Top 10 Countries That Are Famous For Plastic Surgeries.

Cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic surgery, is not a thing beyond reach for anyone like it used to be.

PLASTIC SURGERY is done to remove any type of blemishes from your body. It helps you look better by altering the skin. Not just the high or elite classes are using this field of science but ordinary and normal people are also involving themselves in enhancing their looks via surgery.

The reason that this has reached out to the ordinary people is that there are more and more doctors interested in studying this and hence more clinics, thus cheaper surgery.

Top 10 Countries That Are Famous For Plastic Surgeries.
Top 10 Countries That Are Famous For Plastic Surgeries.

So for a person wanting to use this medical technology, he/she will just have to research a little about the credible and qualified doctors and past results of their patients. There are hospitals, doctors and many clinics that are involved in cosmetic surgery in almost every country in the world.

But not all are good. International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has surveyed and announced the countries that offer the best and most satisfying results.


Asia beats America in this field of medicine. South Korea is the largest center for plastic surgery in the whole world.

A research of 2009 showed that one out of every five women living in Seoul underwent some kind of plastic surgery; which means 20% of women of Seoul have experienced cosmetic surgery.

Most common surgeries witnessed is double eyelid surgery, medically known as Blepharoplasty. A survey of 2010 showed that there were more than 44,000 double eyelid surgeries done in the country.

Another very common and most frequently performed, apart from the eyelid surgeries, are nose jobs and liposuction.


In spite of the struggling economy of Greece, it is the second largest country in the world in terms of the plastic surgery.

Greece is very popular for cosmetic surgeries because of the cheaper procedures. The advanced technology in less cost is what made it the second largest center of such surgeries. The most common surgery performed here is Brest Augmentation requested mostly by the Grecians and then by the global population.

It has also been reported that Greece another of the most common surgeries was Penis Enlargement and its frequency is approximately ten times the average frequency of this procedure in other countries across the globe.


Italy is the main center of plastic surgeries that hides the signs of aging. Botox injections and injectable fillers are the surgical procedures that took Italy to this position.

Injectable fillers and Botox (Botulinum Toxin) are injected to fill the wrinkles, the eye circles, brows, cheeks and chin uplift, etc. A lot of Italians want them to get rid of any premature aging problems. Almost 815,000 surgeries are performed per year in Italy.

Apart from injectable fillers and Botox, liposuction is another very popular form of cosmetic surgery practiced in Italy with approximately 69 thousand surgeries per year.


Brazil is a country that has a tax waiver on plastic surgeries which makes it very economical job in Brazil. The government of Brazil supports elective cosmetic surgery and the cost of that is to be deduced from the person’s income tax and this gives additional income to the plastic surgeons across the country.

This step by the government has incremented the medical tourism in the country. The most common plastic surgeries done in Brazil are breast implants and liposuction. Plastic surgery is the reason why Brazil witnesses such perfect bodies and hotness.

The procedures are so common in Brazil that they have now become a status symbol for the locals.


Colombia is a neighbor of Brazil which is also one of the most popular countries for plastic surgery. The most common cosmetic surgery performed and seen in Colombia is liposuction.

This country is one of the most preferred medical tourist centers of the world, and is known to have cosmetic tourism because the cosmetic surgeries here attract a lot of foreigners. But as per the reviews of the people who have been there, Colombia is not a completely risk free country.

The procedures involved in the surgeries are undoubtedly safe, but the same cannot be said for all the areas of the country.

6. USA:

USA is now in the sixth position but it is expected that the country will appear on the top charts in the coming years. This is because the plastic surgery sector in USA is growing very fast.

A decade before, it was shameful to talk of plastic surgeries but as the world became open and modern, it was a symbol of status and people could talk about the cosmetic surgery easily without any shame. People talk about it all the time on this date.

The most requested surgeries in the USA are liposuction and breast augmentation. The surgeries are growing in number every year and soon will become a good economic contributor of the USA.


Taiwan is the country where cosmetic surgery is mostly done on the face. The people there want to hide their age and hence the facial surgeries are the most commonly practiced.

Facial surgeries are referred to the surgeries that are done to remove the wrinkles, deep circles around the eyes, cheeks sunken, etc. These surgeries in Taiwan are performed mostly by Botox procedure.

Figures show that Taiwan had 221,000 cosmetic surgeries in a year. Taiwan is better than most of the countries of Asia in terms of plastic surgeries because maximum of the doctors and surgeons there were trained overseas and very much efficient. Also, the facilities and services in Taiwan are comparable to the best countries.


The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, which is very courteous and complete service-oriented city. The service of the plastic surgeons in the country is equally efficient and trustworthy as all other services in the country.

The country is included in the list because of the cheap price of cosmetic surgery in the country. The country faces competition from many other Asian countries but enjoys special attention of the western crowd because of the perfectly accurate services at perfectly reasonable prices.

The confidentiality of the client is respected here more than anywhere else.


Dominican Republic is another country which fights for the number one position in the list. The country is the resident for many skilled and efficient plastic surgeons and they offer their services at very cheap prices.

The rates for cosmetic surgery here are not expensive at all. A surgery which costs $6000 in America will reduce to $2500 or may be less than that when you are in the Dominican. This is so because the doctors never deny negotiating fees with their clients.

Those who have experienced this service will be able to recommend you the least expensive doctors and clinics in the country.

10. INDIA:

India is no less when it comes to the beautiful bodies and faces. The country houses many experts of plastic surgery and many surgeons who practiced and trained in countries like Canada, UK, USA, Australia, etc.

The services are exactly equivalent to what is offered by other top countries. The only difference here is the price. India offers them at a lower price due to the cheap economy of the country.

Foreign patients are more in number as compared to the country’s citizens. Also, the foreigners are treated with special care and various facilities are available to them specially.

Also, English is the second language of the country, the visitors won’t have to experience any language barriers.

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