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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 44

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Chapter Forty Four



Theme: Prank











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Date: 27, September, 2029.


Time: 7:45am


Location: Jason’s Hideout.


Cara’s Pov:


I stand quietly and watched Tamara walks into the hallway, a smirk forms on my lips as I waited patiently, once I’m pretty sure she’s at a close range I throw the rope one of Jason’s gadget and just as expected the ropes circles her legs and throws her on the floor.



“Rule number one don’t you ever trust your opponent to play fair. Tamara.” I said in a daunting tone, looking down at her smirking.


“Cara what the fu.ck is wrong with you, and that was all training.” Tamara huffs angrily and tries to lose the rope but the rope didn’t bulge.


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“Well even a friendly fight can become much more, Tamara. Good luck on freeing yourself, bye bye.” I said sweetly and left her there.




“Ahhhh.” Jason yells out in pain.


“Jason you have to stop kissing me so you won’t get shocked.” I lecture Jason.


“How do you expect me to not kiss you back, when you taste so sweet. ” Jason whines.


“That’s the whole point Jason for you to kiss back.” I said sweetly and kissed him again and he kissed me back again. “Ahhh, for the love of God, Cara.”




Time: 11:22pm.


“EVAN DON’T WAKE UP OR EVERYBODY WILl DIE.” I yelled very loud in Evan’s ear.


“I’m awake, I’m awake, who’s gonna die, why are we dying!!!.” Evan yells out waking up from his slumber, he sits on the bed panting so hard, I had to stop myself from laughing.


“YOU FUCKING WOKE UP, NOW WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE, Evan whyyyyyy.” I said dramatically and falls to the floor playing dead.


“What the fu.ck Cara.” Evan yells glaring at me and I burst out laughing, Evan looks at me like he would love to murder me, one thing you should know is that Evan doesn’t joke about his sleep, he hates been woken up.



“Don’t get mad Evan, take this as a little payback. Okay.” I said smugly.


“Jason asked me to distract you.” Evan yells angrily.


“Well I don’t care, goodnight brother.” I said sweetly and walk towards the door.


“How I’m I suppose to sleep with bells ringing in my ear.” Evan yells.


“That is the plan bro.” I winked at him and walk out of his room grinning.




Time: 8:45am


I’m in the dinning room having breakfast with Steve, Jason, Ethan and Evan. The adults my mum, Miss Juliet and Mr George are having their breakfast in the mini garden Jason made. Tamara is somewhere outside, Cheryl is having her bath, well actually Cheryl was having bath cause an angry Cheryl storms into the dinning room in a towel.


“Cara!!!!!!” She shrieks walking over to me.


“Hey hi, Cheryl. What happened to you, you look like an experiment gone wrong.” I said innocently eyeing her from head to toe, she’s covered in glitters. I might have tempered with her shower causing it rain down glitters, lots of glitters.


“Don’t you dare go all innocent on me, I know you’re responsible for this.” She says, angrily pointing at her body.


“I’m I??.” I ask, placing a hand on my chest feigning shocked and hurt.


“Cara!!!!.” Cheryl growls at me.


“Common don’t be mad that I gave you a make over, I just wanted to know how you would look if covered in glitters and girl you look hilarious. Ha.” I said and burst out laughing, from the corner of my eyes I see Steve trying not to laugh out,



but Evan and Ethan couldn’t hold it in, Jason just sit back with a lazy smile playing on his lips.


“Yeah laugh, laugh all you want, it’s funny.” Cheryl says stomping her feet on the floor angrily.


“Babe I’m not laughing, if it’s any reassurance you always look beautiful no matter what you look like.” Steve says walking over to Cheryl.


“Are you saying i look ridiculous.” Cheryl says wide eyed.


“Of course not, I’m saying that no matter how you look…. Okay I’ll just shut up




“Ugh, screw you.” Cheryl stomps and then leaves with a pleading Steve going after her.


“My sister is quite the prankster isn’t she.” Ethan says grinning and fist bump me and my favourite subject Evan and Jason frown at him.


“Don’t encourage her, Ethan.” Evan growls and I chuckle.


“Well as much as it was fun having to prank you guys, I think it’s time we get back to the mission, operation save the women is back on.” I said grinning, oh Henry you should never had underestimated me, cause I’m back much more stronger.






A Man’s World/A Woman’s World


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