’s not a good discussion..


I’m not stopping the fact that you can come see your daughter but I don’t wish to have anything to do with you please” mum said and looked away while dad sigh ….


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I understand that it’s not easy to overcome the pain of being raped but she has to forgive dad and I must make sure of that . They have to come together by all means after all because of the live he has for mum, he refused to get married .. He’s really a loving person by heart and just maybe mum will find happiness this


time around .



I know it’s hard for you to get over what I did to you but I won’t stop trying until you forgive me” he paused and stared at mum while I stood there in my spot


eavesdropping on their conversation I mean it’s my family we are talking about. Just this one has made me forgot my worry earlier. …


Dad stood up and muttered


” I love you Nora ” aww, I can see that !


I cleared my throat and came into view as dad was about living…



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” Afternoon everyone” I greeted cheerfully like I just came in .


How are you my princess ” dad said and pulled me into a hug ..


I’m fine dad I can see you were about going but you have to stay with me for a while now that I’m back ” I said and pouted like a baby without looking at mum. I Know she will be throwing daggers at me . If looks can kill I do be dead by now because of the way I’m assuming she will be glaring at me …..


Anything for you baby girl, I was even planning a vacation for us soon so we can grow our father-daughter bond ” he said while I beamed . I’m my whole life , I haven’t gone on vacation before. Don’t blame me, mum was just a baby sitter at America to take care of me and my education so we don’t have enough money to do that…

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Oh my Goodness! Are you serious? ” I asked and jumped up ..


Yes hunny ” he said and took a sit again while I squealed and sat beside him ..


Mum is coming with us right ?” I asked while mum choked on her spit I guess ..


Elle why are you back so early ?” Mum asked changing the topic


It’s nothing mum just no work to do ” I lied , I can’t bring myself to tell them my boss kissed me .


Are you sure? How’s Reed ?” She asked ..


He’s fine mum, anyways I want to go freshen up and dad wait till I’m back ” I said and headed to my room ..


I will princess we will be going for a walk ” he replied while I nodded.. The last two days I have spent with him was like heaven , he might not be the best father but he has come to take part in my life .


I must bring them together, yeah I will .








” Stupid wake up ” mum said while I rigmarole on the bed … The sleep is not enough for me at all. Why is she disturbing my peaceful sleep now ? .


Mum go , I want to sleep” I shouted without opening my eyes ….


Mum? Stand up now Ella will you? Or you want my second method in waking you up ?” Oh my God ! That’s Lia’s voice … I jumped up from the bed and fell my butt on the floor as I groan in pain. I can’t bear her waking me by slapping today yet …


I love the way you fell” she said in between laugh while I shot a glare at her …


What are you doing here ?” I asked and sat down beside her on the bed ..


Can’t I come see my friend again ? I can go if I’m not welcome” she said and stood up to leave.


I’m sorry I didn’t mean it that way ” I said hugging her from behind…


It’s okay , so how’s work ? It’s been a while we chit chat ” she said as she sat down


Work has been good ” I replied. I haven’t told her all that happened within this week to be precised , I was planning on telling her soon that’s if I over come everything…


Lia has really been a good friend since we arrived here. She’s the best I could ever ask for ..


I know it will be good when Mr handsome is there with you ?” She said and winked while I rolled my eyes. Talking about him brings goose bump to my body and now this silly girl has brought him up .


Tell me what has been happening between the two of you , don’t tell me nothing else I will rip off your head ” she said . That’s Lia for you, always threatening me



There’s nothing Lia or perhaps I will tell you when I wish to but for now , I’m not ready ” I said and stood up ..


That’s not fair ” she replied while I giggled.


I was about replying when a knock came on my door …


Elle you have a visitor” mum yelled fr outside.. Visitor ? Who do I have to visit me ?


Could it be Jeanne ? I dropped the bag I’m my hand going to the door . I should go see for myself .


A minute Lia ” I said while she nodded pressing my phone..


I came out of my room to the sitting room but didn’t meet anyone….


Was I hallucinating? But I heard mum calling me right?


I was about going back to my room when I bumped into someone and we both fell on the floor with the person holding my waist protectively ..


I raised up my head to meet a pair of eyes staring directly at me.




We stared at each other forgetting we are still on the floor…


I jerked from him as I discovered the position we were in , I was on top of him


while he held me protectively ..


I looked away immediatetly as i stood up .


Harley ” he called raising my chin


I’m sorry for what happened earlier” he said and wrapped his arms around me .. the electricity between us is really shocking ..


It.. it..it’s no.. nothing” I replied.


My eyes fell on his abs. Oh my! How can he be shirtless in my house?


He’s well built and those and are attracting.i wish to touch them and feel it while I will use my other hand to caress his bare body …


Like what you see?” He said and smirked while my face flushed in embarrassment. Don’t tell me I have been drooling

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