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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 11

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(Short episode)


Rebecca POV


Mi so.


Oh my God, I can’t believe this, am in her mind.


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I ran and hug her.


“I miss you so much Mi so”..


She hugged me tight.

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“I miss you too”.


She said.


She then released me.


“Am so sorry for everything am doing, am trying to stop myself from doing all those evil things but I can’t, am not in control of my body anymore”. She said sadly.


“Don’t worry, I will do all I can to bring you back”.


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She then smiled.


“I heard your conversation yesterday with Eliza, and I also heard Dr. Nicole and


Eliza conversation too yesterday. And its seems like you are very worried about




She said.


“Yeah…… “.


I look at her.


“Mi so, do you know about anything what can kill a vampire? “.


I asked.


She thought for a while.


“Yes there is a knife, a knife that can kill vampires, it is called the legend key.


Elias told me to look for it and i found it but he don’t know about it yet”.


She said.


“A legend key? A knife? Are they two different things? “.


“No just one”.


“Where is it? “.



“In Dr. Marcus office i threw it under his table before I was caught”.


She said.


“I need to destroy the knife”.


“Yes do cause Elias will stop at nothing to get it”.


“Thank you mi so for telling me this. I promise to get you out of here very soon enough”.


“Ok Rebecca, I will waiting for you”.


She said.


For the first time today i smiled at her genuinely.


I slowly disappeared.






I opened my eyes to see my self back in the hospital, and this time again, I was on a bed like yesterday, but nicole, Eliza and grandpa was standing close to me.




Nicole called smiling.


I smiled back at him.


“Where you able to talk to het? “.


Eliza asked.




“And what did she say”.


Lucius asked.


“She told me about the legend key, that Elias is looking for it”.


“Let him not bother”.


Eliza said.


“The knife is long gone, no one knows where it is”.


“No, it is right here in this hospital”.


I said.


“What? “.


They asked in unison.






Rebecca told them everything and they where all shock.


The knife was with Marcus all this while and he didn’t tell them.


If that knife gets into the wrong hands, then it will mean trouble for them.


Rebecca lead them to where mi so say it will be.


She bent down and brought out the box as mi so said.


“What are you all doing in my office”.


Marcus asked entering his office.


Lucius look at him angrily.


“What is in this box?”


He asked.


Marcus knew that very moment that his been caught.


“I said what is in this box”.


“No…… Nothing father, just my box where I keep some important stuffs”.


He said.


Lucius angrily hit the table.


“I said what is it doing here”.


Marcus sighed cause he just have to tell the truth now.


“It contains the legend key”.


“The legend key? The legend key have been with you? For how long? “.


Eliza asked.


“For more than a hundred years now”.


He said.


“Why didn’t you tell me about it? Its can get to the wrong hand then we are all dome”.


“It won’t get to the wrong hand. I have been protecting it for more than a century”.


“Well I hope it won’t cause the black blood are searching for it”. (Join Group) More stories @ Lucius said and left, followed by Eliza.


Nicole and Rebecca both followed next.






Elias POV


I watched as matilda walked into my room.


“Any news”.


I asked.


“Yes Elias, I just found out who the knife is with”.


I stood up from the bed and walked to her.


“Tell me who”.


“Its Marcus Granduwella”.


What? The knife is with a granduwella.








King amacius POV


I stood up from my throne smiling.


The queen witch just told me everything.


Everything about the legend key.


She have found out who is it with.


And it turns out that it is with the granduwellas.


“I need to get that knife no matter what”. .






Rebecca POV


I sat on my bed.


Am back to the mansion now, grandpa told me to go back to the mansion cause I needed rest.


I have decided to go to my place of birth tomorrow, but am still scared of the bad news.


Still yet I need to know where i came from, I need to know who I am.


And I must find out more about my origin.

















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