Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 6) Episode 1 - 34

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 138

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ME: ***surprised*** you want to stay over at my place?, what happened to where you were staying before?


BENITA: I’m having some issues with my sister.


ME: what are the issues?, is it something you can tell me about?


BENITA: my sister and I had been having some domestic issues in the past, but things got worse off recent when her boyfriend came to visit her from the east last week.


ME: I don’t understand.


BENITA: what my sister told me was that her boyfriend would be staying for just two days, only for him to end up staying over a week and up till now. Did you know the funniest part onihaxy?


ME: what was that?


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BENITA: my sister said I should excuse her for the main time pending the period her boyfriend will return back to the east.


ME: eeeyah, I guess it has to do with privacy things. They wouldn’t want you to disturb them at nights when it’s time to make love.


BENITA: onihaxy, it’s not about privacy, she had always been complaining about everything I do off recent even before the arrival of her fiancé.


ME: aren’t you girls blood sisters?


BENITA: not at all, we are just street sisters in our hometown.


ME: I’m so sorry about that dear. But since when have you been in Lagos?


BENITA: close to two years now, I served here in lagos and I got a job at the bank like two months after service.


ME: but you lived with your sister right from the beginning of your service year?


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BENITA: not at all, my place of primary assignment provided an accommodation for me during my stay in service. When I finished service, I told my family at home that I wanted to stay back in lagos and hunt for jobs, that was how I got reconnected to her after like 10 years since she left our home town for lagos.


ME: eeyah. Sowie dear. So how have you been coping since the arrival of your sister’s boyfriend?


BENITA: I used to squirt with our neighbours every nights and I don’t like it.


ME: oooh, I was thinking you were staying with one of your friends at work.


BENITA: not at all, you know I’m not too close to people in that office. The little friends I have, they aren’t even comfortable at their own homes.


ME: hmmmm *****chaiiii, so upon all the packaging and sophisticated dressings and appearances, these girls are actually suffering underneath.****


BENITA: so, are you willing to accommodate me for the main time?


ME: no problem, you are fully welcome. So when are you moving in?


BENITA: maybe tomorrow evening after work, I will bring my bag tomorrow; I will keep it in your boot till evening time.


ME: no problem dear.


BENITA: can we start going home now before people would start to gossip about us, we have been staying here for too long.


ME: no problems dear.


I started the car engine and we drove out of the bank. I dropped benita at her street and I went home thereafter. When I got home, I cleared one side my wardrobe, re-arranged my room, “tushed” it up and I subscribed my decoder. The next day, I picked Benita in the morning, she dropped her bags in the boot and we drove to work. When we closed in the evening, we went home together and we arrived at my house. I parked the car, opened the boot for her to bring out her bags and we went inside the room.

BENITA: ***sat down on the chair in my parlour**** Onihaxy, you have a very nice apartment


ME: thank you dear.


BENITA: are you the only one living here?


ME: yes. Why did you ask?


BENITA: why did you rent a room and parlour self-contain when you are still single?, isn’t that a waste of money?, why didn’t you rent a single room?


ME: don’t mind me jaree, I just wanted to prepare myself for matrimony. I don’t want to start changing accommodation later when it’s time for me to settle down.


BENITA: that is a good idea. But sorry to ask, where did you get the money to rent an apartment as nice as this in the first place since you are a new and temporary staff?


ME: I worked with a big firm on the island previously; I lost my job earlier this year before joining the bank.


BENITA: alright, that is cool.


I left Benita to watch TV i and went inside the kitchen to prepare dinner. Like 10 minutes later, she came to meet me in the kitchen and took over the cooking from me. Food was ready at about 40 minutes later, Benita served the meal and we ate the food together in the living room as we continued to further discuss what transpired between Benita and her sister . After the meal, she demanded to have her bath and I showed her the bathroom. I excused myself from the room and I went out of my room to check on my one of my neighbours who was sick, on getting back to the room, Benita had already finished with her bath, she was putting on a very light spagetti top and she was wearing a bump short underneath. The tips of her breast was pointing out obviously from her spagetti and her massive behind was also revealing as she lied down on her back and she was pressing her phone. On seeing this, my dick gained erection instantly.



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