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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 32

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Celine’s Pov


I still tried to make out of everything, I made gestures with my hand and tried to put two things together.


Adrian had just confirmed everything Deandro told me in the station.




“I’ll tell you a story Celine Greene” He clears his throat and tells me everything that’s going on.



“See Adrian and I made a challenge and you were the main topic of the challenge. I knew I was losing that was why I kidnapped you and told you to sign, the truth is Adrian never loved you. You think I was the one who kidnapped him on his wedding day” He laughs and continues.


“Adrian paid someone to impersonate him and not only that, he also told him to put the blame on me, if you don’t believe me then think about it yourself, how is it possible for someone to kidnap Adrian Vandermir”

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I knew he was lieing, Deandro would go any lengths to separate Adrian and I.


“If you think am lieing then go to Adrian Corps, you’ll see your “missing” husband there” He says air quoting the missing.


I didn’t know what to do but I just had to see Adrian. Romeo drove me to his company and when we got to his office I asked Romeo to wait outside after the office after Clara confirmed Adrian was inside.


I walked inside to meet my groom signing paper works.


I sighed briefly and walk to him.


“You gave me a fright you know, cmon tell me what was so important that you had to leave. Deandro was spewing rubbish” I said and touched his shoulders. He gives me a cold reaction and stands up, I looked at his eyes and what I saw in his eyes wasn’t the love I was used to seeing, there was an undefined hatred in his eyes.


“What do you want?” He asks and stands opposite me folding his arms.



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I look at Adrian and closed my eyes, praying to wake up from this terrible nightmare. Or probably it’s a prank, am sure this is all a prank.


The door barges open and Romeo walks in.


“What the are you saying dude, stop this bullshit” He spat.



“What?, stop what. What have planned for 4 months?. I thought you knew me Romeo.We’ve been together for 29 years but yet you couldn’t read me, I….” He’s interrupted when Romeo hits his chest making him to topple backwards.


“Romeo calm down please, Adrian is playing a prank on me. It’s a prank” I said smiling and hoping it’s actually a prank.


“Am leaving here” Romeo walks out and I face Adrian.


“What are you waiting for? Leave!!” Adrian snarls.




He looks at me with the same mocking smirk I loathed.


He grabs my hand and pulls it off his collar, he walks to his seat and picks the phone.


“I need you up here now there’s an intruder in my office”


“We had sex Adrian, you took my innocence. I haven’t known any other man yet when we made love”


“Oh please don’t play the victim here, it was something we both wanted, don’t act like I forced you, are you going to leave now or list everything we’ve done together”




I rang the bell on Mary’s door and tried my best to keep a calm face.


“Celine?” Mary took one look at the misery on my face and pulled me inside the house. Still numb, Mary led me to the armchair and I flopped down on it.


Kneeling beside the chair, Mary took my cold hand between hers and rubbed, her face furrowed in concern.


“It’s okay Celine” She soothed, but it wasn’t okay. If only Mary knew exactly what happened.


“Whatever it is, I’m here now, remember…deep breaths ok….there you go….just


breathe…it’s alright.”


I shut my eyes, and did as Mary asked, taking deep gulps of air and letting it out slowly. Not that it helped ease the numbing pain in both in her head and heart, but at least, it helped to know I was still capable of functioning like a normal person. I wanted to cry out, to rant and rave to throw something but my body felt like a block of ice…useless, unable to give out even the smallest release of the maelstrom howling inside me


I opened my eyes, to meet Mary’s alarmed look, wanted to smile and reassure my friend that I was ok but words wouldn’t come out, no matter how hard I tried.


“Should I get you something to drink?” Mary asked, then hit her forehead and muttered a curse as she sprang to her feet and crossed to the kitchen.


“Of course you need a drink, silly me. I’ll be right back Sweetie, just hang on.”


I could only stare as Mary disappeared into the kitchen and came back almost immediately with a glass of water.


She drew a small side table close and perched on it, offering the glass to me.


I reached for it, but my hands shook so badly, the liquid spilled my blouse.


I darted a helpless look at Mary and Mary wrapped her hands around both my hands, then raised it to my lips.


I took a small sip, the cool liquid tracing a wet path down my throat, easing the dryness there. At Mary’s gentle urging, I took another sip and another, until the glass was almost empty.


“There you go.” Mary praised me, setting the glass on the shag carpet and enveloped me in a comforting hug.


Stung by the gesture, I let loose a sob, feeling the ice around my heart melting rapidly until the dam of emotion burst and I cried loud and hard, while Mary whispered soft words of comfort, rocking them both gently for several long minutes until the sobs became occasional sniffles.


“Feel better?” Mary asked, pulling back so she could look me in the eye. I jerked my head in assent, wiping at the tears on my face.


“Let me get you some tissues, Sweetie.”



Alone once more, I took a deep breath and thanked the heavens for Mary. After leaving Adrian’s office, I had been near catatonic, my brain switching to


autopilot as I walked away, every step rending my already fragile heart to pieces until I was unable to think, to feel, content to just let my legs steer her in whichever direction.


I tried to remember how I arrived at Mary’s place but my mind drew a blank. All I could recall was the bitter sound of Adrian’s words, the overwhelming


sense of being betrayed by the one person I would willingly go to the ends of the earth for.


My heart aches just thinking about it, how he stood there and watched as his security personnels dragged me out of his office.


Romeo who tried stopping them wasn’t enough for four well built men.


“Are you hungry?” Mary reached out to gently stroke her hair, bringing me back to reality .


“You know I have a new recipe. I just made this heavenly chicken….”


“I’m not hungry, but thanks.” I replied, feeling nauseous at the mention of food.


I wasn’t sure she could ever eat again.


Mary fell silent, seeming to sense that was what I needed right now. For long minutes, the both of us lay in a comfortable silence, and I was grateful to Mary for not pressing mr for answers, even though she probably was silently dying of curiosity.


Finally, with another sigh, I turned over so I could look at Mary


“We found Adrian Vandermir.” I said bitterly.


Mary brows raised in surprise.


“Ok but you don’t look too happy, Is he Dead” She gasps loudly and sincerely for the time I wished he was.


I nodded negatively plucking at a loose thread on her pillow.


“He wasn’t kidnapped or anything, it was all his plan all along” I took a deep breath, needing courage to continue.



“Turns out, Deandro and Adrian made a bet on me and everything Adrian did was to get my signature on a marriage certificate which he already has without a wedding. To cut the long story short Adrian Vandermir used Celine Greene” I said smiling bitterly.


“Wait….” Mary sat up, her face tight with concentration.


“You mean everything Adrian did for the past 4 months was just a plan, I don’t understand , all the love and concern. The things he had done for you was just a plan”


I nodded positively, my heart aching at every question Mary asked.


“Well..that lousy sleazy good for nothing bastard.” Mary spat fiercely.


“And that fu.cking stupid Deandro, are you some sort of toy or what”


As I told Mart what had happened with Adrian, Mary’s expression changed from incredulity to plain, simple, throat ripping rage.


“I’m gonna kill that man.” Mary declared, both hands curled into fists.


“I will kill him slowly and painfully. Shit! And to think he did all those romantic stuff for you, took you to Fiji, protected you from everyone, loved you as much as nobody would. That bastard has gotta die! And if you are too chicken to put a bullet through his brain, I volunteer!”


She rose from the bed, but I grabbed her hand.


“No! Mary, you have to calm down. Please” I can’t believe I am trying to protect him now, not that Mary could hurt Adrian but all the same I still felt protective of him.


“I can’t believe this, you still wanna protect his ass. Fine” Still annoyed, Mary settled back on the bed and regarded me with shrewd eyes.


“But if I see Adrian anywhere. I swear, I’ll cut off his balls.”


I lowered my gaze, pain constricting my chest.


A knock was heard and we both froze.



“Are you expecting anyone?” I asked and flopped back unto the pillow, yanking the warm covers over my head. I wasn’t ready to see anybody be it known or unknown.


The door opened and I paid attention to hear who was at the door.


“Is she inside, is she okay. What is she doing?” I heard Erin voice say all at once.


“Yes she is” Mary replied and let her in, she walked close to me and I could see her smile sadly through the transparent covers.


“Hi Celine can we talk?, I know you’re awake” She says calmly.


“Leave me alone” I replied, my voice muffled beneath the layers that covered me.


“I know everything that happened and trust me I am not in any way in support of what Adrian did but Celine there’s always a solution to every problem” I ignored her and face the other side of the bed.


“I know Celine, I know Adrian hurt you bad and I also know the bed seems the best place to be Celine but the sooner you get up and face your problem, the quicker the healing”


“I don’t care” I replied hastily.


The long suffering sigh was the only warning I got before Erin yanked away the covers.


“No” I wailed and made a dive for it but Erin held it firm. Too drained to put up a fight, I flopped back presenting me back to Erin and hugged the pillow for comfort.


An insane part of me wished it was Adrian with me right now and I closed my eyes swallowing past the lump in my throat as I envisioned the comfort of his arms around me, the haven his touch offered…


I forced the thought aside, I sighed as tears gathered in my eyes. Much as I wanted him, I still can’t forget his words.


For the first time in 24 years I thought I was in love with the right guy, a mistake that cost me everything.



There was no future with Adrian Vandermir and the sooner my heart came to accept what my head already knew, the better for me.


Still it hurts so much, I hate that I love this guy so much.


We’ve gone so deep, everyone saw as role models for other couples.


Our pictures was shown on every blog as the couple of the year.


“Lies, it’s all lies. Everything was a lie” I screamed and threw the pillow away.


“Why did he have to?” I asked yelling and pulling my hair, you could say I was running mad.


I felt like committing suicide, Adrian took everything from me.


“WHY??” I screamed out, my voice getting raspy.


I threw my feet around and both Mary and Erin tried calming me down but it didn’t work.


I was a mess, my life was ruined.


I had nothing, Adrian gave me something but he stole it back.


“He said he loved me, he said he was scared of losing me, he told me he couldn’t live without me. Why!!!!” I screamed out, my scream echoing the whole house threatening to bring the building to crumbles.


“Calm down Celine, please” Erin cries and hugs me.


I wail helplessly on her shoulders, this was too much for me.




I sat on the sofa, my eyes swollen up and my face as pale as yesterday.


Erin hands me a piece of paper, I look at her before collecting.


It was our marriage Certificate.


“What’s this for?” I asked.


“You and Adrian never had a wedding but you guys are legally married”





“So I need the crazy girl that breaks people nose for a living to do one more last thing for me”


“That’s not going to work Mrs Vandermir. I won’t make the same mistake again” I said.


“I know you probably hate my son but please Celine you have to give your love a chance. Your love has been put to a test, please don’t fail this test”


I sigh and stand up throwing the piece of paper across the room.


“I am not married to anyone, that piece of paper means nothing to me”


Adrian’s Pov


Its three days and the wedding scandal had become old news, trust the media to pop up any time soon.


I know what I did to Celine was wrong, let’s just say she was a victim of circumstances.


My plan was to get married to her and have the marriage Certificate and pretend to love her after marriage but Deandro made it easy for me to have the Marriage Certificate without having a wedding.


The sex we had was not part of the plan but I must say she was really irresistible although I feel guilty about that.


It’s a good thing I told her the truth blankly, I don’t want any woman hovering around me.




“Hi husband” A soft voice called me bringing me back from my stupor.


I thought I was hearing voices until I saw Celine standing at the door with a luggage on her hand, behind her was mother.


She smiles through her teeth and past me. I grab her and pull her back.


“Where do you think you are going with that?” I asked.


“She’s going to your bedroom, she’s your wife remember and she has every right” I glare at Celine and frown at Mom.



“We never got married” I said hastily.


“But you have this and trust me it’s Valid” Mom states flashing the Marriage Certificate in my face.


I grab it and rip it off.


“Oh there’s 250 more copies of that, 50 with Mary, 50 with Jessica, 50 with Romeo, 50 with Erin and I already sent the remaining 50 to a lawyer so tearing one won’t do anything. Yes we didn’t get married but I am your legal wife and as long as we are not divorced, everything you have belongs to me”


I glare at her wishing I could say something but she was right, I groan in defeat and release her.




It’s still dawn and I can’t sleep. The noise I keep on hearing makes it hard to sleep. The glass shattering noise made it difficult for me to sleep.


Annoyingly I stand up and walk out of my room, I head downstairs and hear the noise again.


It was from the garage, I entered inside and bumped into Celine who was sneaking out of the garage.


“What are you doing?” I asked coldly. She smiles through her teeth and touches my chest, her touch still had that effect I hated.


“You know you men say we women are not romantic…”


She clears her throat and continues.


“Remember when I asked you why you chose me and you said you fell in love with me because I bashed your car”


I listened attentively shooting deadly glares at her.


“So I said to myself if my darling husband which is you, fell in love with me because I bashed one car. Imagine what will happen if I bashed all your car….


Tada” She jumps up excitedly and I look inside the garage, the noise I was hearing was Celine destroying my cars, my eyes widened at the damage one lady caused.



“You see how romantic I am, as long as I am in this house. You’ll see the romantic side of me dear husband” She says and giggles then trots away


I look at the damage Celine caused, she destroyed cars worth of millions if not billions. She didn’t leave any single one.


She ruined my favorite one in a way you wouldn’t recognize it anymore. She knew it was my favorite.


That crazy witch, I’ll kill her.


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