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All For Love♥ – Episode 5

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Edward: good day sir.


(He greeted on seeing the fierce looking man.)


Mr.titus: (angrily)and who are you?


Rose: (cuts in) dad this is Edward my boy friend.


– Her dad was very surprise on that statement he shouted immediately


– mr.titus: BOY WHAT?!!!, i thought Dandy is your boy friend already.


Rose: no way, he is just a friend.


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(then she turned to Edward who was in high tension and said) don’t mind my dad.


He is always like that.


Just take a seat let me bring something for you.


– Then she left the room leaving Edward together with her dad alone.


As soon as he tried to seat down, Mr. Titus said immediately.


– Mr


. Titus : i haven’t given you the order to sit down yet. You have to answer some questions before you can get to seat down.


– Edward: okay sir.


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– Then he (mr. Titus) took a glance at him (edward) from hair to toe. And then asked


– Mr. Titus: what’s your occupation?


Edward: i am a trader for the main time.


Mr.titus: trading on what?


Edward: shoes and bag.


Mr. Titus:are you a graduate?


Edward: no i am looking for admission.


– Mr. Titus mode changed automatically it seemed as if his is getting tens up


. He turned red with anger and more so what he was going to say won’t be a favourable one. By the way, he warned him seriously.


– Mr. Titus: look boy people of low class like you don’t mingle with my family.


So let ,me make this warning clear to you. Let this be the last time i will ever see you with my daughter.


Also never you on earth set foot in my compound again.


You may leave now.


– Edward was surprise at the man’s harshness, he tried to hesit


ate and wait for Rose but the man raised his voice more, so he had no other option than to get away fast to the extent that he almost Jamed a pillar while in the haste to move out.


Soon enough, Rose returned with a glass of drink for Edward and to her surprise, she met his absent.


Now rose’s mode changed she turned serious and asked her dad.


– Rose: where is he?


Rose: where is he?


Mr. Titus: i think, he left.


Rose: but why?


Mr. Titus: may be, he didn’t like here. Or he might be a coward She was very disappointed not knowing if to be angry at him or not. She quickly ran back to her room, picked up her phone and began to call him. He had not even picked the call when she began to lay abuses on him.


– Rose: how dear you be a coward? I am very disappointed in you Edward. Why did you have to disgrace me in the present of my dad?.


. – Then she took a break to hear his reason.


– Edward: am not a coward and can never be a coward!


Rose: if you are not, why then did you have to go.


Edward: i realized that i did a very big mistake by coming to your house.


Rose: and what did that suppose to mean?


Edward: you do not tell me earlier that your father don’t like people like me.


Rose: i don’t get it. Move to the point.


Edward: he insulted me. He ordered i should leave immediately and never return again. And more so, he warned i should stay away from you. Rose:(surprised) wait a minute,you mean -he said all those things?


Edward: you should had seen how angry helooked.


Rose: so are you staying away from me now?


Edward: of course not. I will only stay away from your house until I’m ready.


Rose: okay if he don’t want you to visit me, then i will be the one to visit you. I am coming over to your house, hope you will be around


Edward: yes sure!


– After the call, she looked very furious with her dad. She felt like going up to him and shout at him.


But she dear not.


Soon her phone began to ring and it was Dandy calling – dandy: hello Rose how are you.


– He greeted as soon as she picked the call.


– Rose: fine and you…?


Dandy : not fine. I tried visiting you yesterday but it seems you didn’t have any time for me.


Rose: its not that i don’t have time for you. I just need to fix some certain things dandy: and what is that?


Rose: no question.


Dandy: i am coming to pick you up. We are going out today.

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