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Billionaire Sisters – Episode 47

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Chapter 47


Danielle POV.


I came back home happily knowing that I was gonna meet Dylan at home.


Am so happy I have him all to myself . So so horny I can’t wait to have him all inside of me .


I walked hastily towards the entrance of my house as the guards bow down in respect , I didn’t bother to answer as I rushed inside.


There was no one in the living room so I took the stairs straight to my room ,I pushed the door open and found him on the bed .


He laid down sexily watching Netflix.


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“Look who’s back” she smiled as he stood up and pecked my lips.


“Yeah yeah how was your day ?” I asked as I sat down tiredly and remove my heels.


My day was boring without you I missed you babe ” he smiled out Dimple.


Missed you more . am so tired and farmish too” I muttered.



“Don’t worry babe have got you covered ,I asked a maid to prepare something for us let me go get it ” he said calmly.


What a perfect gentleman .


Okay thanks”


Be right back” he said and went out.

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Dylan POV.




I rushed downstairs to the kitchen where I met Stella , she had finished preparing the meal . I took the orange juice and added large quantity of trills .


Everyone knows what trills does , it’s more like a drug that makes you do want you don’t like.


Am seriously disgusted with her body I need to act fast and get my Elle back today.


I took the tray containing the meal from Stella .


“Thanks Stella I owe you one”, I said .


She smiled and walked away ,.I took the food upstairs to her room and placed it on my thighs as I sat beside her.


“I know you tired babe let me feed you” I said in a sexy voice.


She giggled and looked at me.


Am not just hungry for food am also hungry for you ” she winked.


Don’t worry baby I gat you , finish up quickly ” I said and handed her the glass of juice ,she drank a large quantity of it and dropped it on the tray.



I took the spoon and took a spoonful of spaghetti meat ball before bringing it to her mouth .


She opened up while I shoved it in.


Soon she was starting to feel tipsy.


“Baby this drink is so great” she cooed as she misbehaved with the food.


” There’s plenty where that came from” I smirked.


“Really??i want more” she pouts like a child .


She’s a striking resemblance of Elle but Elle is the prettiest.


“Am gonna get you more on one condition ” I scoff.


“Tell me tell me please I want orange juice” she whined.


Okay can you tell me where you kept that silly girl called Elle ?” I asked in a serious tone.


Ttch!! Oh that , actually I kept her in the old mining factory close to the dork” she said nonchalantly as she was becoming drowsy.


Damn why didn’t I think of this before , I she’s at the dork .it’s a place where they board ships and cargo .


“How many thugs did you place there?”


“About three to four guards but guess what baby they don’t even know how to fight they only make use of weapons” she blurted out foolishly .


Stupid girl she just told me what I want to hear.


“Where’s my juice” she nagged.



“I just remembered we outta juice let me go get it downtown”, i said as I rushed to the closet and picked out a Jean and a denim shirt.


I bumped into her as she crashed her lips on her ,.


Her kisses are always dry I don’t feel a thing whenever she kiss me.


“Don’t go yet baby am so horny” she mumbled as she ran her fingers through my body.


This are side effects of trills ,it’s gonna put you in the mood for seven good hours.


Have already planned it properly.


I paid one of the guards he’s gonna be the one to screw her not me.


“Close your eyes baby I want to get down with you in the dark” I said and switched off the lights.


” Why’s everywhere so dark huh?” She whinned.


I didn’t say anything as the guards came in and placed her on the bed.


She was giggling hapily thinking I was the one.


I left her house immediately and took a cab straight to the dork .


Am coming Elle stay strong.




Billionaire sisters

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