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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 4

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Episode four
kyung seok’s pov
You’re her sister right i said to the girl sitting close to alexa trying to start a conversation. Yes her elder sister she replied smiling.
You’re beautiful i said to her, she blushed and said thank you.I’m mia your name is kyung seok right she asked. Yep i replied and glanced at alexa who had been quiet.
Would you guys like to have some ice-cream mum asked them. Thanks ma’am we’re ok alexa said while mia nodded.
You don’t have to be shy mum said to them. kyung seok go get them some ice-cream from that ice cream shop over there mom said stopping the car and handing some money.
Alexa’s pov
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Just then kyung seok arrived with three cups of ice cream. This yours he said and handed one cup to mia smiling and this is yours he said and purposely dropped the ice cream making some of the content spill on me.
Oops maybe the ice cream doesn’t like rude people he said and grinned wickedly leaving me to glare at him. Sorry bout that kyung seok mom apologized and handed me a napkin. Thanks ma’am i said and started eating my ice cream.
After eating my ice cream i made sure there was at least little content remaining in the cup and then i dropped the empty cup on kyung seok’s head making some drops of the ice cream run down his face.
What was that for kyung seok yelled at me. Oh sorry i thought your head was a trash can i said while kyung seok’s mom laughed
I like you already she said and laughed again. I turned to see mia staring at me strangely. What!! he started it first i said and turned my face away quickly.
We’re here thanks for the ride mia said to kyung seok mom.
See you some other time kyung seok mom said and smiled.
you’re nice and cute unlike someone i know i said and glanced at kyung seok who scoffed. We live two houses away kyung seok mom said while i nodded and waved her goodbye with kyung seok doing the same to my sister.
You were way too rude earlier mia said nudging my arm. He srtarded it first i replied defending myself. I pinched her arm and said thats for stepping on me earlier i said and ran giggling while mia ran after me.

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