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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 47

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Julia’s Pov


Kill Celine’s baby….. Check


Now she’ll feel the same pain I am feeling, the loss of her baby would teach her a good lesson not to mess with me.


I hate the fact that I have become so miserable all thanks to my own younger sister.


Even the police are now looking for me, I am wanted everywhere and my image has been tarnished.


Even if I leave this life, I won’t live without taking Celine with me.


Celine’s Pov


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“Adrian please stop it” I screamed at him and stopped him from hitting Sam my personal bodyguard.


“Where the were you when someone was trying to poison my wife” He asked grabbing his collar staring daggers at him.


“I was the one who told him to take a day off since I was going out with Erin besides how do you expect him to know the juice was going to be poisoned”


“That’s his fu.cking job, besides I gave him orders to watch you everyday, why did you have to give him a day off without consulting me first”. He growled at me. I was scared, this anger was a different type of anger, his eyes darkened as he looked at my stomach.


“If any fu.cking thing had happened to you or my baby I wouldn’t have survived it, You’re fired!!” Adrian pointed a finger at him , eyes narrowed in rage.


Sam nodded and left.


“Adrian” I gasped, he ignored me and stormed upstairs.


I walked upstairs and entered the bedroom, Adrian sat on the bed facing the wall and hands clenched to fist.


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I swallowed and put my hand on his shoulders hoping to soften him.



“Hey ” I murmured, his head whirled around to look at me, he looked back at the wall.


“You promised you’ll make lunch for me” He stared back at me. His expression was cold and unwelcoming and my heart ached at how different he was from this morning, there had been love, warmth and desires in his eyes but all I could see was rage.


“I have something to do” He stands up and walks to his laptop. I understood his rage.


After the facade of a stomach ache, Adrian had called Romeo and we checked the CCTV footage of the restaurant to see Julia discussing with the waiter and giving him some pills.


“How did Julia get so close to you, I told Sam and his boys to watch out for her, I personally sent Julia’s pictures to each of them and if she’s seen anywhere you should be vacated out of that place asap”


“Well about that I gave Sam a day off” I said and he became mad immediately.


He didn’t talk to me but called Sam home and gave him the beating of his life.


“Am sorry Adrian” I apologized, he didn’t say anything but nods his head busying himself with his laptop.


“Adrian you just can’t stop… Owww” I groaned when I hit my foot on the arm chair.


“Celine” Adrian looks back and comes towards me helping me sit.


He looks at my foot and rubs it.


“Adrian” I called but he doesn’t reply


“I know I made a mistake but am okay….”


“It’s not about you being okay…” He cuts in and looks up at me.



“Those bodyguards are not just there for accessories, what if Julia had planned something big. I can’t even begin to think what’s going to happen to you. Today I saw you in pains even though it was just a lie but still I saw you in pains and I didn’t know what to do, I felt useless today Celine….”


“Am sorry Adrian, I know how you feel like but trust me am going to be okay”


“With your crazy ass sister on the loose, I doubt that”


I chuckled and hit his arm playfully, something came up on my mind and I decided to say it out.


“If Julia is arrested Can I talk to her” I asked, Adrian’s eyebrow furrows. He stands up and moves distance away from me.


“Am not letting you near that witch, no arguments” Adrian growls walking back to the laptop.


“You don’t understand Adrian, I know Julia is dangerous but I know she’s also hurt. While we were growing she was used to having everything she always wanted, my parents spoiled her to a dangerous extent. She might have done a bad things to me but she I won’t forget the good things she has done to me. She introduced me to Mary and do you know how many times she has bailed me from prison due to my craziness, honestly am putting my self in her shoes and I know how it feels when someone takes what you love”


“Julia doesn’t love me and even if she really does. Killing Anthony and his family is no fu.cking way to show it”


“Am not saying what she did was right but..”


“No buts Celine don’t you try and justify your sister’s callousness. Don’t misguide her wickedness for love for me okay”


“But Adr..”



“This discussion is over” He growled angrily and walked to the closet, he comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist, I found myself admiring his na.ked abs and V print, what was hiding under those towels made my thoughts run wild.


God I need to stop acting like a hormonal sex starved teenager.


He looks at me and realized I was lusting over him.


“Don’t even go there young woman, you’ve been an extremely bad girl today.


Nothing for you” He says and steps into the bathroom.


I sigh and lay my back on the bed, my thoughts wander off to Julia, I need to settle this issue once and for all.


Julia’s Pov


I look at the strands of hair on my comb and in my hand, I was going completely bald and the rate at which it was going was completely alarming.


Reality was hitting me fast and I was becoming scared of my life.


Just a week ago I was happy I had succeeded in killing what Adrian and Celine love the most and today am feeling like I don’t even know what I want again.

Deandro walks in the bathroom and kisses my bare shoulder.


“Julia am sorry” He apologized.


I had no idea what he was sorry for, he has been there for me and honestly am beginning to develop some feelings for him even though it’s too late.


He has helped in hiding me from the police.


“What are you sorry for?” I asked and he opens the door. I open my eyes in alarm and glared at Deandro, my feelings were gone to be replaced with anger.


“How dare you Deandro”


“Miss Greene you are under arrest for the murder of Anthony Moretti, you have the right to remain silent or anything you say would be used against you in the court of law, you have a right to an attorney” I resisted the arrest but was practically dragging out , I kicked and scream but all my attempts were futile.


“I hate you Deandro” I yelled angrily, my voice laced with pure venom.


Celine’s Pov


Julia has been arrested and it was trending everywhere, it was through the arrest a lot of people knew we were related and that only added salt to the injury.


The media compared both of us together and it didn’t help, the atmosphere was tense and the wedding was coming up.


Few more days to go and this was all going to be over




Today was the trial and honestly I wished the day never came.


When Julia walked out, I saw the her eyes.


She looked like mess, her hair had been shaved off, she looked so sick and I felt bad looking at her like that


Anita was called to give her statements and the defendant tried to throw her off but she had enough evidence to stand her ground.


The guy who sold illegal drugs to her came and showed evidence Julia had been doing business deals with him.


After much evidence from Anita, the drug dealer , the doctor and Romeo, the judge makes his decision.


The judge turned to the jury who had just finished deliberating. It took only an hour for them to come to a decision on the charges.


A juror stood from her seat. She was a young brunette .


“After careful deliberation we find the defendant Julia Greene guilty on all charges.”


I heard gasps and echos, I dipped my nails through my skin and sighed tiredly.


Miss Greene you have been charged to life imprisonment no parole.” The judge declared while I swallowed nervously.


I saw a tear fall from her eyes but she wipes it off immediately as she’s dragged out of the courtroom.


“Are you okay” Adrian asked, I nodded but honestly I wasn’t okay.


We walked out of the courtroom only to meet another set of drama… The media.


They bombarded me with questions and I felt like passing out.


The security team came and Sam who was rehired opened the door and we got in.



I closed my eyes and slept on Adrian’s lap, by tomorrow all this would just be a nightmare.




Jessica was helping me style my hair while Mary did the make up.


I was nervous as hell, Today was the day I looked forward to but I was scared. What if Adrian…. Stop it


Adrian loves me and won’t hurt me.


Loud, panicked voices and the sound of people arguing. Not again, I thought to myself rolling my eyes. People had been fighting all day over the smallest of things. The flowers, the food, the seating arrangements, the decoration, you name it and there was a problem with it. I wasn’t surprised though , Erin was a perfectionists. I pitied the wedding planner who’d taken up such a Herculean task of satisfying not only Adrian but also his mother.


I giggled when I thought about Adrian, Hopefully I found my soul mate. Adrian was everything I could ever ask for and more. Sweet, romantic, sensitive and compassionate, he was the ideal husband and I’d fallen for him hook, line and sinker. He would be here today on the altar and the idea of seeing him in a tux made butterflies appear in the pit of my stomach. Oh I had it bad.


I got up to examine myself in the full length mirror placed in the room


“Who’s Cinderella to you Celine” Jessica says. l chuckle and twirl a strand of my curled long brown hair around my finger and fidgeted with my figure hugging white dress.


The dress was fitted at the bust, the sweetheart neckline revealing only an appropriate amount of cleavage. A bow right underneath the bust tightened the grip on my waist and the skirt of the dress skimmed my body, hugging the area around me hips. It was hard being in it but if I do say so myself, it made me feel and look gorgeous.


“You look beautiful, if Adrian shits you am killing him” Mary states. I look at my stomach and frown


“Don’t you think my bump is showing”


Mary gasps.


“Are you pregnant??” She feigns surprise and both of them laugh.


The music began to play and I fixed my gaze.


“Oh my God its happening” I squealed and fought the urge to scream. Mr Vandermir linked his arm with mine as everyone else left the room.


It was to the beat of the traditional wedding march that I walked towards the altar, Mr Vandermir gripping my arm. He let go of me when we reached where Adrian and his best man stood.


He looked so handsome and I was happy he was the one standing here today. He wore a black 3 piece suit that fit him perfectly with a pristine white shirt and


pocket square.


His hair was styled perfectly brushed back and his blue eyes pierced into mine.


At that moment it was just the two of us.


“Adrian Vandermir do you take Celine Greene to be your lawful wedded wife? Do you promise to love and cherish her, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for better for worse, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her, for so long as you both shall live?”


Adrian looked at me , a warm smile forms on his face


“I do.”


“Celine Greene do you take Adrian Vandermir to be your lawful wedded husband? Do you promise to love and cherish him, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for better for worse, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him, for so long as you both shall live?”


“I do” I sighed happily


I didn’t listen to what the priest was saying until he reached the part.. “You may now kiss the bride.”


Adrian pulled me by my waist, kissing me like his life depended on it.


Cameras were flashing and Erin sat there crying happily.


We walked down the aisle and I waved at everyone before we drove to the reception.


I was now a Vandermir for the right reasons





Adrian removes his hand from my eyes and reveals the new room in the mansion, my smile turns to a frown immediately.


“Pink??, why did you paint the room pink. I want blue” I pouted and fold my arms under my chest.


“Why?? I like pink” He states.


“No no Adrian, the baby…” I point at my big stomach.


“…And I want blue”


He chuckles and dips his hand in his pocket.


“You can’t blackmail me this time around, am leaving it pink”


I sigh and start sobbing.


“You don’t respect my feelings, am the one who’s carrying the baby but you won’t understand”


He looks at me with concern.


“Hey babe am so sorry, I’ll paint it blue. You want the whole mansion blue then no problem” He hugs me my stomach creating a space between the both of us and pats my back.


His phone rings vibrating through his pocket, he pulls it out.


“Speak” He orders blankly. I chuckle at his tone.


“Danm” He exclaims and puts his hand on his forehead, he looks at me worriedly.


“What’s wrong ?” I asked, my tone was with concern.


“Julia… She’s….Fuck”



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