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Ecstasy – Episode 34

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Immediately Elma entered her room, her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and smiled. It was Bryan.


She picked.




“Where are you?”


“At home.”


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“Can you come over?”


“I think so.”


“Meet me at the highest tower top.” He said.


“Ok I will.” Elma said smiling widely.


Bryan disconnected the call.


She’s always happy when she around bryan, when she hears his voice and when she hears his name.


She just have to admit it.


She loves Bryan.








Elma was so excited with the thought of seeing Bryan.


She got dressed and for the first applied some makeup.


She ran out of her room to the living room.


“Going somewhere?” Ivy asked.


“Yea mom.” She said grinning.


“With make up?” Vanessa asked looking at her shocked.


“Is it that obvious?”

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“Yes.” Ivy replied.


“Oops, well I just want to look good today.” Elma said.



“Something is fishy, first you came out all excited, secondly there is makeup on your face, thirdly where are you going to?” Vanessa asked.


“Just taking a walk.”


“Really? Elma are you going to meet a guy?” Freda asked looking at her suspiciously.


“No, she is really going for a walk. She asked me to come with her but I said no unless she put on some makeup cause I can’t be moving with someone looking like a beggar. That was why she put it on, and I also told her not to let anyone know.” Carlisa said walking to Elma.


“Ohhh.” Ivy said.


Carlisa looked at Elma, “let’s go now.”


“Let imogene go with you cause it will be nice if the three of you go together.” Eliza said.


“No way.” Carlisa said.


“Then no one is leaving.” Freda said.


“Fine.” Carlisa replied.


Elma was so shocked, Carlisa just helped her out.


Imogene joined them and they all left.


When they left the storey building, Elma held carlisa back. “Why did you say all those thing?”


“I know you are going to meet Bryan. You have done a lot for me so I decided to help you meet your crush even though I had to go with this bitch.” Crlisa said referring to Imogene.



Imogene smirked, “I don’t want to walk about with you too, I only agreed to come cause Elma is a good girl unlike you fu.cking fool.”


Elma smiled, “thanks.”


“I won’t disturb your time with him, so you won’t know we are there, but I have to go with you to avoid suspicion from your mom.” Carlisa said.


They left.


They all left to the spot bryan told Elma to meet him.


Bryan was there but with Jay.


Imogene and Jay stirred at each other, Imogene with anger while jay with anger mixed with confusion cause his bracelet wasn’t on her hand.


“What are you doing here?” Jay asked.


“Are you now my manager to know my moves?”


“You know you don’t suppose to be here, now I will just have to remove your powers.”


“It seems imogene has a lot of enemies. Such a bitch.”


Carlisa said.


Elma came forward, “what’s wrong Jay?”she asked.


“Yea dude, what is wrong with you?” Bryan asked.


“This girl is a beast, she want to harm innocent people.” Jay replied.


“How do you know?” Elma asked.


“Am a beast hunter remember?”


“Oh you are right, but imogene is not just any beast but the third member of ice.”


“What?” Jay asked shocked.


“Yes she is.”


“This beast is among the ice?”


“Yes, she is the sword.”


“Elma you don’t have to tell him everything.” Imogene said rudely. She looked at Jay. “You once tried to remove my powers, now I will teach you a lesson. …. Oh no no, don’t have time to do that. But when next I see you, you are dead.”


“How many more enemies are you going to make pabo(idiot)” carlisa asked.


Imogene angrily looked at her, “stay out of this.”


“Am I in it?”


“Please let’s stop.” Elma said.


Carlisa looked at her, she came to have a peaceful time with bryan but they are spoiling it for her. She promise not to get noticeably, but here she is breaking it. She stood up. “When you are done, meet me outside.” She said. She looked at Imogene, “you don’t wanna blow this for Elma so leave.” She said in a way only imogene could hear but the others couldn’t. She left. Imogene sighed and went a different way.


Bryan looked at Jay, “aren’t you going somewhere?”


“What is that beast problem.” He asked changing topic.


“Don’t worry, she won’t harm anyone, she is a good and nice beast.”


“Jay sighed, “I hope so.” He said and left.


“Those three are headaches.” Elma said.


Bryan laughed, “you can say that over again.”





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Carlisa sat outside waiting for elma. She couldn’t believe that she is doing what she is doing for Elma. When did she change?.


A boy mistakenly threw a can at her and it hit her head. She got angry and stood up.


“Hey.” She said. The young boy ran.


The demons in her where woken. Her eyes turned black.


“We need Maren, we need Maren.” She said.


Imogene came out and was shocked to see carlisa eyes all black and the anger on her face was so scary.


“We need Maren, she must pay.” Carlisa said.


“My mother?” Imigene asked.


Carlisa closed her eyes and disappeared.


“Mother.” Imogene called and froze everyone, she created a portal leading to the dark realm.


She never liked her mother but she just felt pained when carlisa mentioned her mother name and she also (Join Group) More stories @ remembered when Eliza said they will only avenge the people who they hate.


Carlisa appeared in front of Maren.


Maren and gab stood up shocked.


Carlisa rose her hand and pointed if at Maren, “you just die.” She said and ran to Maren. Maren rose her staff to push her away, but carlisa was stronger than her.


Carlisa instead used the staff on her.


Gab tried helping Maren but carlisa threw him away from the palace.


Carlisa stabbed Maren with a knife close by. “Die,” she kept on saying stabbing Maren continuously.


“Carlisa.” Imogene called. She ran and pushed carlisa away from her mother who was groaning in pain. Carlisa hit her head on a golden statue and lost consciousness.


Imogene helped her mother up. “Take me away from that demon.” Maren said weakly and fell unconscious. Imogene for the first time saw fear in her mother’s face. She knew the demon where powerful.








Alex sipped from his coffee. That has become a normal routine, he hardly leaves his apartment. He always stay indoor to research about the electricity and the short rain.


His phone rang.


It was Sandra calling. He picked. “Hello Sandra.”


“Sir, we just got an information about a nurse in the granduwellas hospital ,she worked there as a nurse but resigned fifteen years ago. She once released an article about the granduwellas having supernatural powers, don’t have an idea why she said so.”


“Do you know where she lives?”


“No, my investigator haven’t found that out yet.”


“Search for her address and be fast about it.”


He said and disconnected the call.


That nurse will surely help a great deal.











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