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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 5

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Chapter Five



Theme: New findings









Date :25, February, 2029.


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Time: 6:00am


Location: Henry’s Mansion, Cara’s Bedroom


Cara Pov:


“Good morning master.” I bowed.


He did not answer. He never did. His the master, he can decide not to reply to my greetings.


“May I be permitted to speak, my lord.”


“Speak.” He says not looking up from his laptop.


“My lord. You once mentioned you have a library in this magnificent mansion.” I said in his praise, really wanting this to end in my favour.


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“Go straight to the point. Slave.” He taps his finger on his lap, staring at me intently.


“My lord, please grant me the permission to visit the library.”


“And why do you have to visit the library, slave.” He draws closer to me, looking at me squarely in the eyes, from his high position. Always trying to remind me he is the Lord. I’m the one on the floor and he is up.


“My lord whenever you’re not around to do to me as you please, the house tends to get a little bit boring.” I said faking a little sadness.


“And how does the library fit into this.” He asks, I coul tell his getting impatient.



“Well master, I do love to read books.” I gush, smiling happily, just for the record that was not a lie, I do love to read novels.


“Hmm, I see.” He says and walks in a circle. Thinking.


If he ends up saying no, then I would have no other choice but to find another way to acess the library.


“Well since you’ve got a good little pussy that please master. I guess you do deserve a reward. So let it be know that I your master and lord that has treated you fairly and has given you all the comforts of life, permits you to make use of the library.” He declares with a sly grin. Yeah you have totally treated me right and the marks and pains on my body is my doing. Idiot.


I shoved down all my insults down my throat and rushed over to him in great fake enthusiasm and kissed his leg and lick his toes.( I know it’s disgusting) telling him how grateful I feel, how much of a great master he is.




Date: 25, February, 2029


Time: 2:00pm


Location: Henry’s library


The library is really big and large, I could get lost in here. Different segment for different kind of books. There is the politics, arts, novels, history and old newspaper.


I set to work immediately going through all the history books, nothing. I went through all the old newspaper, but still nothing about women. I feel so tired. Henry would be back any minute, I’ve spent awfully a lot of time here, time to head back to the room.


I hurriedly stood up and arranged all the books and newspaper in order, once I was done with that I ran to my room in full swing, took my bath, and put on a fu.cking hot red lingerie, with matching red heels, which are technically called fu.ck me heels. I put on a light make up, combed my hair. Then knelt down beside the door and wait.



“Welcome master.”




I went back to the library the next day, to continue from where I stopped in my search.


Yesterday something quite mysterious happened. Henry didn’t have sex with me. He just asked me about my day and asked about the book I read. I told him little about the history book I read. Which of course is entirely true, okay you gout me there, it’s half the truth, maybe quarter.


I kept on reading lots of books everyday. I still couldn’t find anything, clue or evidence. Maybe my mum is right, maybe it has always been like this, maybe there was no time in the past when women had a say in there own life. Those thoughts seek through my wavering mind.


I began to feel really down, but something kept me from losing hope. So I continued searching. Then on this particular day, I was reading one of those history book, when a torn old newspaper fell off.


It contains an article, about a certain lady from ivory coast name karida Yao.


“Karida Yao is a renowed artist from ivory coast, her best works are; shallow, beauty in the eyes, controversy.” Wow so women can also be creative. But I’ve heard about this art works and I’m pretty sure karida is not know to be the owner of the artwork. I’ll have to investigate this.


I guess this is wonderful news. This means I wasn’t delusional. I’ve been right all along. Very soon I’ll have all the women free.




Date: 26, February, 2029


Time: 10:35am


Location: Henry’s Mansion, Sitting room.


Cara’s POV:



On an early morning, my father paid me a suprising visit and trying to be the good obedient daughter, I had to go welcome him, right now he sitting like a king on Henry’s beautiful sillon white vintage arm chair.


“Well, well, how’s my obedient daughter doing.” My father smiled cheekily, staring down at me, since I’m on my knees.


“I’ve been doing good father, thanks for asking.” I managed to say without throwing him a death glare.

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“I always knew you were my sucess. But you just had to be so damn stubborn.” He says. Ohh not this again. My father looks so cheerful this morning. Why won’t he be, when he has been assured he will be winning the election for vice-president Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias




“Am sorry father for being so stupid then, and not seeing how generous and good you are.” I bowed my head to the floor not meeting his eyes.


“Well that’s passed. There’s no need to discuss it anymore.” He paused. You always say that but on the next meeting you would still remind me of how rebellious I was. Gosh am so tired of saying sorry all the time. “I’ll always say this, just keep on been good and don’t get into trouble with Henry. Belive me you wouldn’t want to make henry mad. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.”


He gave me a stare that conveys the message I know what you’re up to. I shivered at the thought of that, it couldn’t be. he wouldn’t know, right. I’ve been extremely careful.


Father stayed for a while, ordering me around my own house, I know it’s not exactly mine, but common I live here, so why should I be ordered around, but to my own happiness my father did eventually left once he got tired of belittling me.


I fell back to the floor. Stared at the ceiling. God I can’t do this on my own, if you’re really up there then help me. I’ve never been a church person. My dad believes it’s all a fallacy use in keeping women busy, only few men goes to church. Though my mum is a believer thats before she got married to father.


I got up stretched my aching muscles a little bit. It’s time to pay the library a visit.







Date: 26, February, 2029


Time: 12:00pm


Location: National library


Cara Pov


I walk around the national library. I already took permission from Henry giving him a sly excuse of wanting to read about an art I found in his library. Although somehow it isn’t a lie, I do want to find more information on shallow, the art work I read about on the old newspaper.


I’ve finally found the art section. I searched through the records. No karidja Yao.


I found another book displaying different art works records. Going through it, I found the shallow art, but the name under it does not go by the name karidja Yao but kouadio Yaya


Ahh this men can really be dubious, stealing another person’s work. Oh I forgot a woman it’s not supposed to have any creative thoughts. Men should be the intelligent ones. Well this is enough information for one day, I better be heading home before my lovely husband comes back before.


I was walking towards the exit door of the library when I saw a door at the corner of the library. Written on the door boldly is ‘RESTRICTED’ that got me. I wonder what’s behind the door. Now I must say my curiosity has risen to a notch. *








A Mans World/A Woman’s World



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