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Ecstasy – Episode 51

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Imogene sat close to jay who eyes where still shut. Bryan have been taken to the hospital.


Imogene heard a groan, she open her eyes and stirred at Jay, he was groaning in pain.


“Jay.” She called.


He slowly opened his eyes, “Imogene.” He called In a very low tune that it was hard for imogene to exactly hear what he said.


She don’t know what came over her, all she knew was that she hugged him really tight.


“Do you know how worried I have been? I really miss you.” She said.


“You where worried?” Jay asked.


She looked at him, “yes I was.”


He smiled. “Part of the pains I felt left.” He said.


“What about bryan and Alex?”


“Bryan is at the hospital while Alex is better now.”


“That is good to hear. Am really thirsty, can I get some water?”


“I will be right back.” Imogene said and left to get him some water.








Maren sent Rebecca to earth. Rebecca was able to locate the mansion easily which was surprising to her.


She went into the house cause the gate wasn’t locked.


“Where is the chosen one?” She asked.


The granduwellas where having dinner when they heard her voice.


“That voice sounds so familiar.” Freda said.


They all came outside and was shocked to see who it was.


“Rebecca.”they called.


“Rebecca?” Carlisa asked.


“Where is the chosen one?” Rebecca asked.


“Something is wrong with her.’ Eliza said.


“What is wrong with her?” Freda asked.


“I think she is been controlled and that monster looks so familiar.” Eliza said.


Carlisa couldn’t believe her mother was right in front of her, the woman who abandoned her, the woman who was the cause of everything.


“That look like Gab.” Nana said.


“Yes. It is him, like I predicted, she’s been controlled by Maren. I knew Maren was up to something.” Eliza said.


“Where is the chosen one.” Rebecca asked.



“Its me, what do you want.” Rebecca did not reply instead she sent arrows to Carlisa. Carlisa was able to dodge each of one them.


“What is wrong with her?” Elma asked.


Rebecca threw a big ball of light which hit carlisa. She shouted and disappeared.


“Carlisa…….” Elma called.


The granduwellas where shocked. Where have Rebecca taken carlisa too?.


“Stop that right now.” A voice said to Rebecca who was about to throw a ball of fire to the granduwellas.








All of them turned and look at the direction of where the voice came from.


They we’re all speechless and couldn’t talk.

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“Martha.” Lucius called.


“Leave my family alome.” She said and threw a white powder at Rebecca.


Rebecca screamed and left.


“Mother.” Marcus called.


She smiled at him, she hugged him tight.”I miss you son.” She said. “Where is Orchard?”


Marcus kept quiet, “he is fine mother.” He finally said.


“What are you doing here?” Lucius asked.




“We don’t need you anymore.” He said and left.



Imogene and Elma where just stirring not able to say a word. Carlisa disappearance


really made them weak and confused.








Carlisa appeared in a strange land.


“Where am i?” She asked confused.


“You are in the torment world.” She heard someone said.


She turned and saw a woman with a white long hair.


“Torment world? Is that not for vampires who fell in love with humans?”


“Yes dear.”


“But what am I doing here.”


“Your mother sent you here.”


“That woman.”


“Its not her fault. By the way am Emedin. You know me very well, you will recognize me when you look deep into my eyes.”


Carlisa looked at her and found something very familiar, she resembles the woman, Rebecca too. “Who are you?” Carlisa asked.


“Like I said, Emedin, your grandmother. Rebecca’s mother.”


“What? What are you doing here?”


“This is not the right place to talk, let’s look for your uncle Richard, Elma’s dad.” Emedin said.


“Uncle Richard?”


“Yes. He is close by.” Emedin said.


They both left. Emedin came close to Richard.


“Richard.” She called.


Richard looked at her, “hello Emedin.” He looked at Carlisa, “is she new? Of which family cause the black bloods are dead.”


“Well this is carlisa, your niece.”


Richard stopped what he was doing and looked at carlisa. “What?”


“Yes, Nicole and Rebecca’s daughter. The chosen one.”


He stirred at carlisa stunned. “What is she doing here? Did you fall in love with a human?”


“No, Rebecca sent her here.” Emedin said.




“Its a long story.”


Richard smiled at Carlisa, “darling, you look just like your mom.” He said and


hugged her.






It was dark already, carlisa, Emedin and Richard sat down close to a fire.


“Grandma, will you like to tell me what’s happening?” Carlisa asked.


“Oh yes.” She said.


“Why is she evil?”


“Well its because she was brought back with anger, maren brought her back, but anger did the biggest job.”



“I don’t understand.”


“The day alex, jay and bryan where kidnap, they where used to bring you guys to the dark realm and harming them was to make you girls angry, which worked. Maren knew what she did, she knew that your mother and father are the only ones who could destroy you and that was why she wanted her back, she knew your father won’t turn evil so easily.” Emedin said.


“Wow, dad won’t turn evil easily.” She said with a smile.


“Its seems you don’t know your mother well.”


“Why would I when I just met her.”


“Do you want me to tell you little about her?”


“Go ahead, it won’t hurt.”


“I was a evil princess from the black bloods sent to destroy the red blood cause I was very powerful, I met with an accident and lost my memory. A man took me in and took care of me, I fell in love with him which was against the rule of vampires. I became pregnant and gave to emedia, that is your mother Rebecca, after I died and came here. Your mother was happy with her normal life, she was so happy not until she found out that she was a vampire, her friends left her calling her a witch, she was betrayed by them. She was hurt, her dad was dead. She stayed far away from humans not wanting to hurt them. She hurt herself and locked herself for so long cause she hates harming them. With the aim of knowing who she is, she became a doctor in your dad’s hospital. An intern. She so much wanted to be human, then she fell in love with your father. Miso was also a good friend to Rebecca, Rebecca saved her when she was possessed. Then one day, in the processing of searching for my diary, she got poisoned by a beast, Gab. The only cure was his venom. she wanted that cure most especially when she found out she was carrying you. She wanted no harm on you, she wants you to live the most peaceful and happy life. She wanted you to be human but she had that poison and also she had to turn to a witch for it to work. But it did not work instead it all went to you. She later died but before she did, she gave you to her human friend mi so,



so that you can have a taste of what a normal life is even before you know about the prophecy. And now Maren brought her back so she can use her to destroy you, rebecca lost her memory too but it can also be brought back when she remembers everything or when she sees Nicole. Why Nicole wouldn’t have turned evil is because he is a Granduwella and their blood is stronger than you think. If you mother and father had gotten married, then your mother would have been a Granduwella and her blood will be connected to theirs. Making her connected to them. But she is a black blood, making it easier for Maren to use her.” Emedin said.


“Wow, no one told me this.” Carlisa said.


“You should go back and help your mother regain her memory cause she is what you need to destroy Maren.” Richard said.


“But how will I get out of here?” Carlisa asked.







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